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Tuesday, 08 August 2006 08:36

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 8, 2006

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Subject: "GOP"

Why do you keep calling the Conservative Party the GOP? What's Grand about it? Greetings from Europe,

M. Voet

Subject: It is, by the way 2591 today. In case we all forgot, Americans are still dying in Iraq

It is, by the way, 2591 today. Dead US soldiers.


A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Lonesome Joe

He's got friends in high places--kissing cousins, if you will--so he's really not so lonesome.

Here's my prediction. He'll win the primary. Look at what's happening right now, today, Monday. He's "only" behind by about 6% points in the polls. This looks familiar, doesn't it? Think San Diego. Think 2004. Joe's gonna pull off an upset, you watch.

Remember, Dems. You don't control the voting machines or the precinct workers. It's that simple. This primary is a harbinger of things to come in November. Don't get your hopes up that the Dems will retake control of either House. It ain't gonna happen.

Again. Joe wins.


Subject: Not Taking the Easy Route

The world-wise old “Preemptive Warrior” knows the folly of taking the “easy route in order to solve a problem.” That’s why he’s not going to just demand an immediate stop to the killing in the Israel/Lebanon conflict; that would only encourage more killing later. “Our view is it's time to address root causes of problems.” And what better time than while civilians are being slaughtered? Diplomacy takes time, he likes to remind us, and these problems will not go away overnight. And if a few thousand more innocent lives have to be lost, that’s a sacrifice the Great Vacationer is always willing to make.

Bush urges quick UN resolution, faces objections (AFP/Yahoo)

Albert Clark

Subject: Media and the Constitutional Crisis

It should come as no surprise that Corporate Media is making no mention regarding the obvious constitutional crisis facing the citizens and government of our country. It should come as no surprise that Corporate Media refuses to report the Democratic Party's declaration that such a crisis even exists!

Remember, in a democracy it is the function of the media to report the truth to its citizens. This enables the voters to make informed choices when they vote. In a plutocratic oligarchy (e.g.,fascism) it is the function of the media to generate a consensus favorable to the ruling clique, truth be damned. And the media in our United States of America is attempting to preserve a consensus in which a cartel of greedy corporations is the legitimate government of our country. And you can call it fascism or democracy (though not very accurately) or "Hi -Yo, Silver."

This is the state of the union. These facts dictate the necessity of action. These affronts should serve as notice for organizations such as Move On and the Progressive Democrats of America to mobilize their forces and take to the streets. It is the only way to spread this news. Well, the Corporate Media isn't going to do it, are they? And we must alert the couch potatoes of these events, and why it is important that they act. The one thing that they seem to understand is drama.

Michael J. Fowler
Glendale, AZ

[BuzzFlash Note: Well, there was this, from the right wing: The Democrats’ Impeachment Road Map (Byron York/National Review Online). The spin begins, before corporate media even notices. Jack Cafferty at CNN also mentioned the crisis (Crooks and Liars).]

Subject: For consideration / Fridays Spending Fast for Peace

An idea. Is it time for economic sanctions against America by Americans? Most Americans oppose George Bush's war. But he evidently doesn't care. Since the government robs the taxpayer to wage escalating wars which are leading to God knows what, what if we as a peace movement were to hit the government with an economic boycott, so that, for example, all those who oppose the war refuse to purchase ANYTHING except medicine and food in this country every Friday -- which in effect becomes a FAST (not just saving the purchases for other days but foregoing them altogether) -- until the government halts its assaults in the mideast for good? Hitting consumer spending -- sometimes even the threat of it, especially while polls show Bush at an all time level -- might make some uneasy. This idea has to ripple everywhere to make a difference. Or it comes to nothing. Fridays Spending Fast for Peace

Please pass the idea around for feedback?

Stephen Hand
Editor TCRNews.com

Subject: Mailbag...Monday

From one Missourian to another ... Carol Hagner, I apologize [for "Dem"] ... I tend to do that when writing a long letter...for time's sake...but, to me it does not mean they are 'dim'...it was just a short word for democrat...I also say 'Reps'! When we should be calling them "rightwingneoconnuts!" Rush Limbaugh also likes Lieberman...I turned his show on in the car...that dial seems to be set there for the Cardinal games and they are not even there any more...but, Lieberman is the favorite democrat fo the Right Wing. Sean has always liked Lieberman...he has said so a number of times. "You are my favorite democrat"...I have heard him say a dozen times. But, problem is, Limbaugh hates both the Clintons, and if he is a backer of Lieberman, what will he think about Bill Clinton campaigning for him? I tell you what I think, I think Clinton lost his mind!

If I can get through the day ... and find that Ned Lamont kicked Joe's behind...I will have some hope. I don't care if the man is loaded with money, anyone remember JFK??...he took a buck a year to be president of these United States...sometimes they are the best!

I am not at all surprised that Sean Hannity loves Joe...so does Rushbo...and they also like the the most right-wing religious of the bunch...so it really does not mean much.

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: I Can't Believe This Quote About Buzz by the WSJ !!!

My comment below. ...

"We don't expect any better from BuzzFlash, which may well be both the shrillest and the most dimwitted (?!) political site on the Web." -- from: A Dishonest Zogby Poll by JAMES TARANTO Wednesday, July 25, 2001 (opinionjournal)

If it wasn't for BuzzFlash, I'd be clueless.

I think you're f***ing hilarious and insightful. The news is a daily tragedy, but with your sense of scathing wit and humor, at least it is rendered a "tragicomedy". We could all use some funny with the sad and the scary. I can't believe anyone actually takes Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, or even David Brooks of the NYT seriously (I guess the willfully ignorant, hateful right-wing would). They are the "dimwitted" (make that demented) ones.


Subject: Which Way Is It Senator Dodd? Joe's or Ned's

How Ironic!! Here in Connecticut, we have been seeing Senator Chris Dodd campaigning for Senator Joe Lieberman. And yet one day before the CT Primary, Hardball just showed "the same" Senator Chris Dodd say that it is a Civil War over there in Iraq and we should Pull Our Troops Out Now!! Well Senator Dodd, which of the two Democratic Primary Candidates has been saying to the voters that we have to pull our troops out right now?

Last time I looked, that candidate was Ned Lamont.

It's time for Senator Dodd to make up his mind. You can't have it both ways.

Tom Wieliczka
Windsor Locks, CT

Subject: Now we are insurgents

First anyone who disagreed with the Bush bunch were terrorists and then we were traitors and now we are insurgents, per Newt the toot.

Newt Gingrich Considers Political Opposition, American Citizens, to be an ''Insurgency'' (Progressive Daily Beacon)

"You need a unified movement. A movement that loses its radicalism loses its vision and its future. A movement that is only radical loses its mass base." -- Kathleen Barry from Not For Ourselves Alone.

Speak up or they assume you agree!!!

Karen Webb
Moore, OK

Subject: Gingrich: There Is An "Insurgency" in Connecticut Which Says "Can't We Come Home And Hide?' (Think Progress)

This morning on Fox News, Newt Gingrich claimed there is a "legitimate insurgency in Connecticut, which needs to be met head on," made up of people who say Iraq "is so hard, it is so frightening, it's so painful, can't we come home and hide?" Gingrich said that if the "insurgency" wins, "it will be the beginning of extraordinarily important period in American politics, and in American history."

Full Transcript: "Third, you have what I think is a legitimate insurgency in Connecticut, which needs to be met head on and debated head on, which is people who say this is so hard, it is so frightening, it's so painful, can't we come home and hide? And I think if Lamont wins next Tuesday, it will be the beginning of extraordinarily important period in American politics, and in American history. For all of us to have this debate. How dangerous are the terrorists? How dangerous are the dictatorships? And what does America have to do in that kind of a dangerous world?"

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Suffering Condi Fatigue?

Most of us political junkies spend Sundays in front of our television sets watching the Sunday Morning Talk Shows. Remote clutched in our sweaty little hands we jump from one program to another while taping others.

I am willing to admit that I have never been a Condescending Condi Rice fan. I keep waiting for her to say something that will illustrate the oft touted intelligence of this woman. Still waiting.

Her performance on the Sunday Talk Shows is ably assisted by the hosts who toss her relatively softball questions.

I used to think that Talking Heads were concerned about seeming too tough when interviewing a black woman. Then we had the little Cynthia McKinney episode and it is apparent bashing a black woman is just dandy if she is also a Democrat. And admittedly, McKinney does make it easy.

All that aside, Condescending Condi makes asinine statements that the Talking Heads just let stand. She may be a nice woman. (I doubt it.) She may be highly intelligent. (Not evident.) She may even be a great pianist. (Not qualified to judge.) In addition to all the things she may or may not be, she is the Secretary of State of the United States of America. As such she deserves no more or no less respect than any other holder of that office.

Seems likely that a man who called a presidential daily brief saying “Osama Bin Laden determined to strike in United States” just days before 9/11 a historical document would have been questioned a little more vigorously. Or yesterday when she called a Civil War in Iraq a “hypothetical” you’d have thought George Stephanopoulos might have stopped her right there.

But no, Condescending Condi two-steps her way through these interviews, saying nothing, offering nothing and contributing nothing more than a glimpse of her extensive wardrobe. We really do need something more than that from a Secretary of State.

Marjorie L. Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: Bad-To-Worse News

* Women now comprise a majority of broadcast TV reporters and anchors, the Washington Post reported July 27, marking an exodus of men from TV newsrooms. The number of women anchoring the news became equal to men in the early 1990s. Last year, women made up 57 percent of the anchor slots, according to the Washington-based Radio and Television News Directors Association. More than half of news writers and producers nationwide are women and, in 2004, women accounted for two-thirds of bachelor's degrees in journalism and mass communication. Women were only 25 percent of news directors in 2006.

** Domestic workers in at least 12 countries work in slave-like environments, experiencing exploitation, physical and sexual abuse, and garnished wages, the New York-based advocacy group Human Rights Watch said in a July 27 report. After several years of research, Human Rights Watch has identified countries such as the United States, Guatemala, Togo, Morocco, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Singapore as having "swept under the rug" issues of abuse against women and child laborers.

"As a domestic worker, you have no control over your life," said Hasana, who started working at age 12 in Indonesia. "No one respects you. You have no rights. This is the lowest kind of work." In the United States, tens of thousands of domestic workers, mostly women, arrive yearly, Human Rights Watch said. Many earn less than $100 a month and experience psychological or physical abuse.

* The percentage of corporate officer positions held by women has decreased by 0.23 percentage points a year for the past three years, according a 2005 Catalyst survey. The New York-based advocacy organization said that in top corporate jobs, men outnumber women more than 6-to-1. In addition, the hiring of women into these top positions has slowed down in the past few years. Catalyst predicts that it will take women another 40 years until they reach parity with men in the corporate world.

** Eight Iranian women await death by stoning after being convicted of different crimes under Iranian law. One of them is 31-year-old Ashraf Kalhori who was convicted for adultery, the Boston-based Women's Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran announced July 27. The group has called upon the international community to intervene and stop the practice of stoning. Both men and women are sentenced to stoning. Kalhori was arrested in 2001 and has since been in an Iranian prison. Her execution, where she will be buried up to her chest and stoned, will take place in the next two weeks.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Georgie's Ticket Out

hey buzz...

so little georgie has found his way out ..."IF" civil war breaks out bush is going to pull out the troops...he has denied and ignored the civil war up to now...looks like civil war might break out just before the mid term elections...that would be pretty convenient, cuz, you see that wouldn't be cutting and running heh, heh, heh....that would be taking our troops outta harm's way...it's not like we were wrong going in there, you know liberating iraq and all...and it's not like we're stuck in a quagmire or something...it's just that this civil war thing that is going to break out any day, well probably around october, and we should get our boys and girls outta there...you know let 'em fight their own civil war...it's all part of the growing pains of democracy...heck we had a civil war...so like i said we're not cuttin' and runnin', we didn't lose or nothin' like that, we're just gonna reposition our forces and leave them muslims to fight it out...

Tom Coombs
Kaslo, BC, Canada

Subject: American War Resisters in Canada

Keep sending your war resisters, we will keep taking them and their families and help them make their way in our society. They are welcomed here by most of us. Most Canadians appreciate that the war in Iraq is illegal and can never lead to anything good, just as the equally evil war in Afghanistan is harming all who participate. We do not support militarism.

Most of us certainly support our troops. That is why we want them home and politicians sent in their place. I would love to see our weensie bush, Harper, in full camo facing the Taliban. See how brave his words would then be! See how often he needs to change his pants! You Americans can send your own chickhawks along with, we don't mind.

Also, the war being persecuted by Israel in Lebanon, backed by the US, Britain and indirectly condoned by the rest of the world had never before exposed so many MSM "spokespersons," internet reporters (including indy sites) and politicians as being ignorant of history and of the current reasons for the flair up of the current atrocities being perpetrated upon the civilians of Lebanon and Palestine. They are far too worried about being condemned as "anti-Semite" if the Israeli point of view is not the one adopted. One is not necessarily anti-Semite when condemning the murder of a populace, otherwise known as genocide. This is a case of the victimized becoming the victimizers.

Unfortunately, Westerners have never considered the murder of overwhelming numbers of citizens of other nations (non-Western, non-white of course) as genocide and hence we have been subjected to constant lies fabricated by our "dear leaders" to support these unethical murders (as if murder can ever be ethical).

Many of us in Canada are very tired of arrogant Americans trying to steer us in a direction that we do not wish to follow. Think the world doesn't like you now? Wait until we have our own terrorist event (real, not pretend like the arrest of a bunch of idealist wannabees in Toronto, courtesy of our brainwashed CSIS). We will know what and who precipitated it; American warmongers and a bunch of money hungry politicians who don't even read what they are signing. Then you will see a great flaring of anti-Americanism by Canadians who are already merely tolerant of Americans in general.

Almost every terrorist action since the invasion of Iraq can be directly linked to the illegal invasion and occupation of that country by yours. Congrats and thank you for being the "root cause" of nearly all of the world's present violence. What an accomplishment!

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Subject: We saw what you did last week (sent to corporate media)

We saw what you did last week and it didn't fool us. The GOP wanted to give GOP candidates for re-election a chance to safely vote "yes" on minimum wage with no chance of it happening. A friend who was at a meeting with candidates or their representatives reported that Sen. Inhofe's representative all but admitted it. You tack raising minimum wage a small amount over 3 years to a bill that gets rid of the estate tax and makes parts of the huge tax cuts for the wealthy permanent with no way to recoup the money the cuts will take out of much needed relief for people who really need help. The GOP leadership knew that it would not pass with estate tax on it, which they call the death tax. It only applies to estates worth at least a million dollars anyway and it is an unearned income.

I don't quite understand why Democrats in the House voted for it, but I suspect they are doing the same thing on the other end of the income ladder. They are appeasing the wealthy. A Democrat like the only one Oklahoma has in Congress and he votes with the Republicans as much as he does for the Democrats is a prime example. We so like it when you guys play Get Out the Vote with our lives. If there is any time when you, the dirty Oklahoma half dozen, decide to consider the needs of the truly needy, instead of always playing to investors and CEOs, please let us know.

The people who actually do the work need a living wage and healthcare or they can't do the work. Let me give you a clue, there are still more low income voters than high end voters. Sooner or later their intense self-righteous hatred for gays and giving women a choice, will be over shadowed by their desire to take care of children who have actually been born, like their own, and realize that you have been using their religious beliefs to fatten your own pocketbooks. They can't continue cutting off their own noses to spite their faces, because without noses you can't smell the noxious odor of mendacity.

Translation: Congressional and Legislative lies stink like a dead skunk.

Karen Webb
Moore, OK

Subject: Comment on BuzzFlash for 8/6

Israeli and Lebanese Civilians: Pawns in the Neo-Con "Great Game" -- A BuzzFlash Editorial

I agree entirely with the underlying thrust of this piece but you can't--or shouldn't--try to bludgeon people with arguments that constantly cite untrue statements from beginning to end (or cite only a portion of the facts).

To start at the beginning, what moved many on the Israeli left (me included) to become skeptical of Oslo was first Arafat's total rejection of the Clinton/Barak peace proposal in 2000--without even dignifying it as a basis for further negotiation--and secondly the almost immediately following Second Intifada, which was far bloodier than the first and which led directly to the popularity of Hamas. It also led directly to the election of Sharon and the Likud!

So while there is no doubt that the Likud, like paranoid right wingers everywhere, played on fears of the Israeli public, those fears had already been given credibility and the left was already greatly disillusioned and almost silenced. Your writer missed some vital steps in this process! This sort of sloppy or tendentious selection of factual assertions demonstrates a desire to make a case but undermines its own credibility.

I'll comment on one other matter: Peace Now, B'tselem and many other leftist organisations have continued to exist and they have vocally opposed the government's policies from the beginning. You give them far too little credit by suggesting that they are only now protesting. But you also fail to mention that on the right there is also criticism of those policies on the opposite grounds: that, in effect, the Powell Doctrine of an immediate massive response was not followed.

I am a leftist and a contributor to Buzz, but I know the facts. If you are going to use the Israeli government's policies as a way to indict George Bush--and, though the Israeli situation is far more complex and existential, you can--get someone who knows the facts and has integrity to write it.

Oscar Lee Brownstein
Lancaster, PA

Subject: The Pig Farm in Crawford

Hey love BuzzFlash -- was wondering when Congress Voted to move the White House cause I've seen that Rice was speaking in front of a banner that read THE WESTERN WHITE HOUSE Crawford, Texas. Me as an American -- find this appalling -- is this a sign of things to come -- there's only 1 WHITE HOUSE and it's at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave not a Pig Farm in Midland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tampa, Fla

Subject: 9/11

I like this: "Pentagon denies lying to 9/11 commission. LOL. And We Have a Bridge to Sell You ..."

I'm glad you realize that we absolutely cannot trust what they have told us about 9/11 so far, and we cannot trust the 9/11 Commission's report because their evidence was filtered through Bush 2000 transition team member and 9/11 Commission Executive Director Philip Zelikow. Thank you for being on top of this! We owe it to the victims of 9/11 and their families to find out the truth, even if we have to torture Cheney and Rumsfeld to get it out of them.

Jesse Goplen
Arcata, CA

Subject: Colorado candidate says the answer in the Mideast is converting Muslims to Christianity 8/6

Tom Tancredo clone, Duncan Bremer's Christianity is that of a straight, white, technocratic know-it-all Republican who lives in a fifties ranch with a gun display in the foyer somewhere in the enriching wasteland of a suburban Littleton in Colorado's 7th, goes to the Church of the Creator, spells Truth: L-I-M-B-A-U-G-H, and, when his kids finally destroy themselves with violence or drugs, goes ballistic about the “liberal academic and political elite” and promotes legislation aimed at “cleaning up pervasive cultural pollution.”

Let's not tell Mr. Bremer that it's a capital offense in Islamic countries to attempt conversion of Muslim believers. Let him experience his own "rapture"--just not in the US House.

Will Wyche
Palm Springs, CA

Subject: CNN transcript

And joining us now here Washington Anne Compton who covers the White House for ABC News, and Thomas Ricks, Pentagon reporter for "The Washington Post" and author of the new book "Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq." [a BuzzFlash premium]

Tom Ricks, you've covered a number of military conflicts, including Iraq, as I just mentioned. Is civilian casualties increasingly going to be a major media issue? In conflicts where you don't have two standing armies shooting at each other?

THOMAS RICKS, REPORTER, "THE WASHINGTON POST": I think it will be. But I think civilian casualties are also part of the battlefield play for both sides here. One of the things that is going on, according to some U.S. military analysts, is that Israel purposely has left pockets of Hezbollah rockets in Lebanon, because as long as they're being rocketed, they can continue to have a sort of moral equivalency in their operations in Lebanon.

KURTZ: Hold on, you're suggesting that Israel has deliberately allowed Hezbollah to retain some of it's fire power, essentially for PR purposes, because having Israeli civilians killed helps them in the public relations war here?

RICKS: Yes, that's what military analysts have told me.

CNN RELIABLE SOURCES: Coverage of War in the Middle East 8/6

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Dixie Chicks Sold Out D.C. Friday Night!!!

One hopes that the left will support the Dixie Chicks. They went out on a big limb back in 2003. They are suffering the wrath of the Neocons everywhere.

I urge all liberals, SUPPORT THE DIXIE CHICKS.

Dixie Chicks cancel shows, add others

Davis Henderson
Adrian, Michigan

Subject: Doublespeak

Can anyone in this mailroom...or people who write in....tell me how this administration can be so practiced at double talk? I watched Condi Rice on Meet the Press, and she never made a grain of sense. She is, for sure...Bush's Sec'y of State. Powell came right out and lied...then he realized what he had done...and he left the scene midterm...Condi...is just like every other republican I have ever heard. She has to think about it a bit, but, in the end she gets around it just like everyone in Bush's cabinet. They should put Cheney on the grill once in a while...he would admit they would do as they damn well please and grin about it.

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: To Be (Kidnapped) Or Not To Be...That Is The Question

Love your site.

Please do me a favor...please stop parroting the language that those Israeli soldiers were "kidnapped." Soldiers can't be "kidnapped." Soldiers get "CAPTURED." That's just more inflammatory and biased language meant to inflame opinion against whoever is against Israel.

The only way they can be kidnapped is if they were in the bed at home, not on assignment etc. ... otherwise all those "DETAINEES" in Guantanamo are kidnap victims (which they are by the way).


A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Mel Gibson

You recently awarded Mel Gibson - The Hypocrite of the Week in Mel Gibson is the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week. No Doubt, He's Earned a Speaking Spot at the Next Republican National Convention.

After reading and listening, I have failed to see where he is a hypocrite. Whatever he spewed in a drunken rant seemed pretty consistent with what he, and his father, have been saying all along.

As mad as you seem to be at him for spewing this tirade -- the word "Hypocrite" seems not to apply.

There were far more deserving people for the title of Hypocrite of the Week. Goodness - Rumsfeld is a whole division!

Dale Lindmark
Belize, Central America

Subject: Message to Democrats: Prepare a Response Now

After watching the repugs on the Sunday talk shows with their cocky attitudes and hilarious attempts to feign confidence it is obvious that:

1) The repugs (and a few gutless, sellout democrats - Lieberman for one - who continue to act like repugs by continuing to support Bush and his war) are scared totally sh**less, and trying not to show it, that their phoney war in Iraq is going to cost them in the upcoming elections and put them on the receiving end of some long overdue accountability.

2) Their pre-canned response to any questions or criticisms about this illegal, illegitimate, lied-up war and about this administration's abuse of power will be to parrot the rhetoric, "it's no accident that we haven't been attacked on our own soil since Sep. 11, 2001." Of course, we all know that immediately after the attacks, this administration went after OUR rights and freedoms, using the "war on terruh" as an excuse. Now they want to be able to use sham military tribunals against anyone, even those not linked to terrorism in any way? Hell no! The republicans MUST go!

If the democrats have any intelligence at all, they'll immediately prepare a good response to the pre-canned repug rhetoric pointed out in #2 above. Otherwise, they'll just come across looking like a bunch of bumbling, unprepared fools again, like they do every time this administration plays the fear card. Another thing, people need to wake up and see the lie for what it is. What lie is that? The lie that the democrats must govern from the center in order to win elections. That's a myth that corporate America has fostered in order to keep corporate friendly politicians in power and handing out corporate welfare.

These centrist republican-lite democrats are what's wrong with the party. When you hear "Centrist Democrat," read it as "republican pretending to be a democrat." They're infiltrators. Spies. In place to keep the power swinging away from the left on every issue that matters. They stand for nothing except their own political ambitions and personal gain.

Take a look at who's out there supporting Lieberman. That's right! The REPUBLICANS and the CENTRIST DEMOCRAT bigwigs. The war-mongers and greedy corporate honchos know a good thing when they see it! That should make obvious to anyone the ties between these supposedly two groups which are, in reality, only one party - the party of corporate welfare, completely against the middle class and poor of our nation. They have total disdain for anyone who isn't wealthy and willing to climb on the backs of the poor to get more.

Of course, the deep pockets are already scrambling to make sure that, should the democrats come back into the power equation, those in power will still be the "centrist" republican-lite variety and not the true democrats - the left wing of the party. That way, with the centrists in power, nothing will really change for the deep pockets. They'll still have their bought-and-paid-for politicians in their pockets, and business will continue as usual for them.

What we need is to bring back the trust busters and labor unions to stop the greed and corruption that's destroying this country. The corporate news media in this country is in a direct conflict of interest. They take their orders from their corporate masters and are, therefore, part of the problem. They'll always prevent the truth from coming out when it hurts the moneyed interests.

So, if you want things to change in this country, GO LEFT AT THE POLLS AND STAY LEFT. The center is the mingling ground for political whores with price tags on their foreheads.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Listen to Jimi

"Hey Joe, what you doing with that gun in your hand"?


Wage Peace...

Chuck Nasmith
Wynantskill, NY

Subject: The P.R. Sideshow

Notice how many CEOs are coming on television lately trying to convince all us pointy-headed little drones that “their” particular company is just working its corporate ass off for their customers?

If you can stop laughing long enough to get up off the floor there’s hope for you. If you sit there in the flickering blue light of your television screen nodding your head and murmuring “yes master,” it is, alas, too late. Unfortunately for the rest of us you still get to walk, talk, and vote just like people with a functioning cerebral cortex.

Have you seen William Clay Ford, Jr. Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Ford Motor Company? His little commercial is annoying like so many commercials that assume we have the collective I. Q. of a goldfish. Mr. Ford was compensated $13,298,279.00 in 2005 including stock option grants. He cashed out $2,106,878 in stock option exercises. Probably had to go shopping at Wal-Mart.

The point of this little rant is that we, the gullible American public, are supposed to believe these folks when they come on our televisions and claim that they are concerned with our well-being. We need to believe that so that we don’t believe the truth which is that they care for nothing but $$$$$.

CEOs and other greedy corporate thieves care for nothing but the amount of money they can squeeze out of the companies who are foolish enough to hire them. Stockholders should be outraged that the big-shots at the helm run off with enormous amounts of money no matter how poorly they perform.

It’s a nice racket. These well coifed, manicured and fashionably dressed people have all the compassion of a shark. If you believe otherwise it is time your family takes sharp objects away from you and hires a full time caregiver.



Marjorie L. Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: Lieberman's Stolen Election

What IF the machines in Conn are rigged in Lieberman's favor...he looked pretty confident with a smirk last night when he said "other candidates were behind in the polls but managed to win regardless." WHY are the old DEMS still supporting HIM...what's that all about, even old white haired Dodd was pulling for him last night, as was ex Pres Clinton to my utter surprise. We need to boot out them all out ... the Oldies, that is, new blood needed.

Margaret Miller
Wellington, FL

Subject: Marty

On his personal blog, freelance journalist Ed Driscoll links to a conversation between Martin Peretz, editor in chief of The New Republic, and conservative talk-radio host Hugh Hewitt, in which Peretz declines to say that he wants the Democrats to win back the Congress. Driscoll excerpts from the transcript posted on Hewitt’s Web site:

HH: Do you want the Democrats to win majorities in the House or the Senate, Martin Peretz?

MP: I’m … I’m appalled by some of the people who would become head of Congressional committees.

HH: Is that a no?

MP: Uh, but I’m also appalled by some of the shenanigans …

HH: But is that … I’ve got five seconds. Is that a no, Martin Peretz?

MP: It’s a cowardly refusal to answer.

http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/?hp linking to http://eddriscoll.com/archives/009437.php

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Democrat Primary in Conn.

Sen. Lieberman is using Republican dirty tricks to try and win the primary. Without proof his campaign is accusing the Lamont campaign of hacking his website and the toady corporate press is following his lead. The Democratic Party should be outraged at the Lieberman campaign!

Barbara Johnson
Omaha, NE

Subject: The Reuters Fakes

Those are really, really BAD FAKES.

Reuters admits altering Beirut photo 8/8

Why are they so bad and so obvious? Photographers usually have a far better eye and technical skills. Even an average professional could create an image with a far superior appearance of authenticity than that sorry shit. IT COULD NOT LOOK MORE FAKE IF HE TRIED. Therefore let us ask why. DID THIS PHOTOGRAPHER ACTUALLY TRY TO MAKE THE IMAGES LOOK FAKE AND THERFORE BE DETECTED AND THEREFORE GENERATE A STORY THAT WAR PICTURES ARE FAKE? Does it serve the Bush Administration to discredit images coming out of the Middle East? Answer: YES to all.

It's speculation, sure, but the Office of Special Plans dedicates considerable time and energy to controlling the news cycle, content, and public perception. I fear this faked-up photo "story" might signal that the Bush Administration anticipates their base will need to have a rationale to deny the reality of a lot of extremely ugly authentic pictures in the near future.


Subject: They Shall Overcome

Note how, in the MSM, Obrador is always "leftist"--which is exactly how the US press cast Mohammad Mossadegh (Iran), then Jacobo Arbenz (Guatemala), et al., back in the good old days of the Cold War at its hottest. Let's think a little bit about the consequences of such interference with democracy, and ask ourselves the Reagan Question: Are we better off now than we were in (say) 1953?

Of course, that question is preposterous. (Right?) So let's forget the Cold War for a moment, and move on to these fresher questions: If electoral democracy is "leftist," what is the alternative? And what should that "alternative" be called?

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