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Wednesday, 09 August 2006 09:41

Bring'em On ...Thanks to Lamont and a Hard Working Democratic Base

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A giant thanks to all of those hard working Democrats in Connecticut, who believe in the Democratic party and want to bring it back to the present world we face today, to help it to breathe again, to represent the majority of Americans again, and responsible leadership is the only way to do that.

Best news in six years. Now, maybe we can get our party back. Looking at those votes, I have to wonder who in the hell voted for Lieberman, anyway, besides Republicans. Why do Americans turn their heads away from other country's deaths brought about by Bush and his administration who lied the US into invading Iraq and then sat on their ass for six years, while the rest of the Middle East boiled over, and didn't do anything the whole time they have squatted in the White House, illegally? We couldn't have expected less if another unknown known had just moved in. Why do Americans go ballistic when we have 3,000 of our own die due to a terrorist attack and yet, don't give a damn how many deaths the US is responsible for due to a lack of leadership, and keep supporting Democrats who support something this country is not about. Crimes against humanity.

Senators like Lieberman, who support the treasonous Bush administration, and ignore those Americans who are losing their lives due to this haphazard leadership ... where is the conscience of such people like Lieberman and those who supported him? Supporting a commander in chief who keeps using US military and our National Guard as fodder for his administration's own ambitions. Ambitions that many are aware of from years past. I'm just curious ... who are these people? What do they believe in?

courant.com: ELECTION NEWS ...

Never mind, I'm ecstatic. Maybe justice will be done one day ... by taking one day, one primary, and one election at a time. Thanks again Connecticut for making a statement for Democracy. Real Democracy.

Thanks BuzzFlash,

Shirley Smith