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Monday, 07 August 2006 05:57

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 7, 2006

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Subject: Circling the Wagons

Just saw an interview with Senator Chris Dodd on Hardball speaking about campaigning for his good friend, Senator Joe Lieberman. Seems that Dodd has canceled a trip to the politician’s favorite Recess spot of Iraq and the Middle East to stay home and help Joe out.

A lot of politicians are suddenly throwing their political clout behind Lieberman to stop the People’s grass roots campaign to put one of their own, Ned Lamont, in Lieberman’s place. Even those “damned by faint praise” like former persona non grata President Bill Clinton is running with the pack of Lieberman apologists trying to convince voters desperate for change that Lieberman deserves a second chance.

Dodd minces words about Lieberman’s support for the Iraq war being his albatross and hastens to tell us that he doesn’t agree with him; however, he two-steps to the tune of Republican responsibility for a failed war without realizing that the kiss Bush laid on Lieberman was the political “kiss of death” for those of us who believe that Bush and Lieberman were simpatico.

All this Democratic support for their Democratic traitor will only succeed in putting their own political futures at stake. Once upon a time an analogy compared America to a sleeping giant, with the admonition that it was best not to wake us. No question that the American voters seem to have been slumbering through elections since the upheaval of the Nixon era. But George W. Bush woke us up and we discovered the nightmare was real.

Whether or not the Democratic political machine succeeds in keeping Lieberman in office, We the People are awake now and we plan to make some changes. Democrats better get used to it, and better start paying attention to where we’re going.

Just like Cindy Sheehan’s son Casey was the catalyst for a peace movement Bush couldn’t ignore; Lamont is the spark that has started a political grass roots fire that is sweeping across the country. We’re uniting, Professional Politicians, and you are now on the endangered species list. So watch out; fail in your duty to support the Will of the People and you will be next

Carol Hagner
Richland, MO

Subject: Conyers Constitution in Crisis

A year ago I wrote something entitled Constitution in Crisis which was posted here. At the time this steamroller administration was already using surveillance against citizens, had already lied us into the quagmire that is Iraq, had succeeded in protecting its friends in the pharmaceutical industry by issuing executive orders relieving vaccine manufacturers from liability if their untested products caused injury, and the list goes on ad nauseum.

Good for John Conyers. At the very least we might get a chance to see which of these laws he's enumerated have been mooted by secret executive orders when and/or if the administration deigns to comment on this latest airing of Bush criminal acts by the intrepid representative from Michigan.

We have to demand that the executive orders issued by this administration are revoked once a new person gets into the White House, especially the order which was most important for the Bush family, the executive order which precluded the declassification of papers from the Reagan/Bush administration. I would be surprised if, once these papers see the light of day, there isn't some material in there that would have been very damaging to the Supreme Court appointments of both Roberts and Alito.

Everyone should read Ze'ev Schiff's book, Israel's Lebanon War, along with Robert Fisk's Pity the Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon for a good understanding of what is currently going on in Lebanon. They will also provide some insight into the plan being followed by the Bush administration in Iraq and the way that the Reagan and Bush administrations followed Israel's example in Lebanon by controlling (muzzling) the press about the various illegal actions undertaken by those renegade administrations a generation ago.

During the first Lebanon war of aggression carried out by Israel, the only casualties reported by Israel were those of the IDF (after a disastrous attempt at lying by claiming only 140 civilians had been killed by the Israelis during the invasion).

Funny how in the earliest days of the Bush war crime that is Iraq the U.S decided Iraqi casualties were not worth reporting. Now we see why: at least a thousand deaths a month of Iraqis. No wonder Bush and Company didn't want this reported.

I hope people finally wake up to what this administration is all about. Actually, with a Bush at the helm this administration couldn't be anything but crooked. These people haven't made an honest dollar since they started their ruinous path to domination of our country more than a hundred years ago.

God help the United States of America.

Matt Carmody
Cornwall, NY

Subject: Republican Moderates

I don't think there is such a thing as a Republican moderate. To paraphrase Shakespeare, "A republican by any other name would smell just as rotten." Moderate, smoderate, if they claim to be moderate it's just part of a ruse to do dirty work and besmirch American values and our Constitution. They have brought this country to disgrace and the disgust of much of the world, moderate or not. I can hardly look at some of them without becoming ill, such as Gonzales, Rice, Bush, Rumsfeld, Hume, and Hannity. Well, let's just say any of them. Any Democrat who votes for a so-called "moderate" Republican is blind.

Mildred Perry Miller
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Subject: Mel Gibson

If possible, you've actually understated how egregious his comments about the Holocaust are. Forget Jewish testimony for the moment. When he downgrades the numbers further and further, he's flying in the face of an international consensus of historians across Europe and in America. He might as well be saying that slaves were well-treated before the Civil War, or worse, there were hardly any slaves in the US. He's distorting history, denying its reality.


A BuzzFlash Reader
Okemos, MI

Subject: I Object

Every time I see or hear the word "Dem" used for Democrat I cringe. Being neither Republican nor Democrat, I can say with complete honesty that the negative connotation of "Dem" (dim, as in not too smart) overwhelms any positive ideas that might be expressed or contributed to Democrats.

I also remember reading that Republicans using "Dems" was a deliberate and calculated method of calling Democratic veracity into question and undermining their credibility. Republicans are called the GOP, Democrats are "Dems.

Since the two most promising third parties are no longer a threat to the Republicans, all we have to fight back with is the Democratic party. We need to boost the image of Democrats, not harm it, if we intend to mount a successful coup against our Republican held government.

Please discontinue the use of DEM; if you need something shorter try DNC.

Carol Hagner
Richland, MO

Subject: Newsflash: Ole J.D. Caught Red Handed in the Big Oil Jar!

While Lieberman is cursed by "THE KISS," J.D. Hayworth is dogged by "RED HANDS"!

We've caught J.D. Hayworth red-handed taking $169,940 from Big Oil and then handing out BILLIONS in favors to big oil companies. They get record profits while we get record high gas prices.

Q: Who's your daddy, J.D.?


What's wrong with this picture? How to fix it? I know! Make our own movie!

We went out to a big $1000 a plate fundraiser that Bill and Lisa Gibbs held this week up at their home in Scottsdale, Arizona. We thought it would be a gated neighborhood, but it wasn't. It was a GATED HOUSE with a live security guard and GIANT house letters taller than me on an edifice up in the sky!

We wore BIG RED FOAM HANDS that said CAUGHT RED HANDED and held signs and an American flag. Some folks didn't know whether to salute the flag or yell at us. Some waved at us going in; yes, his supporters are that clueless. <grin> Others honked FOR us driving by. The security guard called the police and 3 squad cars showed up. There were only about 13 of us, so what did they think we were going to do? Attack the house with our red foam hands? <chuckle>

Then here came this loooong, jet black, stretch limo with black windows so you couldn't see inside. But it missed the turn-in and went on by! So here it came back a while later. We put our RED HANDS to good use directing traffic showing the fat cats where to turn in.

We had such fun, we made a 4-1/2 minute video with appropriate music & comments! Check it out!


Feel free to share it, blog it, link it. We think J.D. should be a BIG STAR for his role in ripping off the ordinary taxpayer, don't you?

Have Truth Will Travel
Tempe, Arizona

Subject: Boorda and Bush

Just over ten years ago, Adm. Jeremy Michael Boorda, then the Chief of Naval Operations and our nation's highest ranking Naval Officer, died of an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound. He began his career in the Navy as a Seaman Recruit and was the only enlisted man in the history of the U. S. Navy to work his way through the ranks to become the Chief of Naval Operations.

Adm. Boorda was proud of the Navy service and the Navy was very proud of him. He was considered a sailor's sailor--loved and respected by those who know him well.

Mike, as he was known to his close friends, committed suicide because a reporter for Newsweek Magazine accused the Admiral of wearing a valor award that he had not earned on the battlefield.

This accusation, which later was later determined by the Navy to be false, was a source of great humiliation to Admiral Boorda.

Admiral Boorda, along with every other U. S. military officer, was taught the code of conduct that says: "I will not lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate anyone who does."

Obviously, Adm. Boorda lived by this code. Obviously, Adm. Boorda lived and died by another code: Death before dishonor.

The bedrock of every military organization is honor--doing what may be difficult but right over doing what may be easy but wrong.

Yet what Boorda was accused of doing, wearing a valor award that was not earned on the battlefield, is a very trivial, picayune mater as compared to what President George W. Bush has done.

Nobody died because Adm. Boorda may have worn some ribbon that he was entitled to wear. On the other hand, thousands of American soldiers have died because of the lies of George W. Bush. Thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, perhaps more than 100,000 innocent civilians, including women, children and even babies have died because of the lies of George W. Bush.

Because of the lies of George W. Bush and his administration, we have lost the respect of the world community.

Will George W. Bush follow the path of Adm. Boorda and take his own life because of the tremendous harm he has caused the United States and the world? No.

George W. Bush takes no personal responsibility for any of his actions. George W. Bush is a psychopath. Psychopathic personalities assume no personal responsibility for any of their actions or deeds. They blame others instead.

I suggest that the readers do a Google search for: "Bush and psychopath." Or go to this web site:


To understand why Bush has the psychological problems that he obviously does, I highly recommend the book: "Bush on the Couch" by Justin Frank, MD, a clinical professor of Psychiatry at George Washington University Medical Center. If you don't have the time to read this outstanding book, a Google search for: "Bush on the Couch" will produce several reviews and brief summaries of this outstanding book.

America's Grandmother, Barbara Bush, the Mother of George W. Bush, is also the woman who did not attend the funeral of her own Mother nor the funeral of her then three year old daughter Robin who died of leukemia.

The day after Robin Bush died of leukemia at the age of three, George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush played a round of golf. There was no funeral for Robin Bush and she was buried in New York--not transported back to Texas where the Bush's lived at the time.

Then seven year old George W. Bush didn't even know that his sister was sick until after she had died. George W. was not allowed to grieve for his sister. Those who cannot grieve, cannot feel compassion. The compassion that George W. Bush pretends to feel and show is rehearsed and acted.

The only true friend that George W. Bush has is Karl Rove. Karl Rove experienced a very similar childhood background emotionally. The person Karl Rove called his father turned out not to be his father. And his mother committed suicide.

This is the type of background that you would expect of a serial killer, serial rapist or mass murderer. And this is the background of our President and his closest advisor.

America: We have a problem.

Kirk Muse
Mesa, AZ

Subject: A Call for Justice

Of all the myriad crimes committed by the Bush administration, twenty-six laws broken according to John Conyers' report, the loss of human life cries out the loudest for justice. American men and women killed in the line of duty, fighting for what they thought were noble causes, were young, impressionable and eager to avenge what they were told were attacks on America by Saddam Hussein. Over and over again, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld claimed that Iraq bore some responsibility for 9-11. Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice claimed that Iraq had chemical and nuclear weapons poised to threaten American cities. The youth of America, most all of them from economically hard-hit areas, did what they thought was the right thing and put their lives on the line to defend their country.

But there never were any weapons of mass destruction, and the White House cowards knew this all along. They also knew that Saddam Hussein had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11. But the cowards didn't care. They knew in their comfortable war rooms that there would be casualties, but to them they represented only numbers. Not living, breathing human beings--just numbers. After all, it wasn't their kids who were going to die.

In addition to a conspiracy to put our soldiers in harm's way for a cauldron of lies, the White House cowards conspired to torture persons that they would round up in house-to-house searches in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over three hundred of these human beings were killed in the custody of U.S. forces, acting under orders from field commanders and generals who were following orders from the Commander-In-Chief. Here, there is evidence that these murders were premeditated, evinced by legal advice given to Bush in 2002 by then White House counsel Alberto Gonzales. Gonzales' briefing pointed out that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld could be convicted of war crimes once out of office for violations of the Geneva Convention. They knew they were going to be violating International Law, so Gonzales advised Bush to declare their victims enemy combatants unentitled to Geneva protections.

Incomprehensibly, Alberto Gonzales is now Attorney General of the United States. We must not omit the thousands upon thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children who were incinerated by bombs, shot in their cars and shot in the head at point-blank range while in their homes. Their lives were no less precious than the life of any American. These human beings had hopes and dreams for themselves and for their families. They looked up at night and saw the same moon that you and I see. They felt the same pleasure when they smelled the head of their child that we feel. They were not hajjis. They were not ragheads. They were real people who had every right to life.

But in the White House cowards' war room, they were but statistics. And Bush's mother, a former First Lady, said she and her family had better things to do than to bother themselves with body counts. Murder is a capital crime. The War Crimes legislation passed in 1996 provides for the death penalty if a person dies while in custody of U.S. forces. Bush and his associates seem to have no problem with causing the deaths of so many innocents. The White House cowards have destroyed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They have perverted the rule of law to personally enrich themselves. But worst of all, they have joined the ranks of history's most despicable murderers. Americans demand that they be brought to justice.


Subject: Mel Gibson GOPer?

I noticed that Mel Gibson "won" BuzzFlash.com's "GOP Hypocrite of the Week" for his recent drunk driving arrest and anti-semitic tirade. While I agree that Gibson's behavior was disgusting, your assertion that he is a Republican is a guess at best and a lie at worst. Gibson has never claimed to be a supporter of the Republican party and has in fact spoken out against Bush, comparing his administration to the barbaric Mayan rulers of his upcoming film "Apocalypto." I believe your claim that Gibson is a Republican is based solely on the fact that his film "The Passion of the Christ" was embraced by a large number of people who associate themselves with the Christian Right. Gibson cannot control who likes and dislikes his films, and just because he has many right-wing supporters does not mean he himself is part of the right wing. Furthermore, the fact that he was interviewed by Peggy Noonan does not mean he has anything to do with her other than the fact that he was once interviewed by her for a secular, non-political magazine, Reader's Digest. Mel Gibson deserves a lot of scorn, but he should not be accused of belonging to a group that he has never publicly supported or claimed to be a member of. BuzzFlash is guilty of assuming that being a Christian automatically makes you a Republican, which is certainly not the case. I'm sure Jimmy Carter would take issue with this careless assumption as well.

Cooper Sukaly
Georgetown, Texas

[BuzzFlash Note: Typically our hypocrites of the week are GOP'ers, but not necessarily. Even Democratic Sen. Harry Reid has been so honored.]

Subject: Bankruptcy

In addition to the atrocities of this war, America is going bankrupt--borrowing massively from the likes of China to finance it. These debts can never be paid, but our grandchildren will be forever saddled with interest payments.

R T Carpenter
Lynn Haven, Florida

Subject: Stop sending the middle east our money for oil.

If they have no money they have no way to buy weapons.

We don't need their OIL. We have the resources to be self sufficient.

Brazil runs 40% of their vehicles on sugarcane and soon will be 100%. China is already starting to run cars from sugar cane. The United States needs to be next. Oh, by the way, the USA has a 100% tariff on the Brazil-made ethanol in order to protect the more expensive US-made corn-based ethanol

USA could be the largest producer of sugar cane, not just Hawaii but almost every southern state. Ever heard the words “sugar land?

Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama are all perfect for growing sugar cane.

Hawaii lost government subsidies for sugar cane even though they could provide energy for the whole west coast.

Corn is already being turned into ethanol, but sugarcane can produce more energy for less. Between corn and sugar cane, the United States can be self sufficient and produce renewable fuel without the need for the Middle East.


In Brazil, The Driving Is Sweeter: Ethanol Research Leads To Cars That Can Run Entirely On The Sugarcane Alcohol (CBS)

Brazil buys into flex-fuel cars: They run on gas, ethanol or any combination (AP/MSNBC)

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Lieberman Is Canceling GPTV Efforts? Not So Fast

The blog firedoglake finds it very highly doubtful that Lieberman is canceling or throttling down anything. Any notice that he is is most likely a Republican trick, probably from Karl Rove himself, as the loss of their "useful idiot" is seen by Republicans as a serious threat.

Rich Gardner
Horsham, PA

Subject: Re: Hostile Takeover Legislation

Dear BuzzFlash Reader:

Anti-hostile takeover legislation and law could be an important issue for any politician running for public office. Workers and companies care about it. “Hostile” takeovers are just that. As they run for public office, this legislation could be a solution to a problem we face as Americans try to survive in the “new global economy” (corporate controlled by huge, monopolistic, international corporations, and oligarchy).

It’s not a “new global economy.” I’m sick of the greedy media journalists and politicians saying we have to accept it. They choose to forget the past and our own history. The world saw it before under the East Indian Trading Corporation (one reason for our revolution from Britain).

International corporations are becoming huge powerful monopolies. The WTO and trading organizations are almost government, with their power and influence which is illegal under the Constitution. “We the people” did not give them power of trade with ratification. They are undemocratic since they meet in secret without citizen comment or input. They care little of what we think. They even punish us when we protest, demanding a seat and voice.

These huge monopolies kill competition and innovation, not to mention worker prosperity. They buy up smaller, innovative companies destroying them and laying off workers to destroy competition. We have anti-monopoly legislation and corporate charters, but they are not enforced. We are not protecting our financial wealth as we did in the past. The lack of financial strength and self sufficiency leaves us open to our enemies' power and whim. It is treasonous.

American corporation CEOs are now abandoning us for cheaper labor markets and off-shore British banks hiding their profits and criminal activities. All corporations selling products and doing business in America should have state charters which demand they be accountable to their workers and community. They profit off American consumers and workers but refuse to pay taxes to support our social contract that makes it a "friendly business environment." Hostile takeovers are not good business for Americans and sometimes even for the survival of the company (because of debt and destruction of successful products and markets). We’ve all experienced loss of an item or service because they merged, etc. The quality and availability of some products have suffered under these hostile takeovers. They cut them out of the market for cheaper profit-making items. Mid-price clothing stores are gone or have the same cheap items but market them better.

Off-shore slave labor (some of them children) suffer to produce these cheaper clothing lines, etc. Is it worth the money to enslave workers, ruin the environment, and our quality of life? Enslaved people will rise up. Instability and wars could pour over the world. The company CEOs and merger lawyers win, but everyone else loses. They should not be allowed to steal the technology, markets, and business procedures and send them off-shore. If anything, it is patent fraud. They drain the company and walk away, saying everyone will profit from the slave labor in 3rd world countries (some of it prison labor camps). They do not own the corporation ... the employees, shareholders, and community do. Think about what would have happened to such a corrupt CEO (not owners but employees like everyone else) years ago? Our government and law now look the other way to such theft. Let us start with anti-hostile takeover legislation to prevent the bleeding and destruction of our technology, markets, innovation, skilled workers, and companies…quality of life.

We should also stop our military industrial companies and secrets from being sold to international and foreign companies. It’s a matter of security.

Any new medical/research information, technology, business procedures, etc. paid for by public funds should not be free or released to foreign companies for profit or use. If foreign countries wish to use them, they can be accessed only by American companies and not sold. We should protect our patents not just here but world wide.

They are using this “new global economy policy” against us to profit and destroy us. Even our Internet (which was American publicly financed) may be controlled and censored by international communication companies.

I see information being removed every day. When I search on the Internet I get a lot less information and links than in the past. E-bay comes up with almost every entry (because they pay for it). We are losing information and control.

I want to bank, get the Internet, shop, get medical care, etc. only run by American companies. I want control of where my money goes and how it is used (not against me or my country). We are a huge market and should demand what we want.

This should be a bipartisan issue. All of Congress should care about our corporations, workers, and shareholders...or strength of our economy and technology (much of it paid for by American taxpayers) in the world.

Let us start with anti-hostile takeover legislation to prevent the bleeding and destruction of our technology, markets, innovation, skilled workers, and companies…quality of life.

We should also include military industrial companies and secrets from being sold to foreign companies. Without these we are not a leader but a 3rd world country.

We can change the dark future before us with innovation and smart, dedicated democratic government leaders. We’ve done it before during the last progressive/citizen action movement at the turn of the 21st century. If history repeats, let’s repeat the good history, not the failures.

Books on the subject:

Hostile Takeover by David Sirota. Mr. Sirota has been on CSPAN and is very impressive. I'd make him an agency trade head if we ever control government policy again.

Exporting America by Lou Dobbs. In the back of the book is a list of all the big American companies which have gone off shore in the last few years.

Judith Stevens
Lake Zurich, IL

Subject: Fwd: Good site, tough

I received this one some time ago. So you may have already come across it.

The New Ozymandias (dailykos)


A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Hezbollah

Calling Hezbollah a "gang" and "monsters" is a bit extreme. In reality, nobody is a monster; Hezbollah consists of people who believe that they have just grievances against Israel. That's their way of thinking. There are plenty of people around who think that Israel is a "Zionist entity." Of course, many ways of thinking may be deluded or crazy, but the complex views on all sides in the Middle East are the problem, rooted in the history of Palestine and Israel.

Jim Sherwood
San Francisco, California

Subject: Congressional "Constitutional Crises" Report

Report? We don't need no stinking report; it's obvious, Bush's admitted to them and defiantly vows more of the same. This is our country they're "talking" about. INSTEAD WE NEED IMPEACHMENT, NOW!

Victor Anderson
Eagle Lake/FL

Subject: hmmmmmmm

so if the republicans nominate giuliani as their candidate to represent their family values party for president, will it be ok to ask his wife how it feels to date married men with children? was giuliani the first married man she dated or is there more? would this be the first first lady who was the president's mistress first? will it be ok to ask giuliani why his ex wife had to go to court to keep him from bringing his mistress into their home while they were still married and where their kids were? i understand he is pro choice, does he feel he is right on that or the christian right? what about gay rights? are republicans wrong on that? DOES GIULIANI THINK HIS PARTY IS THE PARTY OF FAMILY VALUES?

JUST ASKING by the way, wasn't mccain's wife also his mistress? love those family values.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Fake Science Site

What an incredibly convoluted article on fake science site, designed to confuse the logic of even the most simple minded, and they end up having you believe that it is you that does not understand. It's so simple...Evolution is Science...Intelligent Design and Creationisim are not Science...Evolution belongs in the science class room, creationisim belongs in the church...not the public schools. This baloney about teaching all theories (religious and scientific ) in public schools, is just that...baloney. You don't teach Christianity in Public Schools because it shows a religious view unless you teach all other religions in public schools...and the last timeI looked, no religions should be taught in public schools. Evolution is not religion it is science and belongs in public schools...creationisim does not belong in publis schools...why must everyone try to confuse the issues just to confuse the non thinking public??????

Bob Brogna
Merritt Is., FL

Subject: The World Situation

Can anyone tell me why a handful of bullies can keep this world under such a tyrannical fear? How can 6 billion people be ruled by these guys? (and gals)

We have nothing to lose...we might even win if we stood up united as the world's people! What are we afraid of? They'll use their 'killer toys' on us? Well, the way things are going someone is going to use them...so again, what do we have to fear?

This is a really bad movie in the big scheme of things. I think we need new script writers.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Media

We have to get the media back. Air America and Democracy Radio need a television net to back the great job they are doing.

James Coyle