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Wednesday, 09 August 2006 05:10

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 9, 2006

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Subject: I Refuse To Be Marginalized Any More

I've been watching the Lamont-Lieberman race with great interest and am relieved and even somewhat optimistic to hear what the Democrat Connecticut voters said with their votes.

Those of us who saw and spoke about all the propaganda issuing forth from the Bush 43 administration have been continuously castigated, demeaned, accused of treason, treachery and terrorism, and given all sorts of other unsavory labels.

Those of us who decry the foreign policy failures, the corruption and the countless major domestic screw-ups, have been muffled, laughed at, ignored by the few remaining major media outlets, and essentially shouted down in every place but the Internet.

Recently Newt Gingrich referred to us as 'insurgents.'

I am greatly disappointed in Joe Lieberman today for two reasons. 1) For using the same tactics as Karl Rove and the neo-cons: marginalizing those who don't support him, implying his opponents are "anti-security" and not "real Democrats." 2) For refusing to accept the will of the people who gave him 18 years in the Senate already! You serve at the will of the people, not in spite of their will, Joe.

The people of Connecticut who voted you out, Joe, are the people our government is of, by and for. You and your well-entrenched (and well-enriched) cronies, Democrat and Republican alike, will marginalize us no more. We are not loonies, we are now the mainstream.

Thank you, Connecticut Dems, for making that statement loud and clear.

To the Democratic "leadership" ... you'd better be listening.

Lee Franklin
Martinsburg, WV

Subject: Loser Man

Hi Buzz.

I see that Joe "LOSERMAN" (the name the repugs gave him in election 2000) lost again...First in 2000...again in 2004...and now in 2006...You would think by now that he would GET IT!

If he runs as an independent...it will just show what a true bushite "TRAITOR" he really is...and if any person would vote for him...I am thinking it would label them a traitor also. Heads Up America...this is only the first round...and to whomever, I,. like Shirley, also call them "Dems" to shorten the typing ... and did not intend to offend anyone...and if you notice I call republicans "repugs." And to Marie-France..."WE THE PEOPLE" of our great country did NOT start this war, but protested by the millions against it. WE will allow you to hate Bush if you like ... but direct your comments to HIM from now on...and NO, we are NOT proud of what HE has done to OUR country. But WE are still proud to be called "AMERICANS."



Subject: Lieberman Vs Lamont

Yee haw!!!!!!! Now, we must work on that silly Santorum ... is he up this 2006 or 2008? He is a nut case! We will take one at a time. Great!

Shirley ... St. Louis

[BuzzFlash Note: It's 2006.]

Subject: Crazy To Join Military!

Joining the USA military, joining the USA Customs and Border Protection -- a person must be crazy!

The military refuses to stand up for our men and the CBP prosecutes any agent that defends themselves or their buddies from the armed smugglers and aliens.

Every single thing is top-down driven. The USA military commanders have their heads up their ass as do those attorney generals and the CPB. To compound this it is our Department of Homeland Security who demands that our men be prosecuted while releasing the smugglers, the terrorists.

Everything is top-down driven.

There is no earthly reason to join any USA military or department that ever can possibly come into harm's way. Joining just pushes our best people into prison.

Bush, Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld and so many others are simply the worse that our Nation has ever produced.

May the evils of our time be visited upon these politicians and their families.

John Galavan
Seattle, WA

Subject: Mailbag 8/8/06

To Margaret Miller......Hey girl...I am an old democrat...and I despise Joe Lieberman. I fear that with Max Cleland and the Clintons behind him...all my bad mouthing the man...is not going to work.... Remember ...we only cast the votes.....we do not count them.

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: Lieberman and the Establishment

Are the RATS going to desert the sunken ship and abandon Lieberman like they should, or are they going to support him and trample on democracy -- I'd say the latter. The butt kissing Clintons, Dodds, Boxers, etc. etc. should support the WINNER...this is not Cuba or Iran. LIEBERMAN LOST -- so goodbye Joe, you gotta go ...

Margaret Miller
Wellington, FL

Subject: Continue To Pound on Conservatism

The grassroots movement which is rational dialogue on the Internet is gaining considerable momentum. Our fight against a dictatorial, totalitarian form of government forced down our gullets by the Bush/Cheney/Corporate mafia is only in its infancy. Despite their control of broadcast and printed media, holes in the dam are beginning to appear. Despicable men with unimaginable power are frightened by the power of the people, and well they should be. We hold the power to bring them down, not only through the power of public opinion, but through the power of civil disobedience, also known as nonviolent noncooperation. Mohandas Ghandi used the power of civil disobedience to rid India of British Colonial rule. The Mahatma had the support of Hindus and Muslims alike as he selflessly campaigned against the mighty British Empire. When the British mandated that India's people buy milled cloth produced in England, Ghandi organized India's people to produce khadi, their own homespun cloth. When violence erupted between Hindus and Muslims, Ghandi fasted until the violence stopped. He put his life on the line to achieve peace, a far cry from the selfish, infantile, so-called leaders that infest the White House and the legislative bodies.

The war machine thrives on American passivity. Defense contractors flourish courtesy of our tax dollars. The entire arrangement is contingent on an uninterrupted flow of cash from tax dollars and unabated consumer spending, which in turn funds the corporations, who then funnel the money via lobbyists and political contributions to achieve the verbatim legislation they seek to keep the wars going, against the wishes of an indisputable majority of Americans. Yet we still dutifully go shopping for items we can most certainly do without.

After 9-11, George Bush appeared on television and told a frightened nation to go shopping. This is very telling of conservative survival. They are well aware that a disruption in the flow of cash could quickly bring them to their knees. It costs some $2,000,000,000 a day to finance the military occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Russia was almost bankrupted by its occupation of Afghanistan. The biggest losers during that occupation were the Russian people. They witnessed loss of services, hyperinflation and massive losses of human lives. This is the same road down which the Bush criminals are leading the people of the United States, the road to oblivion.

During World War II, Americans voluntarily underwent many austerities to further the war effort. Prominent figures in the entertainment industry went on radio and appeared in movie trailers to ask Americans to buy bonds. Rationing was accepted by citizens as a justifiable hardship to defeat Hitler and his Nazis. Bush, however, tells Americans to go shopping.

The chickenhawks have borrowed billions from China and other foreign governments. They are currently selling off highways, bridges and as many American resources as they can to foreign interests. We, the people, are the rightful owners of America's land, water, air and resources. Politicians, elected as the trustees of these resources, are violating the public trust on a daily basis to further enrich themselves and their corporate benefactors. What to speak of the short end of the stick, Americans will be left with nary a splinter if government continues unchecked.

We used to rely on the Press to act as the guardian against governmental malfeasance. Journalism has been bought through the consolidation of all media in the hands of a few. The all-too-wise public has come to the realization that their protectors in the media have been corrupted. The onus of checking our wayward leadership has fallen to us. We used to be able to remove reprobates from power through our power to choose by voting miscreants from office. That power, as well, has been corrupted by a one-party rule of government that stops at absolutely nothing to maintain its choke hold on our throats. So it comes down to us.

We must not succumb to the emotional temptation to resort to violence. That would play right into their hands, bringing a rationale for suspending the Constitution, imposing martial law and imprisoning Americans en masse in concentration camps. It is imperative that we fight the dictators with any means at our disposal other than violence. Our lack of action is being seen throughout the world as an acceptance of the brutal practices carried out by the ruling party. We cannot resort to violence born of panic or rage.

We will, at the time of our choosing, throw a gargantuan wrench in the works. We will shut down this country and force the hand of our captors. We will coordinate on a national level through the Internet and telecommunications to pick our moment. A few courageous souls are already acting independently and in limited concert to achieve our common goal. These true patriots have our sincerest well-wishes. They have shown us the way out of darkness. We will follow their example and unite as a people to end tyrannical rule in the United States.

A single twig can be easily broken by two fingers' pressure. A bundle of sticks cannot be broken so easily. Together, united, determined, single-minded and in cooperation, like a phalanx of army ants, we can remove all obstacles in our path to reclaim our country.

The sun is setting for the dying dinosaurs who have fallen into their own tar pits. They are clawing and thrashing about wildly as the oozing quagmire envelops them. The age of mammals approaches.


Subject: Army World?

The Army must be really scraping the bottom of the barrel to go so far as to build an amusement park to lure lack wits to join them. They wouldn't let me join the Army or Marine Corps; my test scores were too high, so I had to join the Navy. Seriously, though, this is coming out of the taxpayers' pockets and really sounds like a harebrained scheme to me. I hope it never comes to fruition.

Army nixes plan for military theme park (Chicago Tribune)

Klamath Falls, Oregon

Subject: Lamont Wins Connecticut

Congratulations on the little ray of sunlight once more being shone upon the possibly democratic resurrection of the US. Hopefully, this will be only the first step in the United States regaining its original intent as a democratic nation. Lieberman sure is a sore loser though! How democratic can that be?

Lamont's Victory and Lieberman's Insult to Democracy (alternet)

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Subject: Demo-Bush Chia Pets

Terrific editorial BuzzFlash. Right-on. The Dems who support Bush to a person are just as useless, spineless, and soulless as Chia-Pets and they deserve Lieberman's fate...I hope this is just the beginning of the Great US House Cleaning.

And Joe just proved what a spoiler, disloyal, unprogressive Bush lapdog he is by declaring himself an Independent. He hopes to break the Demo voting block and if he doesn't get in, at least a Rethug will get it. What a major big time loser.

He just makes Lamont look even more like a hero, and a hell of a great guy besides.

San Francisco

Subject: Hello! Let's Play Meet the Lawnmower!!!

Progressives/Liberals, OUR BLADES ARE SHARPENED! We are off and running and gaining momentum, we have been heard, so long Repubs, so long Georgie's failing policies, Bye-Bye Joe, take heed ALL who do not support the majority of American citizens, your azz is grass and we are the lawnmower!!!

Susan Carr
No. Hollywood, California

Subject: Just Go Joe

Amazingly Joe Lieberman lost to an amateur in the Democratic primary in Connecticut. Ned Lamont had a message that the majority of Democrats in Connecticut shared. Lieberman and his people tried to portray Ned Lamont as just another “rich” man meddling in politics. But this “rich” man seemed to understand the “people” better than Joe. Just go Joe.

Joe Lieberman lost touch with the people in his state. He had that sense of entitlement so many incumbents share and paid little attention to an upstart like Ned Lamont. Only recently did Lieberman and his people actually realize that this Net roots/grassroots movement was for real. Their realization that someone might actually dare to mount a campaign against them led to a fight that did too little, too late. Just go Joe.

Instead of then mounting a good professional campaign Lieberman dithered and whined. They became an example of all the things competent campaigns don’t do. The crash of their Website was the last indication of how incompetent they are. With millions of dollars in their campaign war-chest they use a discount $15.00 web host? Perhaps if they had appealed to some of those Net roots people they so often denigrate they might have known better. Just go Joe.

Once they had allowed their website to go down through their own incompetence they blamed Ned Lamont. How very Rovian of them. Lamont showed the class in the race with offering part of his Website to Lieberman. All this silly episode did was showcase that Lieberman really does belong with the Republicans, their incompetence is part of the reason voters want a change.

Just go Joe. If you really are a “good” Democrat and not Republican Lite you will accept the will of the voters of your state and step down. You had 18 years. It is now someone else’s turn. Someone who actually seems to understand what the “people” of your state want.

Marjorie L. Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: Don't let GW hug or kiss you

It is the kiss of death regarding the election. Yeah, I saw poor Joe talking about uniting and trying to do what is best. Unfortunately he decided not to unite his own base. What he will do is get a lot of votes from Republicans and Democrats? Connecticut does not have an open primary so he was defeated by Democrats, well registered Democrats. It sounds like to me he has an excellent chance since he doesn't know which party he is closest to. I would think that the Repub is just as PO'ed. Now, Bush can come and campaign for him and Joe can write his own platform, which is what he has always tried to do, anyway.

Of course, Bush is rather fickle. I would think it is best not to have Dubya at your event because you never know when he might want to get too friendly. IT'S THE WAR, STUPID!!!!!!!! People are not willing to give up their children for just any damn reason, like you wanting to be bipartisan.

Karen Webb
Moore, OK

Subject: I knew Lieberman would run as an "I"

If Lieberman runs as an Independent, his only reason is to get even with the Democrats. He is going to pull votes away from Lamont and put the Republican in office.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Independent Lieberman

IMHO - Lieberman going Independent will just mean one more way of bushco taking votes away from Democrats. A lot of us pleaded with JL to vote against allowing bush to "use his judgment" in invading Iraq but he didn't listen. Congrats on Democrats showing some backbone. (and about time)

Nocatee, Fla.

Subject: A Letter to the Hartford Courant Telling Lieberman Supporters To Back Ned Lamont

Dear BuzzFlash,

Below is my letter to the editor of the Hartford Courant that was openly hostile to the Lamont campaign during the primaries. Please post this so that your readers can bombard the Courant with letters to the editor using this email address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you.

Dear Editor,

After reading, "Lieberman Defiant in Defeat," Joe Lieberman and his supporters must now listen to the expressed wishes of the voters. They came out to tell him through a Lamont victory that they no longer back him or Bush on this war which has taken the lives of over 2,550 American soldiers and sent home thousands maimed for life. In 2004 when it became evident that Kerry would be our candidate, Joe fell in line with the Democratic Party to support our candidate and now must do the same. In his defiance, he is showing his contempt for the Democratic voters in Connecticut who in the past have supported his candidacy not only in senatorial campaigns but in the 2000 presidential campaign as well.

Speaking of the 2000 presidential election, many labeled him “Sore Loserman” and now in his open defiance of this primary is proudly wearing that label. To those that would normally back Joe Lieberman, a message was sent through this primary, and it is up to you to listen to the voices of those that want a real change in Washington, D.C. In memory of our fallen soldiers, it is incumbent that those who continue to support Lieberman throw your support behind Ned Lamont.

Mary MacElveen

Subject: Remember Times War Against Al Gore

While I'm thrilled that Ned Lamont beat republican impersonator Joe Lieberman, I'm very disappointed with BuzzFlash's praise of The New York Times for supporting Ned Lamont. No one should ever forget the war that The New York Times conducted against Al Gore during the 2000 campaign. The Times repeatedly used misquotes and flat out lies to trash Al Gore while it disgustingly fawned over Bush the thief. That's what helped to make it possible for Bush to be able to get close enough in Florida so that he could have his brother steal the election for him. Let's also not forget how the Times then lied about the real election results after it supposedly counted all of the uncounted Florida votes and how the Times has never fully investigated the many illegal acts the Bush election stealers used to steal the 2000 election in Florida and end democracy in America.

Nancy Kuhn
Scottsdale, Az.

Good grief! Lieberman is like the boyfriend you dumped and go so far as to get a restraining order and he still won't leave you alone!

Randi, Liz and Renee in Madison, Wisconsin

Subject: how about a touch of class?

Joe Lieberman needs to show a little class now, stop acting like a spoiled child and support the person the democrats picked in their primary. I'm beginning to see why he likes Bush so much, they are a lot alike.

Diane A.

Subject: WA-HOO!

Dear BuzzFlash,

Yea for the people of Connecticut for BELIEVING they could make change happen and for DOING THE WORK to make it happen.The Lamont win has shaken the conventional political paradigm to the core. It's a start, a HUGE start!

A BuzzFlash Reader

I have to tell you, when I see people like Kelly Anne Conway, Ann Coulter and Shawn Hannity promoting Joe Lieberman (saying it is a big mistake by the democrats to dump him) all that tells me is the dems made the right choice. :):):)

Lieberman should just be an honest man and run as a republican.


Subject: The odds against Lamont five months ago ...


"20. If the 2006 Democratic primary for United States Senator were being held today, and the candidates were Joseph Lieberman and Ned Lamont for whom would you vote?"

Lieberman 68%
Lamont 13
Someone Else (VOL) 1
DK/NA 17


Subject: Screams and death kisses

Hi Buzz:

Images are soooooooooooooo important: Here's where a strong visual perception led to a Democrat's downfall.

Remember Michael Dukakis' riding on a tanker, and the flak he got for that? Howard Dean's "scream," that they played over and over and over on TV till we began hearing it in our sleep? Joe Lieberman's "kiss of death" that helped doom him at the polls yesterday ...

Now, what strong, negative visual image of Bush has actually harmed him? Oh, where do I start, there are so many -- Dressing up in pilot clothes and swooping in a Navy ship declaring the war in Iraq mission has been accomplished? Nope. That photo op on Thanksgiving in Iraq with the fake turkey? Nope. Not being able to open an exit door and looking foolish after a speech? Nope. Chawing with his mouth full of food at the G8 summit, looking totally unpresidential? Nope.

So what's it gonna take -- falling down drunk as he stumbles out of Air Force One? (Nope, they'll spin it as a minor dizziness episode because he skipped his lunch.) So what's it gonna take? What strong single negative visual image of Mr. Bush will it take to wake even his followers up to the fact that he's just not up to the job and is taking the country in the wrong direction?

Find that image and run with it, like they did with Howard's scream and Joe's kiss of death. Play it and air it and talk about it and publicize it.

Or does that sort of thing only happen re: Democrats. Am beginning to wonder.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Lieberman - Independent or Republican

I think he may caucus with and eventually become a Republican. While we might lose the Senate seat, just think of all the damage he would do to their party, since he can't seem to resist being the person who disagrees with his party. Let him nay-say everything the Republicans do, instead of the Democrats. Just saying....

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Pajamahadeen

Did you hear? This is what Chris Matthews called Bloggers! (yeah, cause they can roll out of bed in their jammies, check the news and start clicking away on their computers).

Poor Chris - he doesn't get that HE is SO OVER! All those Beltway Insiders on their way out to pasture at last! It's going to take awhile for us to round them all up, they won't go without a fight, but we can handle it - we know we can now!

Yep! Buggy whip - Accelerator Pedal. Silent Movies - Talkies. Radio - TV - Records - Videos. Old White Guys Pontificating = Bloggers!

AND I AM PROUD TO BE PART OF A NATIONAL CONVERSATION! little old me! Sitting here screaming at my TV set no more! Me in little old Indiana! Me - I am involved - responding - learning - moving the discussion - Validating our mutual anger! I AM HOPEFUL!

Mishawaka, IN