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Tuesday, 08 August 2006 04:05

Brian Patrick Clarke: Saban's Decision to "Just Say No"

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by Brian Patrick Clarke

Re: Coaching isn't life or death; it's more important by Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel, Sunday 8/6/06:

Having lived with a father who coached both basketball and soccer on a collegiate level, I certainly take no issue with Mike Bianchi's basic premise: coaching is all-too-consuming a proposition for many in the profession. However, in an effort to underpin his supposition, Mike points to Nick Saban's recent decision to "just say no" to an invitation for dinner with President Bush as the ultimate case-in-point.

I would suggest that there are at least two other equally probable reasons for Coach Saban's declination:

a) He doesn't like this president. The coach would, as borne out by all polling data, hardly be alone in this position, and since most of us are aware of the innumerable reasons for George W. Bush's disfavor, I will spare your readers a recitation.

b) Coach Saban - again, like the majority of Americans - has seen the videos of our president chewing with his mouth agape and waxing idiotic for Tony Blair about Kofi, Syria, Lebanon and the Hezbollah. With dinner roll and butter tumbling about (suggestive of a washing machine's "agitate" function: something at which this man seems to excel), the president's table manners would present a challenge for any remotely cogent being to endure for an entire evening.

In either event, I personally commend Coach Saban for a game-winning call under considerable pressure. At the very least, it saved him some money on his dry-cleaning bill.

Dolphin's Saban Snubs Bush for Dinner (ABC)

Brian Patrick Clarke
Longwood, Florida