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Tuesday, 08 August 2006 00:42

Bush Desperately Needs a "House Democrat": Joe Lieberman is His Man

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The Washington Post often has bizarre commentaries with neo-con logic that twists itself into contortions that no pretzel could rival.

But an item by one Robert Kagan advances the preposterous notion that Lieberman is being targeted for being an honest man. Like Bush, Lieberman may think he's honest, but as we pointed out his Sunday news talk show statements indicated that he can peddle mistruths, lies and personal historical revisionism with the best of the Republicans.

Besides which, let's just assume that he were an honest man (beyond believing that in his own brain). What would he be honest about then, that he supports a losing war that is killings tens of thousands of Iraqis and Americans, that he supports a President who has the strategic thinking power of a pea, that he slammed critics of Bush as essentially traitors, that he prefers the company of the likes of Sean Hannity and FOX News GOP shills to Connecticut voters who disagree with his toadiness? That he supports the dismantling of the Constitution to empower Bush and the Republicans to become a one-party dictatorship?

In short, why would anyone support Lieberman for supporting failure upon failure, helping to undo our Constitutional rights, and being the guy that Bush uses to show Democratic support for his deceptions, lies and continued fiascoes?

If that is "honesty," America will die from such "honesty."

Isn't that what primaries are for? To defeat senators who move in a direction that is harmful to the voters of their state and America?

In a much more sensible article in the WP on Lieberman's political troubles, it is correctly noted that Iraq isn't the only issue before the minds of Connecticut voters when they go to the polls in the primary today:

"The other part of the story here is a familiar tale in politics, that of an incumbent who, as he gained national prominence, gradually lost touch with the voters and politicians who first sent him to Washington. Long before Iraq, there were signs of erosion in Lieberman's standing in Connecticut. "There was a personal sense among Connecticut Democrats that his national agenda is what matters to him and not Connecticut," said George Jepsen, a former state party chairman and supporter of antiwar challenger Ned Lamont."

In short, Joe Lieberman became a member of the self-righteous ruling elite that had contempt for the viewpoint of his own voters in his home state. He thought, as elitists like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld do, that he knew better than the "rabble" of voters, and that he and Bush should not be challenged.

In short, Joe Lieberman is neither essentially honest nor does he have faith in the electorate.

He, like the Republican Politburo in the White House, believes that they know better than the citizenry does.

That's hubris and self-righteousness, not honesty -- and it's un-American.

We wouldn't be surprised at all to learn after this election that RNC money was covertly injected in support of the Lieberman campaign.

Bush desperately needs a "House Democrat" to go on FOX News and support the failed policies of a failed war and a failed presidency. He needs a Democratic senator who will be the lead spokesman for the Republicans, as Lieberman was, to speak out against a Democratic effort to bring the troops home.

Joe Lieberman is their man.

It's time to elect a Democrat who has faith in the voters in Connecticut.

It's time to elect Ned Lamont.