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Tuesday, 16 July 2013 07:54

The Cheap Price of a Sold Soul

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DucktailFINALWhat a strange, helpless feeling it is to watch one's country being torn apart just as it had begun its long rehabilitative journey. Having avoided a major financial meltdown and a disastrous electoral misstep, we find ourselves thrust into political turmoil every bit as threatening as our worst fears. In its most virulent form there's one major way to detect a probable bad apple in the midst of our political mix; it's quite simple to identify even in its early stages. The first indication of an ego gone awry, a self-serving power trip, is a candidate's intense scrutiny of his hair.

The latest example of this fascination is Virginia governor Bob McDonnell, who must spend hours in front of mirrors he can find making sure every hair is in place and teased into obedience in much the same way John Edwards obsessed over his perfect hair - valued at hundreds of dollars a shot back in the day.

Are these exemplars of how to build a reputation on the thinnest of credentials, or do they really believe they have something of value to offer as legacy builders - something other than prohibitive abortion regulations, vaginal probes and whatever other 'man-made' devices the phony political establishment can conjure up. It is incomprehensible that women have become entangled in parochial measures that fail to comply with constitutional strictures that serve the general public not just a narrow slice of it. How did people of such limited vision come to hold the rest of us so firmly in their grasp?

The McDonnell bio includes three of his life values – "service, honor and hard work." Apparently gifts from supporters and a little help paying for his daughter's wedding fall into a less easily-defined area. Where exactly does a $6,000 Rolex watch fit, or designer out fits for the wife, or other luxury items? The most amazing aspect of the McDonnell spending spree isn't the actual spending, but rather how little it costs to sell one's soul.

(Photo: Charles Frederick Worth)