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Monday, 14 August 2006 06:27

Jimmy Lohman: In Times of Crisis

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by Jimmy Lohman

The evils of Bushism are most obvious in times of crisis. When true leadership is most needed, its absence is most painfully clear.

We saw this on 9/11, when the Oblivious One apparently did not realize that the crashing of a commercial jetliner into the tallest building in the United States was more important than reading to second graders from My Pet Goat. Over time, we have learned there was much this dastardly administration could have done to avert the incomprehensible events of that day.

We saw the depths of the Bushies' depravity after Hurricane Katrina when the entire administration yawned and went back to bed, arising several snooze alarms later to the worst natural disaster in the U.S. in a century. We grieved as another international treasure, New Orleans, was added to the list of cities laid to waste on their watch.

We have seen it during the last month, as the Bush-Cheney State Department thumbs its nose at diplomacy, favoring instead the political and economic interests of war mongers and profiteers. The world gasps as the ghoulish Condoleezza calls the daily deaths of hundreds across the Mideast "birth pains." (No mother, she!) Again, this once-great nation cowers in international disgrace, shirking its responsibility and abdicating leadership.

This week we experienced a new dimension to the ever-intensifying leadership vacuum swirling around the White House. We tasted the fruits of deceit at emergency-driven press conferences conducted by known liars and buffoons. When the microphone is in the hands of infamous flops and failures, proven connivers and con men whose only utterances consist of shameless spin and deception, there is no reason to pay heed. Why listen to The Administration That Cries "Wolf!"

At times, the low pressure system centered around W Bush appears to be sucking our known universe down the drain. The indifference of this regime to environmental holocaust, their defiance of world heath needs and their pathological callousness towards human suffering, are dizzyingly retrograde. Their antipathy to progress, futurism and the very notion of "evolution" has opened up a black hole of planetary havoc. It is as if we are living in the middle of some cosmic toilet bowl - amid flush.

When lives are at stake, Team Bush can be counted on to secure the oil fields first. The protection of humanity comes last, unless the "life" involved is a humanoid cell in a test tube or someone who has been brain dead for ten years.

Yesterday morning, as air traffic faltered briefly and the airwaves were saturated with newsy alerts, my wife was flying to the northeast, scheduled to stop at La Guardia, as it happens, within 30 minutes of the American Airlines flight that was aborted at Heathrow. As she prepared to board and take off in Texas, I sought, with some sense of urgency, reliable information. All I got, however, was Michael Chertoff, in whom I have less than no confidence. Oh, there was plenty of mindless babble from self-proclaimed "terrorism experts" [What does a "terrorism expert" do without terrorism, elevated alerts and terrorist "plots" - real or imagined - to pontificate about ad absurdum?]

As the foiled plot unfolded, Bush appeared on the tarmac at a Wisconsin airfield to pay lip service to those to whom he is most indebted -- "those who hate freedom." He talked about "a dangerous world" - one he has made infinitely more dangerous, and he thanked his good friend Tony Blair. After brief remarks, carefully scripted to show he can appear to be "engaged," Bush was whisked off to a meeting of friendly economists where he reputedly read passages from "My Pet Taxcuts."


Jimmy Lohman is a musician and human rights lawyer in Austin, Texas, and an occasional contributor to BuzzFlash.