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Friday, 29 March 2013 07:44

Why the US Government Lacks Legitimacy on Gun Control

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It’s laughable to hear our President and members of the legislature argue the fine points of gun control when they go about attacking defenseless and poor countries, murdering hundreds of thousands of people under the phony excuse of national security with weapons of mass destruction ranging from cluster bombs to depleted uranium missiles and chemicals that literally disintegrate flesh and bones to ash as witnessed at Fallujah, Iraq, “Go massive!” Donald Rumsfeld cheered, “Sweep it all up.  Things related and not,” while Dick Cheney and his associates drooled over the sadistic methods of torture that he ordered against a people who did absolutely nothing to the United States. 


I think of that photo of the five year old Iraqi girl wailing, crouched down with her parents’ blood splattered over her dress after U.S. troops opened fire at their car because they made the mistake of driving through the patrol, an image that circled the world media except in the United States where it was censored.


That image symbolizes the perception of the United States’ rogue government from the Bush years, and it has not really improved under Obama’s given the fact that Obama refused to prosecute the Bush-Cheney administration for committing heinous war crimes: lying about evidence that Saddam Hussein harbored weapons of mass destruction, ordering barbaric torture practices and bragging about how effective the satanic act of torture is when it is anything but, invading a sovereign and civilized nation no different from European nations except that Iraq happened to be in the Middle East and an oil rich country.  These are all impeachable offenses under the U.S. Constitution.


Of course, if Obama were to prosecute the Bush-Cheney war criminals, he’d have to include himself—since he has continued to terrorize starving, poor peasants living in clay huts across Afghanistan with drone killings, missiles that explode to pieces remaining houses and shelters; illegal killings that are targeted from computer screens in secret CIA rooms thousands of miles away from Afghanistan in video-game fashion.  But the President is the one pulling the trigger, the role model for our society on gun control.  


It is this sort of illegal, excessive abuse of power or unconstitutional action that has eroded our moral and civil foundation here and in the eyes of the world.  When public approval ratings drop down to 5% for the congress, it means that this government lacks legitimacy.  How many laws do they break every day with their lobbyist friends?  How many millions do they make through Wall St inside information?  How many kickbacks do they get from the oil, coal, weapon and drug companies? 


We should enforce a law that immediately cancels their pensions and free health care once they make over a million dollars.  They tell us that we must sacrifice for their mistakes.  Well here’s an idea for the President and members of both Houses: Don’t shut down the White House tours: cancel your pensions and your free health insurance paid by the tax payers.  Why should G.W. Bush receive $4 million dollars a year from a lifelong pension off the backs of tax payers when he became a multi-millionaire from war profiteering?


A month or so ago, Bush made news for taking up painting.  He likes to paint pictures of his dogs and landscapes of his ranch. Gee, isn’t that sweet.  Perhaps Mr. Bush can apply his newly acquired skills of portrait painting to that five year old Iraqi girl who was left homeless and parentless?  He would have to capture the agony and fear and terror in her face, it might actually take some concentration on his part to see, to be aware of her suffering which he was directly responsible for—as well as the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who were living happily before six or seven deranged men and one woman made the decision to “Go massive! Sweep it all up…” while the media whores applauded “Shock & Awe!” as if they were watching 4th of July fireworks in spite of the fact that millions of people around the world demonstrated against that decision, which they conveniently censored along with firing Phil Donahue (MSNBC) for daring to question their insanity.  


I think about how our highly moral legislators were so terribly distraught over Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky that they began impeachment proceedings.  White House in Crisis! 24/7 media lynching during the last two years of his term as a means of blocking any further progress he’d made towards strengthening the middle class economy.   But if you bomb a country to dust and rubble and kill hundreds of thousands of people on trumped up lies and deceptions, and leave our country in trillions of dollars in debt, the media and congressional members fall silent.  Conclusion: Lying about an extramarital affair constitutes “high crimes and misdemeanors” while pre-emptive attacks and bombing Iraqis off the face of the earth are no big deal.


This government may not abide by the Rule of Law, but other countries are taking the Bush-Cheney war crimes very seriously: Amnesty International announced that steps would be taken if Bush-Cheney traveled to any of the 147 nations that were party to the UN Convention against Torture.  Indeed, we’ve come to understand that the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout the Middle East region never had a thing to do with the 9-11 attacks.  And using advanced weapons of mass destruction? Are those not catastrophic acts of terrorism?


No one respects this government.  No one respects the U.S. media with an approval rating that is probably lower than the congress.  Currently, the U.S. military is launching bombs off North Korea’s coast.  President Kim Jong-un demanded that the U.S. stop testing their weapons off their shores.  Seems like a reasonable request, yes?  But they keep doing it—egging him on—hoping for what? That he’ll finally get pissed off and shoot off a missile so the CIA and Pentagon can start a major war with these people?  Here’s a simple solution: President Obama should tell the military to back off—stop infuriating North Koreans’ leaders by playing bully with weapons.  In other words, the President and the military should try a little gun control.


Given that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell and Rice were never prosecuted for their war crimes—they should be made to adopt up to five Iraqi orphans. Babies and children that were left maimed and or genetically deformed from the depleted uranium must be sent to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell and former Prime Minister Tony Blair who continues to repeat the delusional claim, like a retarded parrot, that “Iraqis are better off without Saddam Hussein…Iraqis are better off without…” these injured children should be placed squarely on their doorsteps for the necessary proper care that they require.  There are thousands of Iraqi orphans thanks to the U.S. British invasion of Iraq.  Add nearly a million injured U.S. veterans to that list who, according to the Center for Investigative Reporting website, are waiting for pension and compensation claims, pending nationwide; the average wait time for a decision is 273 days or 9 months—many have been waiting up to two and three years.


Incidentally, there are a few big winners of the Iraq pillage: As discussed on DemocracyNow.org, Exxon-Mobile and BP are making billions from the Iraq’s oil fields, and not a drop from those billions is going to the homeless and starving Iraqis.  In fact, BP pays Iraqi oil workers a fabulous $5.00 dollars a day.  Should they complain—BP simply boots them out.  Think of that image next time you see their phony BP ad celebrating the polluted Gulf of Mexico.


(Photo: VOAvideo)




Jacqueline Marcus is the editor of ForPoetry.com and the author of Close to the Shore by Michigan State University Press.  She taught philosophy for twenty years at Cuesta College.