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Friday, 11 August 2006 09:55

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 11, 2006 -- Part 2

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This is Part 2 of the August 11, 2006 BuzzFlash Mailbag. Click here for Part 1.

Subject: The Crazy V.P.

If it wasn’t bad enough that this nation has a President with the I.Q. of a fruit fly we are also burdened with a crazy Vice President!

Unable to change channels fast enough there have been times when I was forced to listen to Dick Cheney. (Don’t you just hate it when you’re sitting on the remote?)

Listening to Dick Cheney is painful. First there is the sheer ugliness of the man. Then there is that evil, gravelly voice, and finally there is what is coming out of that frog-like mouth.

I used to think he was just spouting all that crap because he could. After all, most conservatives will believe anything if the speaker claims to be a Christian, is against abortion, hates gays (difficult for Cheney with that lesbian daughter of his) and is a Republican. Honesty not required. Intelligence not required. Morals not required.

However the latest rant from Cheney is just plain nuts! To somehow equate Ned Lamont with enabling Al Qaeda is without a doubt the craziest thing I’ve heard from this nut bag, and that’s saying something. Must be great to be Dick Cheney where you can be so wrong, so often, and still have the chutzpah to keep shooting off your mouth.

I have long believed that Dick Cheney and his appendage, David Addington, are two of the most evil creatures on the face of the earth. Now I think they are crazy, too. Still evil but also batty as a really ugly pair of bedbugs. Scary? Abso-damn-lutely!

Marjorie L. Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: Real Message of London Terror Plot...Bin Laden Is Still Free Five Years Later

Dear Buzzy,

Democrats really need to go on the offensive regarding the London terror plot. The main message should not be that we are still at 'war'.

The real story is that five years on, after spending hundreds of billions of dollars, and the loss of tens of thousands of lives, Osama bin Laden is still free, stronger than ever.

Bush and the Republicans are directly responsible for this debacle. 9/11 should be politicized like hell. The party in power has squandered good will, billions of dollars, and thousands of lives and we are still answering to the one responsible for 9/11, Osama bin Laden!!!!!!

Let's get the blogging world thinking about this. This is too much of a good thing handed to us to not capitalize on.

I think it's time for a BuzzFlash editorial to get the ball rolling. When people think of 9/11 this year, the first thought needs to be that Osama has been forgotten and we are no safer today than five years ago.

The MSM will never take this angle, it is too close to the truth for them.


Lawrence Roush
New Albany, Ohio

Subject: Die-off

Dear BuzzFlash,

There is a stage in anti-fungal treatment called "die-off" when the symptoms temporarily get worse because the yeast cells emit more toxins when they are dying off. THAT'S what watching the neocon head explosions everywhere reminds me of. It only means their end is near.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The Real Terrorists

No, not Arab terrorists: I'm talking about the ones in the White House.

Hmmmm, let me see. When did I last actually fear Arab terrorists? Gee, it was five years ago on 911 (my adrenaline level didn't even register the UK incident yesterday). On the other hand, how often have I been terrorized by the "Bush Administration"? That's an easy one. EVERY SINGLE DAY I feel the dread in my stomach: Bush steals two elections and claims the power to break our laws through the use of eight hundred signing statements; has been spying on us since BEFORE 911, and wants to do even more of it. Can define terrorism any way he wants, can send a thug with a badge to arrest me or anyone else in this country at a whim. Can disappear me or you, take away our rights to face our accusers and to know what we're charged with. Can torture us just like he's been illegally torturing "enemy combatants" for years, and, if they kill us, who has the subpoena power to be able to prove it? No one. They can hold us as long as "the war on terra" lasts, you know: forever.

Now Bush wants to pass legislation so that Americans with no ties to Al Qaeda can be tried by MILITARY TRIBUNALS where they would have even fewer rights. As our rights shrink his expand: He is documented as breaking twenty six major laws, and seems to want to rehouse some unidentified portion of the American public in the prison camps he's built. Half the country thinks he had some role in 911, causing, or at least allowing, the terrible deaths of three thousand of our innocent kinsmen and now he's trying hard to get the middle east blown to smithereens.

Can this be called anything but TERRORISM? If there is another word for it it's not coming to mind.

The press, won't say the word unless they're applying it to those OTHER terrorists, the ones that aren't around here much, you know, the Arab ones. Why don't they drop some of the endless spin about terrorists in the middle east and talk about the ones HERE? Sure there are some Arab terrorists doing bad things, but they're not the ones dismantling my country right here and now in front of my face, stealing my freedom and threatening us with annihilation, but George Bush and Dick Cheney ARE.

These guys are the REAL terrorists, they are the ones closest to home and, unlike Arab terrorists, their terror machine is immensely wealthy and organized and they have the best terrorist training camp money can buy: the Pentagon.

They have stolen lots and lots of power that really belongs to us: Terrorist Bush, terrorist Cheney and their hideous plan for a fascist America and world domination. A feudal state run by corporate robber barons and supported on the backs of we, the peons.

Sneering, lawless, corrupt, murderous, dripping with the blood of our children who bravely and with the best intentions died in Iraq as sacrifices to their oil god and the blood of Iraqis slaughtered in their own land, now this rough beast has left the page and the poem behind and really is slouching towards Bethlehem, completely unconcerned with human life and human suffering, arrogant, deluded, sick with greed and drunk on power, in a daily fever to legislate the death blow to our Constitution and reduce us to slaves of the state.

Call it by it's proper name: TERRORISM

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Hey, what's an "ominous glitch" or two?

Re: the recent e-voting in Boone County, Missouri:

...Noren said this morning she was thrilled with how smoothly the day went. [Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren]

Digital voting a hit, with one ominous glitch: "Paper trail" lost for some ballots. (Columbia Tribune)

Another example of downplaying the problem, although the headline at least used the words "ominous glitch," and ominous this problem will surely be nationwide on Election Day in November. Not to mention all the problems with voter registration rolls and voter suppression tactics that are bound to disenfranchise millions more...

There'll be no ousting the bad guys this year as terror will certainly help seal the steal. But then again, just who are the bad guys really? Those involved in election jamming, or those who sit idly by and do nothing meaningful about it?.


Subject: Iraq

1000 iraqis die each month. Do we know how many Americans died on average during the US civil war?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Bush wants "The Milosevic Amendment," Retroactive War Crimes Protection ...

Worried about war crimes charges while working on world domination plans for and by the Bush Regime by raging a war(s) of aggression? Worried about ignoring those pesky Geneva Convention rules against torture? Worried about some dead prisoners killed during US military interrogations? Worried about bombing civilian areas in violation of US treaties?

Well, just put your mind at ease. Keep those torture water-boarding techniques coming!

No problemo! Just have the rubber-stamp Republican Congress enact a new 'law' to protect yourself from possible future war crimes charges.

Just like Milosevic tried to do.

The Boys from Brazil (billmon.org)

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Another Modest Proposal

The Administration wants to score political points off the thwarted attacks out of Britain? How about announcing the out-sourcing of the Department of Homeland Security to the Brits? Thank God for their vigilance--always assuming this isn't some sort of Bushie-orchestrated "August surprise"...

Cory Hinman
Ann Arbor, MI

Subject: Lord Ha Ha Hannity

Hey Buzz...isn't it time we honoured Hannity with some kind of journalist's award...I'd like to nominate him for the lord ha ha, Tokyo Rose, and Axis Sally dictatorial mouthpiece award. Goebbels would have let Sean ride around in his car with him and even fixed him up with some kind of quasi-military uniform, the least Bush should do is give him a little Lieberman peck on the cheek. But hey, weren't those twisted propagandists charged with war crimes after the war? Maybe that would be a more suitable prize. Of course Bush is thinking ahead with his bill to absolve all his boys (and girls) from past, present and future war crimes.

Tom Coombs
Kaslo BC Canada

Subject: Add Another Traitor to the List of Democrats We Don't Need


Nobody pays a lot of attention to Arkansas now that Bill has been gone for several years, but in the name of outing worthless "moderate" Democrats, we must add Mark Pryor, our Senator, to the list. He ranks as the second highest Democrat to vote Bush's way in the Senate, at a staggering 79%!! Plus, he has come out in support of Benedict Lieberman saying he wants to support the "moderate" voice. I think severe bipartisanship in normal times with a President and Cabinet that has some sense of reality and commitment to the country is a bad thing, but when the other side is a neo-con Zionist wacko party hell bent on destroying any dissenting opinion and starting Armageddon, you can't be a fence straddler. It shows you as a weakling, waiting to see which way the wind is blowing with no regard for principles. (Like principles matter in Washington.)

I nominate Mr. Pryor for GOP Hypocrite of the Week. The Lieberman situation will be hard to predict. Connecticut is fiercely anti-Bush, so the usual axiom of a defector splitting his former party may not apply here. I hope Democrats up there rally as a unified party and do it in a hurry. Not that Lieberman is any more of a loss to us than the aforementioned Pryor or Zell Miller, but what a message a whomping victory for Lamont would send!! Let's also hope the rest of the Democrats pick up the scent of anti-war and anti-Bush and do it convincingly. And don't forget gas prices!

Fayetteville, AR

Subject: Want War -- Vote Republican

A recent survey, commissioned by the Republican National Committee, determined that 88 percent of Republicans approve of how the president is handling his job.

Republican voters back the war, think the Patriot Act and telephone surveillance are good things -- and expressed an "extremely high dissatisfaction" with the coverage of the war. One of the strongest issues in the survey is “the media never reporting good news from Iraq.”

What does this survey say about the "Republican Base?" Simply stated -- they're delusional. They must be, if they believe that there is any good news too be had from Iraq. The RNC survey is proof positive that "the base" refuses to acknowledge the self-evident failures of their "war president."

Even more disturbing -- the RNC survey indicates that Bush supporters are more than willing to continue sacrificing the lives of our soldiers in order to "stay the course" in Iraq.


Base Mobilization Survey Findings and Conclusions, August 2, 2006. Cited in U.S. News and World Report, Washington Whispers: GOP voters: like a rock, By Paul Bedard -- August 9, 2006

Walter F. Wouk
Cobleskill, NY

Subject: Fwd: Tip from Muslim UK community 'led to arrests'; World outrage at Bush's "...

From the "Nobody Could Have Anticipated ..." Files (dailykos)

What happens when you yoke an entire religion to the word, "fascist?" Reuters brings us the result:

US Muslims bristle at Bush term "Islamic fascists"

U.S. Muslim groups criticized President George W. Bush on Thursday for calling a foiled plot to blow up airplanes part of a "war with Islamic fascists," saying the term could inflame anti-Muslim tensions. ...

"We believe this is an ill-advised term and we believe that it is counter-productive to associate Islam or Muslims with fascism," said Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations advocacy group. ...

This morning's news from CNN only underscores the importance of forming alliances with the Muslims who live and work in our midst:

Muslim tipoff 'led to arrests'

LONDON, England (CNN) -- A British intelligence official has told CNN that the original information about a plot to down commercial jetliners in mid-Atlantic with explosives came from a tip from the Muslim community in Britain.

The official said the tip resulted from a person who had been concerned about the activities of an acquaintance after the July 7 terror attacks in London.

Got that, Mr. Bush? While the terror cells were comprised of Islamic extremists, other Muslims were the ones who saved the world from a terrorist strike that could have been the worst since 9/11. Moderate British Muslims, Mr. Bush, who - thank the Lord for favors - are currently being addressed in their country by John Reid and not you.

Forwarded by a BuzzFlash Reader

* Days the color-coded federal terror alert system has been in place: 1607
* Days spent at terror alert level Blue or Green: 0


34% believe American muslims back al Qaeda? NOW you know who comprises the imbecilic Bushist base!

Victor Anderson
Eagle Lake, FL

Subject: cut n run

9 11------g. w.bush cut and ran, hid in a remote safe location----our bold leader came out after it was decided he was in no danger. that's my thought

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Extra! Extra! Terrorists Plot Foiled. A Story ...

The Bush regime has their back against the wall. With all the horrid facts from the last 5 years coming back to bite them in the a$$, these are desperate times for desperate men and their saber rattling states this loud and clear. From low approval ratings, blatant corruption, torture charges/war crimes and the House and Senate seats up for grabs in the November elections, what could they do that would turn the American people’s contempt for them around or at least create a distraction?

How about a tried and true favorite, a terrorist’s plot. Yes! That should do it. Nothing like a foiled terrorist plan to bring the sheepies back into the fold. But what kind of terror and from what area? They could call on their old friends the Brits. Tony Blair and his poodle brigade always have something up their sleeve to help them out in a pinch. Weren’t they just talking to them a couple of months ago about a terrorist group they have had under surveillance since December 2005? Wasn’t this same terrorist group working on a plan to bring explosives onboard airplanes? How perfect!

Now, they need the timing of this breaking news to benefit them politically and also to draw attention away from their invasion and occupation of the blood for oil war they created in Iraq and their non-existent foreign policies. Let’s see, the Lieberman –Lamont Connecticut election is just a few days away with that Ned Lamont guy using the failure in Iraq as the main issue in his campaign. If Lieberman loses on this premise, it will certainly not bode well for Bushco. Damn Lamont and the 61% of Americans who are against their war for profit! Whining, unpatriotic babies, the lot of them!

Bushco just got off the phone with Tony Blair and John Reid (British Home Security). They all agree that they must orchestrate the release of their good, er I mean, troubling news so that it benefits both their countries. John is going to start his saber rattling a few hours before they start making the arrests. He’ll start by charging large parts of Britain's political, legal and media establishments of just not getting it. Britain faced "probably the most sustained period of severe threat since the end of the second world war," he added. Mr. Blair was on vacation at the time of the arrests but assured everyone that if he had known they would have to play the terrorist card so quickly, he would have postponed his trip to the Caribbean for a day or two.

Now it’s Bushco’s turn to rattle their sabers.

Cheney holds a teleconference to discuss the outcome of the Democratic Senate primary in Connecticut stating that to “purge a man like Joe Lieberman” was “of concern, especially over the issue of Joe’s support with respect to national efforts in the global war on terror.” He explained: "The thing that’s partly disturbing about it is the fact that, the standpoint of our adversaries, if you will, in this conflict, and the al Qaeda types, they clearly are betting on the proposition that ultimately they can break the will of the American people in terms of our ability to stay in the fight and complete the task."

Purge? (To free from impurities; purify. To become pure or clean) That sounds like a plus to me. Cheney forgot to mention that his war in Iraq has nothing to do with the global war on terror so I’ll just add that little tidbit for him.

GOP chair Ken Mehlman called the DNC "the Defeat-ocrat Party" … "that once stood for strength now stands for retreat and defeat."

A new sound bite? Does the Republican Party always have to resort to name-calling? The big poo poo heads, slime balls, gopher guts regime. Hmmmmmmm. I have to admit it does make me feel somewhat better.

Tony Snow said: "It's a defining moment for the Democratic Party, whose national leaders now have made it clear that if you disagree with the extreme left in their party they're going to come after you."

Come after you? Ooooh. That certainly sounds scary! When “they come after you” could “they” bring me some pizza and a six-pack? Pretty please?

Joe Lieberman said: “If we just pick up like Ned Lamont wants us to do, get out by a date certain, it will be taken as a tremendous victory by the same people who wanted to blow up these planes in this plot hatched in England. It will strengthen them, and they will strike again.”

By “it” Joe means the invasion of Iraq that created more terrorists and makes us less safe and all the thousands of deaths of innocent civilians in the Middle East. He is still too wound up from his victory speech when he LOST to Ned Lamont to think straight.

So, you must give up even more of your freedom for the greater good of the forever war on terror campaign. You can no longer bring toothpaste, cologne, bottled water, or any other liquid that could be used to blow something up onto an airplane. Mothers with babies can bring formula, breast milk and juice, but you will have to suffer the humiliation of drink testing your baby’s food in front of all the strangers at the airport.

Small price to pay for security, or stupidity beyond belief?

Vancouver, WA