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Monday, 06 January 2014 08:05

Darth Vader Voters in Wyoming Lose Candidate as Liz Cheney Quits Senate Run

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alizcheney1 6Liz Cheney, Campaigning for the Senate in Wyoming Before She Dropped Out of the Primary RacePity the pro-war (with anyone who has oil or won't give sweetheart contracts to Halliburton), anti gay marriage Darth Vader voter in Wyoming.  Where are they going to turn now that Liz Cheney has dropped her senate bid?

Citing as yet unspecified health reasons in her family, Cheney announced on January 6th that she was dropping her bid to defeat an arch-conservative fellow Republican (Mike Enzi, seeking a fourth term) in what had become a highly divisive primary challenge. In fact, it had even split the Cheney family apart as Ms. Cheney adamantly opposed gay marriage even though her sister, Mary, is married to another woman, Heather Poe.  Papa Dick and Mama Lynne sided with Liz, creating a Grand Canyon schism in the Cheney clan.

Liz, who has been her father's alter-ego and fellow champion of oil empire for years, was facing charges of carpetbagging in Wyoming (yes, Dick was a congressman from Wyoming, but Liz, an Easterner, just moved from the DC suburbs to run against Enzi), according to the New York Times:

Having relocated from suburban Washington to the Jackson Hole area in 2012, Ms. Cheney faced relentless questions about her residency and why she would move to the state her father once represented in Congress and almost immediately run for office against an incumbent. Longtime friends of the Cheney family in Wyoming, including former Senator Alan K. Simpson, fretted publicly about such a divisive primary. His expressions of concern prompted a private rebuke from Liz Cheney’s mother, Lynne, who told him to “shut up,” according to Mr. Simpson.

The pugnacious, sneering, smug, "US military as enforcer of the world" Cheney "brand" had been reduced to a soap opera, in which the Western brand of GOP conservatism appeared a bit uncomfortable with the Cheney obsession with invading nations for oil, it appears -- not to mention the daily news account of the Cheney "Bickersons."

In fact CNN noted in breaking the story on the Cheney campaign withdrawal:

There was little public polling of the race, but two partisan polls released last year showed Enzi with a wide lead, an assessment mostly shared by GOP insiders watching the race.

Apparently, there weren't enough Darth Vader voters to support a candidate running on platitudes such as, "As a mother and a patriot, I know that the work of defending freedom and protecting liberty must continue for each generation." (Translation: "That's our damned oil in the Middle East and we got the military power to kill anyone who gets in our way of using it.")

Or maybe Wyoming Republican voters were just afraid that her father, Dick, might end up returning to Wyoming more often for hunting forays and shooting people in the face.

In the Bush administration, Liz held key posts in the State Department relating to the Middle East.  There is little doubt that she was her father's eyes and ears when it came to whether the State Department was fully behind a swaggering war for oil (and Halliburton contracts) strategy.

All we know at this point is there won't be a Cheney in the senate to war monger and bully the CIA (you know someone is evil when they have to cudgel and coerce the CIA to go even further to the dark side, as Dick did with the war in Iraq and on other actions).

(Photo: Wikipedia)