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Thursday, 10 August 2006 06:14

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 10, 2006

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Subject: Code Red Terror Alert

I'm listening to the morning news right now, and isn't it just interesting how convenient this breaking "terrorist plot" just happened to occur one full day after Joe Lieberman lost his bid for the democratic senate race in CT?

Perhaps I shouldn't be so cynical, jaded and skeptical, however, given the Bushits' propensity for deception and lies, it's difficult to believe this is just a coincidence.

What's really particularly egregious about this one is the prohibition of any and all liquids on flight, except for baby formula -- however, the adult carrying the formula on board must be prepared to drink some of it prior to boarding.

"Speedy" Gonzales just made the comment that for everyone in the administration, each and every day now is "September 12." The propaganda and the images that are part of their mid-election line of crap are being unfurled in all their outrageous pandering to fear of terrorism.

This is such a pathetic group of pukes. Yet, where is Bush? Well, according to our local news, he's flying here to Wisconsin today for a fundraiser for a local republican, John Gard.

Why is Georgie Boy always conveniently absent when all the sh*t starts to supposedly hit the fan?

Lisa Johnson
Milwaukee, WI

[BuzzFlash Note: The Guardian's coverage may shed some light. "There were no firm indications of plans for an attack to have been carried out today ..." and "The arrests are part of a 'pre-planned intelligence operation' lasting several months by the anti-terrorist branch and security services." Also, Tony Blair is on holiday in the Caribbean. Home Secretary John Reid seems to be at the center of events: "The events unfolded just hours after Mr Reid used a speech to a thinktank to accuse critics of the government's anti-terrorism measures of putting national security at risk through their failure to recognise the serious nature of the threat facing Britain. Mr Reid gave the strongest hint yet that more anti-terrorism legislation was on the way this autumn as he argued yesterday in his speech that civil-liberties arguments belonged to another age."]

Subject: What Pete Seeger Says

I saw Pete last week at the annual Hudson River Swim for the River Pool at Beacon (www.riverpool.org) and asked him about the "Internationale" song which had been the workers' anthem in many languages till it became associated with Communism and fell into disuse. Don't we need it to come back? I asked Pete. He said there are so many good young songwriters now who are saying what needs to be said about the state of our world. Then he said something that I thought was so important I asked him to write it down & send it to me. Here it is:

"The powers that be" have so much money, they can control almost any big thing they want - attack it from the outside, corrupt it or mislead it from the inside. But what can they do about millions upon millions of little things? As I look around America today I see so many good little things I am more optimistic than I was 60 years ago when the truth about the atom bomb sunk thru my skull. We have a better than a 50/50 chance now!

Please continue to do one or some of the million little things that you have been doing and please pass this on to your friends so they can too.


Judy Allen
Putnam Valley, NY

Subject: My Letter to Michael Moore

Go, read Michael's letter.

Now mine:

I'm sorry, Michael. This is a foolish, dangerous path to take. At all and any costs, we MUST take the House, at the very least -- or we will again have our hands tied, majority of Americans or no.

I'm not asking for forgiveness for spinelessness. But who really deserves that label, so easily thrown around (to whose lasting benefit)? Many of these same Democratic Congressmen voted the way the people who they represented seemed to want them to vote. That's what gave Bush the green light, and the funds -- a green light with cautions: the language allowing WAR was always denied him (thanks to Democrats).

Indeed, those cautions were thrown to the wind, because the one way that this current regime differs from the Nazis is that they lie about what they're going to do: They give different speeches to different groups, to use Gary North's directive; they locked down the media, and with utter patience, blocked all the exits.

Now they have their Holy War, and nothing will stop them. Unless we do.

The only way left to do that is to take the House, which is the only way their treason will ever come to trial.

We have be clear. We have this one chance to stop them. We must have warm Democratic bodies filling the majority of seats. We must have a majority in Congress.

It's not the time to strut like Greens having their 'protest vote' for Nader. It's not the time to haze Democrats. It's not the time to indulge ourselves, anyone, anything. Please: just get them elected. Or nothing else WILL matter.


Deborah Conner

Subject: Go Connecticut!

I am so proud of my little state. I voted for Lamont in the primary but honestly thought the rigged voting would kick in, Lieberman would win, and that would be that.

When I saw Lamont giving his acceptance speech I almost fell over. Let's hope this starts a domino effect. I'm sure many politicans are shaking just a little when they think of November. I hope this election lets other democrats know that it is possible for change.

It's a great feeling to see your vote going toward something good. Of course it's a drop of victory in an ocean of despair, but we have to start somewhere. We have to do something to reverse this trend of madness, horror, and destruction.

C'mon democrats, let's keep going ... and watch out for those paperless voting machines.


Subject: If a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears it ...

On Friday, August 5, 2006, the Minority on the House Judiciary Committee released a final version of a report on multiple law violations by the Bush Administration, copiously end noted, and quoting chapter and verse of relevant Constitutional, codified laws, treaties and international laws violated.

There has been no mainstream media mention of this report so far, nearly a week later. The Yahoo site includes a statement by Representative John Conyers on the issuance of the report at:

Rep. John Conyers: The Constitution in Crisis - Yahoo! News

The report itself may be found in three formats at the Congressional website:

Iraq Report 109th Congress

I've heard no mention of this report, entitled "Constitution in Crisis," on any news channel, nor have I seen any print media mention in the NYT, Washington Post, Seattle PI or TCH.

Democrats are typically criticized as too spineless to speak out, yet when they do, their voices are shut out with media ear plugs.


John F. Williford
Richland, WA

[BuzzFlash Note: For those of you who might have missed it, BuzzFlash covered the report when it came out last Friday]

Subject: Symbolic Votes?

This morning on NPR they were talking to people in Connecticut about the primary election and a Democratic legislator said he would continue to back Lieberman because the democrats had turned on him because of a few "symbolic votes." Is that what they call votes like the one on the Estate Tax/Tax Relief for Millionaires/Minimum Wage Hike Bill? The kind where you vote in order to get votes in your next election, but you know it won't matter on the outcome, either it won't pass in the other house or it will pass anyway in your house. The Lieberman stands mentioned most, besides the war and his kissie kissie relationship with Dubya, were having to do with either Bill Clinton's infidelity or the Terri Schiavo thing. A person who gets all bent out of shape about someone else's infidelity and its effect on the country, but can support a war started for no reason and wants to continue sacrificing lives in order to save face or honor, is completely morally bankrupt as far as I am concerned.

"You need a unified movement. A movement that loses its radicalism loses its vision and its future. A movement that is only radical loses its mass base." Kathleen Barry from Not For Ourselves Alone.

Speak up or they assume you agree!!!

Karen Webb
Moore, OK

Subject: Lebanese Oil Spill??

Those bad Lebanese, how could they go and spill a big bunch of oil in the sea and make such a terrible mess?

Lebanese oil spill could rival Exxon Valdez disaster: UN 8/9 (AFP/Yahoo)

You wouldn't happen to mean the Israeli bombing of a major power plant in Lebanon which caused this environmental disaster, would you? But, if you had meant that, you surely would have said that. It's just that I couldn't find any mention of the Lebanese doing any oil spilling in the article your headline was linked to.

Maybe you can take a look and fix the link, or correct the headline.

Joy Al-Sofi
Vancouver, WA working in Hong Kong

[BuzzFlash Note: We didn't write that headline, and the article clearly states in the first sentence: "An oil spill caused by Israeli raids on a Lebanese power plant could rival the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster that despoiled the Alaskan coast if not urgently addressed, the United Nations has said."]

Subject: Joe, Joe, We Hardly Knew Ye

... but we're figuring you out now. You will run as an independent "for unity and purpose." I dunno, sounds like a fascist slogan to me, but in any case, based on your past relationship with this failed fiasco of a fascistic administration, whatever you may claim this campaign season you'll be running on a record of cowardice and capitulation--perhaps with a dash of careerism, Mr. Secretary of Defense-wannabe?

Cory Hinman
Ann Arbor, MI

Subject: Thoughts on the Bush Administration

Listening to C-Span Radio, sitting in traffic on the Beltway, a few weird ideas crossed my mind. It doesn't seem right that someone else is going to have to clean up the mess that the Bush administration is going to leave behind in Iraq and Afghanistan. This might be too ironic for most, but what if we started a petition demanding George W. Bush NOT BE ALLOWED to leave office until the War in Iraq is over? Until the troops are all home?

Of course, the Bushevik Party might go along with that. However, that might be our only chance to bring impeachment charges against George Bush. Granted, there is still much time left in W.'s second term, but impeachment seems a distant possibility.

I personally can't figure out why the Bush administration, on the whole, wasn't impeached after letting 9/11 happen on their watch, or after the debacle that was the response to Hurricane Katrina. After the Clinton impeachment, I couldn't believe the bar was set so low. But I am, I suppose, one of those "left-wing Bush-haters" that the punditocracy (O'Reilly, Limbaugh, etc.) likes to cry about.

One other thought was, if this is really World War Three, as we've heard in the media, why haven't they called a draft? If we are really in a fight for our very civilization, then how exactly do they expect to win without EVERYBODY pitching in to help? The fact that they haven't done so shows implicitly that they aren't serious about "winning" any wars. They just want to keep the military-industrial complex grinding along.

Along with that idea of sacrifice, in order to protect the country and serve the national interest, I was wondering the following: of all the cars that sit in the parking lots at all the motor-sport events that take place in the USA, how many of them are emblazoned with the little "Support the Troops" stickers or magnets? Gas prices are at historic highs, the US military is engaged in operations all over the globe, not just in Iraq. Surely they need FUEL? And here we sit, arrogantly wasting that commodity in the name of...what? ENTERTAINMENT?

I just love the idea of Bush having to announce (as they would have during WWII) that NASCAR and similar "sports" have to be suspended until we "win the war on terror." Wouldn't that go over great with all of those "values voters" out there in the heartland?

The NASCAR fans in my place of work all have certain things in common: they are white, and they only speak English. Most of the non-NASCAR fans are bilingual. I'm not sure of the significance, but it is measurable.

Anyway, keep up the great work, BuzzFlash!

Moggio Hozna
Springfield VA

Subject: A 2006 Fantasy

Here is something that I would LOVE to see happen during the next few months as we come to the mid-term elections:

Progressive politicians and the Republicans who are fed up with this administration joining forces to defeat all of the incumbents who have enabled George Bush and his Gang of Incompetents.

It would be the best thing for this country's battered and disgusted citizens if there could be a bipartisan concerted and unified effort by federal legislators, joined by the maverick retired military officers, to deliver us from the evil of the Bushits and their sleazy ilk.

Wouldn't that be a wonderful message of hope?

God knows, we need it.

Lisa Johnson
Milwaukee, WI

Subject: Why Joe Lieberman Should Bugger Off

We should certainly tell Lieberman to quit the race -- but not because his presence on the ticket will deliver the election to the Busheviks. Formerly his ticket-splitting antics could, of course, have just that mischievous effect. Today, however, that is not the major danger posed by such independent or third-party operations.

The Busheviks today routinely steal elections when and where they want to and can pull it off, whether their opponents are, or are not, stuck in three-way races. A three-way race is better for them, not because that makes it likelier for them to win the necessary votes: because the Busheviks don't operate by winning votes. They'd rather have a three-way race because that sort of contest makes it easier for them to represent their "victory" as legitimate. In other words, it gives them excellent cover for their anti-democratic operations, which the Establishment (the press, the national Democrats) would rather not perceive, preferring, lazily, to interpret the official outcome, however dubious, as a simple consequence of what "the spoiler" did.

Take Ralph Nader's infamous participation in the Florida race six years ago ... . It's probably the case that Nader took some votes away from Gore; and it is also true that Nader's votes, if all of them had gone to Gore, would have offset Bush/Cheney's winning margin.

But it is not true that Bush/Cheney surely would have been defeated if the controversial Nader hadn't run. If you'll recall, the Bush machine kept coming up with ever more Bush/Cheney votes throughout the stand-off in 2000, and also kept on mounting challenges to ever more pro-Democratic ballots. If you think that the Bush machine did not intend to "win" in Florida under any circumstances, you weren't paying very close attention. And if you find yourself, in retrospect, detesting Nader more than you distrust the Bush machine, you should look deep within, and ask yourself if you believe more fiercely in the Democratic Party than in US democracy itself.

In any case, "Sore Loserman" should quit the race ASAP, so that the Bush machine will have that much more difficult a time concocting a "defeat" for Ned Lamont. And if the senator stays in, it will amount to one more big wet kiss on Bush's cheek.


Subject: Some Thoughts

Some thoughts regarding Sen. Joe Lieberman - Will the democrats remove and replace him on these committees - now that he is an "independent" - before he can cause any more damage?


Armed Services [Senate]
Environment & Public Works
Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
Ranking Member, Small Business and Entrepreneurship

A good source to keep an eye on him in case info is needed to keep him down:


Also, Tony Snow saying in essence that we would have another 9/11 because Lieberman lost - that sounds like a blatant threat from the thugs to the American people. What are they going to do - give the green light to terrorists (again) - it seems to me that all the terrorists put together acting unopposed could never in a thousand years cause even 1 billionth of the damage to us that our so-called "protectors" have already done and are continuing to do.


Subject: The Book

I have just seen advertised, a book written by T. Kean and L. Hamilton, the ones who conducted the 911 hearings...and it totally refutes all the lies told by FAA and NORAD who told a pack.!! FAA and NORAD lied about 45 minutes at least...and it bothers me no end. If all of the republicans in this country believe the story of 911...they are so complicit! There is proof that NORAD and FAA lied about the time they first heard about flight 93 and the one that hit the Pentagon. This is getting curiouser and curiouser...and more likely than not...every word of the hearings were lies!!! Isn't that frightening...I think this book is just released and BuzzFlash will have to help with the title since I saw just a flash...and I am hoping that Keith Olbermann will have more on it at 11...I did not get to see the early show. This is the final proof any of us needs to prove that 911...was likely planned, too!

Without Precedent (amazon.com)

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: Oil Embargo

Count on it because the people of the Middle East are beginning to stir and the last time this happened the power of the people forced the oil producing countries in that part of the world to embargo oil to nations that were supporting Israel.

That was during the '73 Arab-Israeli war. The embargo hit the USA hard, with gas shortages everywhere and lots of pissed-off Americans parked in their cars, waiting for their turn at the pump. But our suffering lasted only a couple of weeks because as soon as the opposing sides agreed to a truce, the oil embargo was called off and it was back to business as usual.

Could be different now, being that the Arab/Islamic people of the Middle East may not settle for just a truce this time. Why would they? What did that get them in '73? The '82 USA-Israeli invasion of Lebanon, that's what; and now this latest rendition of that catastrophic event, not to mention the Israeli siege of Gaza.

Which means that this time around a truce won't suffice, because now the popular demand in the Middle East isn't for a truce alone, but for a truce plus "Justice for the Palestinians," and. unless both these demands are met, no way will the oil embargo be called off.

So that's how the Middle East conflict may be resolved, the Arab/Islamic masses forcing their governments to play the oil embargo card, which in turn brings the industrialized world to its knees.

If this happens it'll be proof positive that the people united can never be defeated. What's even better, we'll have exposed the fallacy of so-called superpower invincibility and opened the door for we the people to change the world.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: A One-note Symphony


The Lamont-Lieberman stuff is interesting, but the number of links swamps the other content so badly that it is stunning. There is so much important stuff going on that never climbs into the radar.

Wednesday would have been a good day to annex Canada, invade Mexico, and simultaneously nuke Syria and Iran. Since we only are able to deal with one story at a time, the Administration could probably get away with at least three out of four of these possibilities. Maybe all four, if something else interesting is happening.

We are all too easily distracted.

Non-news items include:

1. The Constitution in Crisis report from the House Judiciary Minority, released by Representative John Conyers on Friday, August 4, both because of its content and the fact that mainstream media have allowed it to drop into a Black Hole.

2. One million or so displaced persons in Darfur, facing starvation and disease, still prey to rape, mutilation and murder.

3. A nuclear technology deal with India, which is one of four non-signatories to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, including a free pass for operation of weapons reactors. This at once works to trash the NPT and drive a new arms race in South Asia.

4. Looking away and trivializing the building of a large, nuclear weapons facility in Pakistan, which has already established itself as a source of exported nuclear weapons know-how and technology, and has itself become a nuclear power with both fission and fusion weapons.

5. Developing legislation to establish an entirely novel category of prisoner, neither a prisoner of war nor a criminal, in the face of two Supreme Court rulings indicating such action is unconstitutional and illegal under ratified treaties.

6. Attempting to butcher the 1996 War Crimes Act, passed by a Republican Congress, so that war criminals within the administration cannot be held accountable under U.S. Code.

7. Continuing to rag and threaten Iran on enrichment, to which it has a legal right under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, while ignoring the fact that Brazil is already conducting enrichment under the same NPT rules.

8. Management of extra-legal nuclear weapons development by India, Pakistan and Israel is apparently OK, and nuclear weapons production by North Korea remains an unmanageable problem.

9. Violations of the ratified NPT by the United States apparently evoke no comment from the Congress or the Judiciary.

10. The combined result of items 7, 8 and 9 will inevitably be the detonation of at least one nuclear weapon in a major U.S. population center, and more probably will lead to the simultaneous detonation of multiple weapons in multiple cities. One of these will most likely be the National Capital. Another will be a coastal city, and probably one in the Midwest (e.g., Chicago) just to show they can hit us anywhere. All of these attacks will be from clandestinely delivered weapons, without a clear target for retaliation.

One could go on, of course, to include the appointment of war criminals to courts that are responsible for judging the legality or illegality of the administration's novel ideas on domestic spying, holding persons without representation or due process, rendition and torture, etc.

While we immerse ourselves in the resonance of a single, throbbing note like the Lieberman story, the outlaws in the administration continue to rape our public lands and trample our laws and fundamental rights as citizens.

Anyone attempting to provide restraint, like Representative Conyers, is ignored, and the old, familiar cry of spineless, do-nothing Democrats begins to reverberate through the land, as it does ahead of any election. We keep falling for this, and voting for Greens, or for other third-party candidates to "show those damn Democrats." As a result, Republicans win. We are suckers to allow this.

Don't let good efforts like the Constitution in Crisis fall below the radar. Don't buy off on the fiction that Democrats are all spineless, and head off following a piper like Mr. Nader, as so many foolishly did in 2000.

If there are untold stories, keep beating on the electronic media and print press to tell these stories.

Don't allow BuzzFlash to be sucked into the one story a day, one note symphony. Regards,

John F. Williford
Richland, WA

Subject: Interesting Article

Associated press article: "Doctor called negligent in other autopsies"

JUPITER, Fla. -- The medical examiner who performed a disputed autopsy on a teenager who died at a boot camp for juvenile offenders was negligent in performing at least 35 of nearly 700 autopsies reviewed, state officials said Wednesday.

Panel Finds Fault With Florida Autopsies (AP/Washington Post)

What is Florida....a haven for bad medical examiners who have fled other states. Does the name Michael Berkland ring a bell? He did the autopsy on Lori Klausutis, in Joe Scarborough's office...and changed that one three times, I think. That was back in 2002-2003...and it was so swept under the rug, that no one could ever get it out!

The office of Medical Examiners in Jefferson City, told me that he had done that at least 10 times here, before he was banned. But, good old Florida apparently gave him a job...'like in special cases?"

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: Safety in the Hands of Incompetents?

Doesn’t it scare the bejeebers out of you that the safety of our country is in the hands of Michael Chertoff? The Department of Homeland Security has shown itself to be a joke. The Secretary of the Department is an even bigger joke. He seems to think that we all live in the same bubble where he and his bunch of bungling nitwits reside.

Most of us know that we’re not experts on terrorism. A couple of beers on Friday night may lead us to think we have more expertise than we do but that usually departs along with the dead brain cells by the next morning.

We would like to believe that the people in charge of our safety have that expertise. And they don’t. Washington is the place where incompetent morons take their resumes to find a job. Competence and knowledge are not important. It's all about who you know.

Rewarding the faithful is an old Washington tradition. Democrats were as guilty of this tradition as the Republicans. However, they were less likely to put their pals in a place where their lack of intellect and capabilities were important.

Not so with the Bush administration. They seem oblivious to the consequences of having incompetent yes-folks in important positions. It is all too obvious to the rest of us who have seen the country of “Can-Do” turned into “Can’t Do Anything Right.” That’s only one thing the United States has lost in the eyes of the world thanks to Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, et al.

Brownie was not doing a heck-of-a-job. But where the hell was his boss, Michael Chertoff? Where was Chertoff’s boss, aka the President of the United States?

We really do need to start paying attention. Because as long as the party in power is playing politics with our safety we are at risk.

George W. Bush seems unqualified as a rent-a-cop at a local warehouse. What about that silly old American idea that people should be competent to do their job? In which case, Washington, D.C. would be a ghost town.

Marjorie L. Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: Elliot Abrams and the Mid East

dear buzz,

you have a ny times article by helene cooper from 8/10 posted. with your byline, "what is elliot abrams doing at the center of our mid-east policy?

What is Elliot Abrams, Who Pleaded Guilty to Lying to Congress During the Iran/Contra Affair, Doing at the Center of Our Middle Eastern Policy? 8/10

answer: if you go to the project for the new american century site, you will find his signature right at the top of statement of principles.


these neocons have a mission and if the rethugs lose the midterms, very little time left to accomplish it.

mike muldoon
nashville, tn

Lieberman lost! Time to scare the shi* out of the stupid American public again!! Get us to run back to 'Big Daddy Bush' for "SECURITY"???? Rove's 'play-book' is so-o-o predictable....... sigh.

Joyce Zborower

Subject: One Note Coverage

Oh my god. Now that there is another “foiled” plot by terrorists we will be subjected to non-stop coverage of this on CNN. Since it takes all of 5 minutes to tell us every damn thing they know about this thwarted plot why do you suppose we will have to hear the same sound bites over and over and over again?

Once Israel decided to bomb Lebanon back to the Stone Age we were subjected to non-stop coverage of the bombs blowing up buildings in Lebanese neighborhoods. Old Wolfie Blitzer shows up in Jerusalem in a sports shirt and casual jacket to show us what? The reporters who have covered this crisis from day one don’t need any help from Wolfie. Go home Wolfie you just look silly.

Once he’s back home Wolfie can begin non-stop coverage of the terrorist plot in England. No doubt conservatives will now expect us to hurry into the bathroom for our latest scare-pee. Some undoubtedly will be frightened but the constant bombardment of scare tactics is beginning to wear thin. It may be that folks will yawn, say something pithy about blowing up some more countries and change the channel.

England managed to foil this terrorist plot with good intelligence and ordinary competent police work. It’s a shame that idea never occurred to our leaders. Or that we don’t have any competent investigative reporters on CNN to point that out.

Marjorie L. Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: Christmas in August!

Perhaps the only thing more satisfying than watching Connecticut Democrats reject Joe Lieberman was witnessing Joe Lieberman reject Connecticut Democrats. With that little bit of raw ego on the loose, Lieberman’s political wreckage now seems irrevocably complete.

Caldwell, ID

Subject: My Letter to NY Times

Dear Buzz -

Text of my letter to the NY Times, August 9.

To the editor,

Re Lieberman's loss. The war in Iraq is only the most extreme and expensive example of the lying, dishonesty, viciousness (Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame), secretiveness, incompetence, and refusal to accept responsibility that characterize the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Frist Republican administration. All Americans should share the outrage expressed by the majority of voters in yesterday's Connecticut Democratic primary. Senator Lieberman's unwillingness, dating from his polite and deferential debate with Cheney in 2000, to distance himself much less speak out against the egregious concentration of executive power and a-stick-in-your-eye Rovian campaign tactics led to his defeat. Lieberman's announcement that he will run as an independent exemplifies his arrogance. Rather than accepting the will of Democratic voters of Connecticut and looking for other ways to contribute to our political life he threatens to be a spoiler and puts his ego above good sense and respect for the democratic process.

Yours truly,

My letter was not selected for publication. It expresses, in toned down prose, my reaction to the MSM "take" on the election that it's just about being "anti war" with all the connotations of appeasement and weakness. Of course, BuzzFlash readers know better. Lieberman's intention to run as an independent will show his true colors. As if the Bush kiss were not enough, now he has to cope with the rhetorical embrace of Dick Cheney - "It's an unfortunate development, I think, from the standpoint of the Democratic Party (interestingly, shunning for the time being the dismissive Republican "Democrat Party"), to see a man like Lieberman pushed aside ..." (NYTimes, p1, Aug 10)

If Lieberman isn't nauseated and provoked to drop out we'll see if he has principles or just naked ambition. Dare we be optimistic and believe that disgust with the Bush administration and its many corrupt cronies is widespread enough to elect a Democratic Congress in November? Will the fundamental decency and good sense of the majority of American voters emerge from the blanket of fear and lies? Can I wear the T shirt I bought from MoveOn in the spring of 2004 with the hopeful "Bush Is Over"?

Colleen Clark
Cambridge, MA

Subject: Smells Like Compost, Must Be Compost

I just find that the timing on the alleged terr-a plot comes just on the heels of dumbya and rove stating their willingness to do anything to help their rubber-stamp-loserman. The timing, as well as the arrest subjects being British strike me as just a wee bit odd. I might believe it if this all happened in another country - say Saudi.

Am I the only one that thinks it is odd that dumbya's lap dog in GB might have helped cement the notion that if we attempt to restore Democracy and Freedom (like good Patriots) we just might wake up to an october surprise? This whole thing plays out like a bad movie teaser.

KJ Lovell
Duncan, OK

Subject: Election 'Terrorist' Threats


"Now that we're in the homestretch of the November midterms race, as expected, the terror alerts have begun." ‘Terrorist’ threats are a loser for Rethuglicans. - they have been in sole power for 6 (very long) years, but have proven totally impotent to stop ‘terrorist’ attacks? They have controlled the White House, Congress, the State Department, Defense Department, foreign policy - but have done Nothing to stop the threats. In fact, their refusal and inability to negotiate, their hatred and ignorance and fealty to Israel have made the threats even stronger. This is the retort to anyone who argues U.S. security needs Rethugs in power after November.

T Quigly

Just wondering, how do we know the oil situation in Iraq is not what it was pre-war? I have a sneaking suspicion, the oil production is up, and BIG TIME UP. But...BUT, the Iraqis are not getting the money from it. My guess is that the oil is flowing and the profits are soaring. But the profits are going into somebody else's pockets. Do you really think the oil fields are not being maxed into production while the American oil interests can keep them hidden under cover of "national security"? Why does one ever believe a word these people say?

Actually the one thing we know is that the opposite of what they are saying is true. Hence, if they say oil production is not up to pre war levels...we then know that oil production is exceeding pre war levels and the companies that make the money from Iraq's oil are making money hand over fist. And we pay out of our pockets to subsidise this occupation to take the Iraqi oil. And then we pay these exorbitant prices per gallon. It is a good deal for someone. Just not us. Bush and Cheney and Halliburton are making obscene fortunes...and Tony Blair and some British companies. But the rest of the world is held hostage to this crime syndicate.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Re: The Tuesday upset of Lieberman was a triumph for the reality-based community -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis

Until the next terror threat. If we really want to face up to reality we'll figure out how to preempt that. Best way is inoculate - every time there's a Dem victory, announce that there will probably be a big fat terror threat foiled.


Subject: Karzai...One term is enough (Fortune Magazine)

Says he's not getting enough support from the International community. Meaning the US. Anyway, the first stories said Karzai announced he's stepping down. Fifteen minutes later Google headlines changed to Karzai "hints" he's not running again. By the way did you know Karzai is an ex-Chevron consultant?

A BuzzFlash Reader