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Wednesday, 09 August 2006 22:38

The Tuesday upset of Lieberman was a triumph for the reality-based community

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We'll be brief today before we return to one of our favorite issues tomorrow: the strategically clumsy and self-defeating support by progressive advocacy groups of Republican "moderates," like Lincoln Chafee.

But for the moment, we wanted to return to the issue of how successfully the authoritarian neo-cons have captured our language. Take "centrist" or "centrism" for instance.

That's the word the conventional media keeps using to describe Lieberman. It has a positive connotation, as though to indicate someone of moderation, civility and practicality.

But actually, "centrist" today means, in the reality-based world, something quite different. It really is a word used to describe politicians who justify failure after failure and call it success. It means using faux piety and self-righteousness to cloak disaster in the mantle of "patriotism" and "fighting terrorism."

The reality of "centrism" is something far more sinister, however. It is not "patriotism" or "democracy"; it is just the opposite. It connotes support for dismantling the Constitution and for pursuing strategies that defy democracy. (Just look at Joe Lieberman's arrogant contempt for the will of the Democratic Party primary voters in Connecticut.)

To be a "centrist" nowadays is to be anti-reality. It is to be the very opposite of someone who looks at things in a reasoned way and arrives at practical, successful solutions. To be a Lieberman "centrist" is to use "piety" as an excuse to promote failed strategies as success.

That's not being "centrist" or "moderate"; it's being a rotten, maggot-ridden piece of meat and calling it filet mignon.

How we ever got to the point of judging people by the labels that they give themselves instead of their actions and the outcomes of their policies is a story of the decline of America as a "can-do" nation. Now, we have become a nation of Bush-Lieberman bloviators who are allowed to self-describe themselves without being held accountable for the results of their actions.

Results don't seem to count a whit anymore. It's all packaging and posturing that the mainstream media pays attention to.

The media describes the Connecticut election as a blow to "moderates" and "centrists."

But it wasn't. It was a victory for the reality-based, pragmatic community who is sick and tired of failure and extremism.

Actually, it was a triumph of moderation, because moderation means rational thinking and decision-making based on the facts.

And the facts are something the likes of Lieberman, Bush and Cheney continually choose to ignore.

The Tuesday upset of Lieberman was a triumph for the reality-based community. That used to be what America was about, before the fable makers, marketers, and false advertisers of "centrism" hijacked it and turned it into a junkyard of failed radical ideas.