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Tuesday, 19 March 2013 06:54

Undoing Chavez’s Humanitarian Efforts: Will the CIA Rig the Election for Control of Venezuela’s Oil?

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Entertaining the idea that the billions we spend preparing for war cannot be touched, and so the elderly and the infirm and the young and the weak and the voiceless must pay the freight instead, is intolerable. —Waking from my Moral Coma; William Rivers Pitt, Editor of Truthout.org


The Bush administration’s Iraq war has cost the U.S. more than $2 trillion so far and with interest could swell to more than $6 trillion, according to a study released Thursday.


Meanwhile, Jeb Bush is making his rounds to run for President 2016.


Those who are familiar with Noam Chomsky’s work have learned about the United States’ brutal history of intervention in Latin America for corporate control via the CIA and how the CIA creates havoc and chaos to pave the way for overthrowing democratically elected leaders that have socialistic leanings, i.e. leaders who want to improve conditions for the poor, whose policies strengthen middle-class economies. 


Under Chavez’s policies, the wealthy continued to do quite well, businesses prospered, but unlike our policies under corporate control in the U.S., Chavez’s economic recovery agenda promoted an equal distribution of wealth, policies that lifted all boats, not just the $80 million dollar yachts.  Moreover, Hugo Chavez was an outspoken critic of the Bush administration’s invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.  Chavez was more than familiar with the nefarious ways the U.S. government operates when the corporate oligarchs want full control of resources either by forcing leaders into bad agreements with the International Monetary Fund which only sinks said country deeper in debt while the U.S. corporations take the profits from their resources be it oil or agricultural lands as pay off of the interest to the IMF – or the U.S. government simply invades militarily and takes what it wants at the taxpayers’ expense, dripping in blood from the hundreds of thousands of families that are killed, maimed, or displaced.


Until recently, the reprehensible cost of U.S. interventions in South America (coup d’etats) have led to genocide, mass torture, hundreds of thousands of poor civilians either disappeared into torture dungeons or they were simply killed on the spot.  Thousands of Guatemalans died as a result of the CIA’s overthrow of their democratically elected leaders. Same story in Chile, Nicaragua, San Salvador…


I highly doubt if you’ll see Michele Obama opening the envelope for best films at the Academy Awards on those events.


While the Bush administration was bombing, killing and occupying Iraqis for their oil, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was accusing Hugo Chavez of “interfering in the affairs of other nations.” So invading a sovereign country—that's not interfering?  How dare Chavez condemn their invasions! How dare he be against wars (and war profiteering!) 


Intervention begins and ends with the CIA.  The CIA is an independent organization that receives an undisclosed amount of funding from the Feds known as “black accounts”.  The function of the CIA is to protect corporate interests.  Most CIA operations are covert because they violate constitutional and international laws.


As Saul Landau explained in his Forward to Eva Golinger’s excellent book The Chavez Code: Cracking US Intervention in Venezuala:


The CIA functions as one of the President’s Praetorian Guard units that become activated every time people of a foreign nation elect a leader who plans to redistribute wealth to the poor.  A veritable red alarm bell sounds in Washington’s national security apparatus and, as if in a Pavlovian experiment, the CIA and the other attack dogs respond automatically to the stimulus.


This is particularly the case when leaders nationalize oil for the purpose of increasing socio-economic conditions.  The U.S. Pentagon and CIA have become propaganda experts at covertly overthrowing democratically elected leaders who dare to care about improving the conditions of the poor and middle-class workers. 


Regarding Venezula’s Vice President Nicolas Maduro’s distrust of U.S. ambassadors, Chavez’s trusted friends have good reasons for sending them back to President Obama.   As Eva Golinger revealed, “CIA operatives work covertly, under the guise of embassy officials and even carry out embassy duties as cover.”


Under President Obama’s authority, Iraq is now controlled by the CIA.  The CIA is also in charge of media-news propaganda.  Obama’s domestic and foreign surveillance policies consist of an increase of drone attacks in Afghanistan and in an increase of surveillance drones (estimated 30,000 drones) in the United States at the cost of billions of tax dollars.  Under the National Defense Authorization Act, the President can assassinate citizens on U.S. soil without due process.  These rogue operations all have the mark and signature of the CIA, all of which are violations of the Constitution that Obama swore on the Bible to protect and uphold.  (I suppose that sacred tradition is just for show now.)


So we will see if President Obama sends the CIA into Venezuela to undo Hugo Chavez’s good efforts on significantly reducing poverty, establishing free health care clinics, food for the poor programs and boosting a middle class economy that is beginning to stabilize and grow.  Let’s see if he sends the CIA in to undo Venezuela’s free and fair participatory democratic elections (something that we don’t have in our own country).  Let’s see if he sends the CIA in to steal Venezuela’s oil profits for U.S. and international Oil Executives.  Or—will he do what’s morally and constitutionally right and leave Venezuela alone?  Will he have the moral fortitude to tell oil executives that if they want Venezuela’s oil—they will have to buy it like everyone else, the way we all have to pay for gas at the pump? 


As for invading and stealing the oil—let Iraq stand as one of the worst catastrophic failures of U.S. policy in the history of the world.  $6 Trillion dollars later…




Jacqueline Marcus is the editor of ForPoetry.com and the author of Close to the Shore by Michigan State University Press.  She taught philosophy for twenty years at Cuesta College.