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Sunday, 06 August 2006 23:09

If you live in Connecticut, help put a stop to the ruinous "Joementum." Vote for Ned Lamont

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By all accounts, Joe Lieberman is a smart guy. He got into Yale on his merits at a time when there was a Jewish quota. He wasn't a prep school guy or the son of an alumnus. He just had a good brain and worked hard. He earned his admission to one of the nation's most elite schools, unlike George W. Bush who got in based on affirmative action for mediocre WASP preppies whose fathers went to Yale.

But it was such a waste for Joe. He ended up in the same place as Bush, in fact as a Bush cheerleader for an unnecessary war, launched on the basis of lies, and continuing endlessly with no purpose or mission except to salvage the reputations of the individuals who so wrongfully have been its cheerleaders.

Joe Lieberman earned that famous kiss on the cheek from Bush, because he was the go-to Democrat whenever Bush and Cheney needed to quote someone from the opposition who enthusiastically supported the war.

In fact, Lieberman was so in the bag on the Iraq war that the Republicans chose him, a Democrat, to be the first senator to speak on behalf of the Republican side when the Democrats finally got some spine and floated two resolutions to withdraw troops from Iraq. That means Joe led the opposition to his own party on the "out of the" Iraq War resolutions.

On more than one occasion, Lieberman has even parroted the Bushevik "Orwellian" threat that to criticize Bush's handling of Iraq in a time of war is undercutting the commander-in-chief. Lieberman was, in essence, accusing war dissenters of aiding "the enemy," whomever that might be at this point. (Since it is a civil war in Iraq now, our soldiers are sitting ducks caught in the crossfire of two enemies -- of each other, the Shiites and the Sunnis. The war long ago stopped having even the semblance of a mission or meaning for the United States.)

In one of those consultant driven campaign pushes, on Sunday Lieberman removed any shred of dignity and honesty that he always claims with such piousness. He basically lied and said he always has been critical of Bush's conduct of the war, he said that he always welcomed dissent on the war, and he said that he was not an "enabler" of Bush.

The poster senator for the DLC, Lieberman went on to laughingly accuse Ned Lamont of being a center-rightist.

Lieberman's Sunday "conversion" was a preposterous effort to lie his way back into the Senate, even while still refusing to rule out running as an Independent as he declared himself a loyal Democrat. It was so riddled with hypocrisy, mistruths and Joementum self-pity that it will never allow you to trust a person who wears their "piety" on their sleeve again.

The greatest irony of the Lamont-Lieberman race to us is this one: Lieberman is more popular with Republicans than with Democrats. The White House is not so subtly rooting for Joe in Connecticut, and it shows.

Meanwhile in Florida, the Republican Party is trying to get Katherine Harris -- who kept Gore and Lieberman from assuming office as President and Vice President -- off the ticket in her run for senator!

So, the guy whose position Cheney stole is a Bush favorite, but the woman who made sure Cheney and Bush succeeded in their theft of the White House is getting the heave-ho from her senate race.

Ironies abound.

But Tuesday is primary day in Connecticut.

BuzzFlash breaks with its general tradition of not getting involved in primaries and wholeheartedly endorses Ned Lamont.

He's a breath of passion, fresh air, and sanity for the Democratic Party and for America.

Lieberman is just another hypocritical Demo- Republican in awe of a simpleton, George W. Bush.

If you live in Connecticut, help put a stop to the ruinous "Joementum." Vote for Ned Lamont.

As for Lieberman, a mind is such a beautiful thing to waste, but Joe managed to do it.