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Friday, 06 December 2013 07:28

McDonald's Offered Advice to Wage Slave Workers on Gifts for Au Pairs and Pool Cleaners!

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amcprotet12 6Fast food workers have been protesting around the nation, in a growing movement, against wages so low that many of them need to receive government safety net support.  They join an entire segment of the working population that has shifted from a living wage to a barely living exploitative pay scale.

And the corporations get subsidized by off-loading benefits to the government whenever they can.  By now, many readers are aware that McDonald's infamously advised its workers on its employee website how they could help themselves out financially by returning holiday gifts for cash.

But CNBC, of all websites, caught McDonald's in a major website advice mismatch in which a syndicated columnist offered tips to Mcexploited workers on how to tip "au pairs, personal fitness trainers and pool cleaners on its worker resource website."

Obviously, this pathetically ironic content -- sent out to people who can barely get by -- must have been meant for the McDonald's executive website.

After CNBC exposed the blunder, McDonald's took down the "rags to riches" faux pas.  But the insulting damage was done:

In total, the tips add up to hundreds, if not more than a thousand dollars of gift suggestions for McDonald's workers, many of whom earn just above minimum wage....

These tips would be far out of the budget for many employees since on average, U.S. food-preparation and serving workers, including those in fast food, earn $9 an hour, according to May 2012 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Yesterday, in a similar vein, BuzzFlash referred to a study in which it was revealed that "Almost a third of the country’s half-million bank tellers rely on some form of public assistance to get by....Researchers say taxpayers are doling out nearly $900 million a year to supplement the wages of bank tellers, which amounts to a public subsidy for multibillion-dollar banks."

If the people who literally handle our money so the banks can gamble with it are down on their heels, think about the financial hardships of the McNugget workers.

And we are subsidizing the surging corporate profits and bloated executive salaries with taxpayer dollars because big business won't pay fair wages.

(Photo: Kara Newhouse)