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Thursday, 05 September 2013 11:18

The Pro-War Talking Points are In, and They're Full of S**t

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SheepFINALThe pro-war talking points have been passed out to the Obama-uber-alles people, so I penned this little note to them on a different website regarding their rhetorical nonsense on attacking Syria. If you're having similar problems with these drillbit brainfails in your neck of the woods, feel free to copy and paste...and, P.S., if you're offended by this, find a mirror and have a long think about why.


I don't give a damn about Rand Paul, or Obama's political standing, or House GOP motivations. If this Syria nonsense makes for strange bedfellows, so be it.

Stop trying to tell me I'm allied with Rand Paul, or screwing the president, or assisting the House GOP because I think attacking Syria is dangerous, foolish madness.

You're wrong, we're right. Period, end of file.

If Mr. Obama didn't want his balls in this particular vise, he should not have dangled them there. I'm not going to support blowing more children sideways out of their bedrooms and potentially sparking a region-wide conflagration just because the president boxed himself in, or because it means I might agree with a Republican. Of all the reasons to support this shitstorm, those are easily the dumbest of the lot.

The hyper-authoritarian impulse to support WHATEVER THE BOSS SAYS NO MATTER WHAT WHAAARGARBLE is not solely a right-wing phenomenon.

I was not born with that particular gene, and I thank God for it every single day.

So go peddle those papers somewhere else. You're wrong, and you're boring.

(Photo: friend of Darwinek)