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Tuesday, 27 August 2013 11:55

Why Is the GOP Killing Off Its Own Base?

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Elephant skeletonAnd just how many of those desperately cash-strapped former students will be staunch and faithful Republicans? Party loyalty doesn't pay off at all these days.

And major funders of the GOP such as the Koch brothers, Goldman-Sachs, Citizens United, Chevron, the American Bankers Association and the Chamber of Commerce don't seem to have a moral bone in their body when it comes to straight-out greed. More GOP voters actually die because of greedy corporate behavior than the number of Americans who were killed in the wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and the Twin Towers combined. Too bad. But then most of these voters were old anyway.

And what about this new Super-NAFTA secret treaty called the Trans-Pacific Partnership that the Grand Old Party is pushing so hard through Congress right now? How is that going to effect seniors after even more of America's wealth is pumped out of our pockets and into the rich-dude Wall Street neo-con corporatist pipeline?

And when I went camping in the high Sierras with my granddaughter Mena's pre-school class last weekend, it was very curative and relaxing. Someone else did all the cooking. However, I still wouldn't want to be camping up there 24/7 -- still not willing to join the Donner Party just yet, even despite all the GOP's good intentions toward us seniors in that direction.

The GOP's current policies toward its senior-citizen base are clearly so non-beneficial to our health that they remind me of that old Twilight Zone episode, "How to Serve Man".

I may be old but I'm not dead quite yet -- and, GOP, I would really like to keep it that way.

PS: Who else gets benefits from government largesse? Global corporations, the ultimate welfare queens. So why doesn't the GOP slash and burn corporate "entitlements" too?

And what part of the country receives the most food stamps, welfare payments, Medicaid, educational aid, unemployment benefits, hurricane relief, etc? Why it's the Red-State south of course -- another firm base for the GOP that it is also busy trying to kill off. If you are a redneck, supporting the GOP is likely to get you killed too!

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(Photo: Sklmsta)