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Tuesday, 08 August 2006 15:59

Joementum Ain't Going to Cut It as An "Independent" Candidate

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If the poobahs who lead the Democratic Party in D.C. (with the exception of Howard Dean who knows that it's time for a housecleaning) don't get "it" after Ned Lamont beat the Chia Pet Democrat for the Busheviks, they never will.

If Schumer, who heads the Democratic Senate Re-election Campaign, doesn't come out of the gate and endorse Lamont, he will doom the Democratic Party to continuing to be a minority party in Congress.

For six years, we've heard from the smug, failed leadership of Republicans and Democrats alike on Capitol Hill.  Now the voters have spoken -- and it's not a message that is going to be well-received by the "don't rock the boat" entrenched status quo Dems on Capitol Hill.

The biggest reason Lieberman was rightfully defeated was that he repeatedly supported policies of failure.  The Lamont voters aren't wild-eyed love-in peaceniks.  They oppose the Iraq War, for the most part, because it was founded on lies and, more importantly, it's a failure, an utter fiasco.  It only persists because no one has the guts or wherewithal to stand up to the lies, thuggishness and bullying of the Bush Administration.  We have a continuing war because the people who began it aren't men enough to admit their mistakes.

As one of his final failed efforts to retain the Democratic nomination for Senate, Lieberman claimed that a Lamont victory would send the wrong message to voters; i.e, that if Lieberman wasn't re-elected, the Democrats would be considered weak on security.

But the reality is that the majority of Democratic primary voters in Connecticut knew that to elect Joe Lieberman was to be weak on security.  Because the policies Lieberman champions for the Bush Administration are merely the fig leaves that cover up unprecedented failures that in their bumbling implementation and multi-year bankrupting of America weaken our nation in a way no terrorists could.

Ned Lamont represents the Democratic Party members who are concerned about national security based on reality, not neo-con fantasies that have totally flopped. Lamont represents the Democratic Party members who don't believe America is safe as long as someone capable of the lunatic, inconsistent, mendacious and arcane proclamations of Donald Rumsfeld is in charge of our defense.

Joe Lieberman is pompous and self-righteous.  The White House will miss him dearly.  Lilke Bush, Lieberman believed in the appearance of strength, when all around us our ability to defend ourselves was deteriorating before our very eyes.  But, Joe was blind to the harmful policies he so dearly defended.

If the Capitol Hill Dems don't back Ned Lamont, they will have the fight of their lives on the their hands. But it won't be with the Republicans, with whom the DLC is so chummy.

It will be with Democratic voters who are ready to throw out the elitist Democrats who value their cozy jobs more than they do the will of the people and the security of our nation.

If these Dem "leaders" continue to stay arrogant and unwilling to heed the call of democracy, they will share the fate of Joe Lieberman.

This is not about the illusion of the term "centrism." It is about accepting the reality that "centrism" has come to mean a denial of reality.

And you can't protect or run a nation when you live on Fantasy Island with George W. Bush.

The Democratic voters of Connecticut have spoken.

Do the leaders of the Democratic Party believe in democracy, or is that too quaint a notion for the elitist club of senators?