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Monday, 14 August 2006 08:23

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 14, 2006

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Subject: Bush Stirs Up More Hate

If you believed all the high-ratings terror-talk that has been spewing forth from the major news media the past few days, you might not want to get on a commercial airliner ever again. After all, the passenger next to you might detonate their tube of Crest or their bottle of Herbal Essence, and you would be covered in glycerin and Blue Lake #4. God forbid, you might end up scarred for life by some fitness water.

The sheer ludicrousness of throwing supposed explosives in an airport trash can is mind-boggling. The picture that struck me was a crying child watching her mother pour out her drink in an airport refuse can. Give us a break, please. This sort of hysterical nonsense is doing absolutely nothing to make anybody safer.

Neither has the Bush administration done anything to strengthen security for anyone. Check that. They've been overstocking their underground COG (Continuity Of Government) bunker, the one where Cheney hid during 9-11, with additional sides of beef and sex slaves to last them through the decontamination of Earth's atmosphere. Those of us left on the planet's surface to fend for ourselves will laugh uproariously as we drop dead skunks and molded brussels sprouts down their air vents. For extra kicks we'll blare Hail To The Chief at 140 decibels down the air hole nonstop, even if we have to wire up 10 DieHard batteries in series to get 110 volts of continuous power.

Not content with regurgitating the farcical rhetoric 'the terrists hate us 'cause wer free,' Bush, in his tarmac press statement, had to resort to fundamentalist hate-speech by referring to "Islamic fascists." Muslim-American leaders protested Bush's language, but their six seconds of airtime did little to counter the interminable barrage of biased commentary escaping like so many flies from the mouths of network reporters and hired-gun 'experts.' "Let's turn now to Professor Dudley Do-Right from Brackishwater College for his expert take on the airline terror plot, Professor Do-Right?" "Thank you, Bob. Well, when you mix yellow shampoo with blue shampoo, you get green shampoo. And certain toothpastes, when used improperly, can make a real mess in the bathroom." Fascinating stuff from the same news desks that brought you fake news produced by the White House Office Of Chicanery.

The occasional token statement from Bush or Rice that their beef is not with Muslims in general is tragically overwhelmed by the tons and tons of incendiary bombs and depleted uranium that they've dropped on Iraqis and eagerly shipped to Israel to be dropped on the Lebanese. The rest of the world isn't fooled. Why the hell are so many Americans bamboozled by the outright racism from the Party of Revelations?

And talk about the pot calling the kettle black-- this latest Bush/GOP talking point has Karl Rove's greasy fingerprints all over it. The extreme Right commentators have seized upon this term like a Holy Grail. The ever-offensive Coulter, O'Reilly, Hannity and the other reprobates sing in cacophonous chorus about "Islamo-fascism." When are they and this presidential imposter going to get it through their imperviously thick skulls that no person's life is better than another's by virtue of skin color, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or wealth? My guess is not in this lifetime.


[BuzzFlash Note: Gloria Lalumia's World Media Watch today tipped us off to two good articles on the "islamo-fascist" framing. In Saying ‘Islamic Fascists’ May Defeat Bush’s Purpose, a leading American Muslim points out: "A recent policy brief by the Stanley Foundation states that Western powers 'should not focus on the religious and cultural divisions between East and West when approaching this issue (of terrorism), as this plays into the existing grievances of Arab and Muslim populations and creates a sense of clash between civilizations, all of which hinder the resolution of differences.'"

Subject: Plot News Hopefully Jolt of Reality to the Political Right

In response to an editorial in the Marietta Daily Journal of August 13, that read, "Plot news hopefully jolt of reality to the political Left" I wrote back, "You got the headline wrong." Rather, the headline should read, “Plot news hopefully jolt of reality to the political Right.” Right-wing media outlets, like the Marietta Daily Journal, right-wing wonks, and the administration’s spin merchants; tell us that this proves we must stay the course in Iraq. It, of course, does nothing of the sort. Instead it tells us just the opposite. It tells us instead:

The occupation in Iraq has done nothing, and is doing nothing, to prevent terrorist attacks.

The terrorists were British, and the British police, in cooperation with other intelligence and law enforcement entities, uncovered the plot, not all the bombs dropped on Iraq.

The success of the investigation had nothing to do with the Iraqi occupation or the bombing and rape of Fallujah.

We cannot bomb countries and expect to prevent terror attacks. Prevention of terror attacks requires, instead, vigorous law enforcement, counter intelligence, and criminal investigations. So what are we to do now? Bomb the UK?

Although we bomb and occupy Iraq, the terror attacks are still on the increase all over the world, and they have nothing to do with Iraq. Bush, with the help of his neocon cabal and unapologetic war supporters like Senator Lieberman, allowed the real culprits of 9/11 to escape, and we're now bearing the fruit of that misjudgment. Administration policy adherents tell us that the current strategy in the mid-east and occupation in Iraq must be effective, because we haven’t had a terror attack since 9/11. I don’t know what newspapers they’ve been reading – perhaps the Marietta Daily Journal? Since August, 2001, non-Iraqi terrorists:

Brought down the World Trade Center Towers. (Not one terrorist was Iraqi. Of the nineteen terrorists, fifteen were Saudis; one was Egyptian, one Lebanese, and two from United Arab Emirates.)

Launched a deadly Anthrax attack on the US

Bombed Madrid

Bombed the British subway system

Bombed the Indian subway system

Supposedly were hatching a scheme to bomb the Sears Tower in Chicago

Nearly launched another air attack on the US last week

The current Administration strategy has not worked and will not work. Instead, we need a better strategy to fight terrorists. One that does not include bombing and occupying a foreign nation that does not (and never did have) the ability to attack us. Fighting terrorists requires our working with our allies around the world, including our mid-east allies, to conduct investigations to prevent the attacks in the first place. We must then bring these villains to justice. We need to avenge the attacks of 9/11 by bringing Bin Laden to justice. We need to find who in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were responsible for the 9/11 attacks, and put them away for life.

There is only one way to accomplish this. We must confront the administration’s apologists and supporters at every turn. We must support those brave enough to tell truth to power, like Ned Lamont and the Democrats of Connecticut. We must support Congressional candidates against the Bush rubber stamps in Congress.

Each of us who really wants to fight the terrorists, not by continuing the useless occupation in Iraq, but by using the effective tools like those that stopped the air attacks last week, need to take action now. Who, me? Yes, you. As the sage Hillel said, "If not me, who? If not now, when?"

Sander W. Bellman

Subject: The "Sneer and the Smirk"

Hi Buzz...

Just a quick little bit of humor... About The "terra plot"..... Well Cheney came out of his hole from somewhere to have his "SNEERING" comments...and then..... The "SMIRK" abandoned his "BRUSH CUTTING VACATION" in Crawford...to come back and say a few words... My oh My...I don't know about Cheney...but it seems to me that any reason to get BUSHY out of Crawford...and away from CINDY...was an OUT that "THE IDIOT IN CHIEF" was glad to take advantage of....HMMMMM.


Subject: 9/11 Mantra Reframed

Hey Buzz,

I think we're going to hear a lot of "in a post 9/11 world" and "since Sept 11" coming from Republicans this fall. I say in response, "Oh, you mean your president's first major failure of national security?" or something like that. We can't let them morph their massive failure (or complicity) into a reason to fear or support them. It's EXACTLY the reason to get rid of them!

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Kill One Person

Those terrorists didn't have to bring down even one plane or kill even one person, but they achieved their goal. They have everyone living in fear and gladly giving up their freedoms. I have four cousins much like the American people have become. They saw their dad beat the living hell out of the oldest boy one time, and from that point on those kids lived in constant fear for years. All it took was the threat. To this day they are all nervous wrecks.


well all i know is................4 years under bush sr. and things were not good. 8 years under clinton and everyone was happy. 5 years under bush jr. and everyone is sad and scared.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Those Who Ride the Tiger Usually End Up Inside

Bush Inc, otherwise known as Chaos Incorporated, believes they can whip the tiger they created into a frenzy and ride it to unheard of levels of wealth, power, and total control. Their brethren: the arms dealers, WMD producers, oil potentates, mercenaries, prison and base builders, army contractors and oil field operators (Halliburton-Cheney #1 stockholder), and media barons, are all getting RICH, RICHER, RICHEST. They aim to be LORDS OF THE EARTH. The strong take from the weak, but the smart take from the strong. And those who ride the tiger wind up inside.

Unfortunately, we are going to wind up in there with these blood-soaked goons.

San Francisco

Subject: Bush and Terrorism

Since all our major terrorist troubles are on Bush's watch...why are they trying to make us believe the Republicans are the best to protect us from terrorists? At least the Brits are on the ball and foiled this huge attack before it got off the ground. WHY do Bush and the REPUBLICANs claim victory for same? It's TIME to boot them out of office, since we have had nothing but terrorist trouble since they came on board...something strange here. Hopefully the Americans will wake up to this administration.

Colette Miller
Wellington, Florida

Subject: What About Blowing Up Cruise Liners?

I have a question. If a terrorist wanted to blow up a plane in mid air to kill 2 or 3 hundred people, why couldn't a terrorist do the same thing at a concert and kill even more people? What about the subway? What about cruise liners? Should they not let any liquids on the ships? (more people for the bang) Why bother with planes that the terrorist would have to go through so much security? What about germs? Maybe we should all just start living in sterile bubbles placed in bomb shelters!

The fear mongering is getting to be ridiculous!

KD Johnson

Subject: Big Distraction

Hello, have you noticed a big media distraction of the Iraq Wa? So much coverage is being done on the Israeli/Lebanon War and the new liquid terrorist threat. Give me a break! We have so many young men and women risking their lives in Iraq, and so many innocent civilians in Iraq dying every day. This is what the administration wants to happen so they can distract and clean the president's image. Let's bring attention to this media railroad as much as we can.


A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Bush gets 55 pct approval on security 

Help me understand this. How do his poll ratings skyrocket when the article states that British authorities foiled the terror plot? Sure, he makes a tough sounding speech at a Wisconsin airport on his way to another fundraiser. This is unbelievable. Americans are truly suckers to believe he had anything to do with stopping this.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Fifty-five percent of Americans approve of President George W. Bush's handling of homeland security, an 11 percent jump from May, according to a Newsweek poll released on Saturday.

The poll was taken Thursday and Friday, after British authorities foiled a plot to use chemical bombs to bring down as many as 10 airliners flying from Britain to the United States.

Bush's approval rating rose to 38 percent, a 3-point increase since Newsweek conducted its last poll in May. [more]

Bush gets 55 pct approval on security: poll (Reuters/Yahoo)


Subject: Ridgeway Drops Ball on Airline Security

I write in response to the very misleading article on airplane security by James Ridgeway in Mother Jones that was posted at BuzzFlash on August 13, 2006. In this article, Ridgeway makes a totally false attack against Al Gore by omitting some crucial facts. Ridgeway falsely accuses Al Gore of dropping the ball on airplane safety after the safety upgrades his Gore commission recommended after the crash of flight 103 weren't enacted. What Ridgeway failed to report is the fact that it was the airline CEOs who conspired with the republican-controlled Congress who blocked these safety upgrades from being enacted. Had they been enacted, 9/11 might well have been thwarted.

It must further be noted that no threatened attacks against airplanes were ever carried out during the Clinton/Gore administration, which is a stark contrast to what happened with 9/11 on Bush the thief's watch. It must also be remembered that it was the airplanes of the most vocal critic of the safety upgrades, American Airlines, whose airplanes ferried the Bush election stealers to Florida in 2000 to stop the legal vote count. It was also the airplanes of safety upgrade opponent American Airlines who were hijacked on 9/11.

I've no doubt that had all of the votes been counted in Florida in 2000, Al Gore would've seen to it that his commission's safety upgrades had been enacted, and Al Gore would never have ignored the many warnings of an attack that Bush the thief deliberately ignored from January 2001 to 9/11.

James Ridgeway: Dropping the Ball on Air Safety 8/13

Nancy E. Kuhn
Scottsdale, AZ

Subject: Bill Keller's Selective Memory

Mr. Calame: Thanks for the column about The Times' decision to hold the illegal wiretapping story until after the 2004 election. It's more than a year overdue, but welcome nonetheless. Mr. Keller professes not to know what he was thinking when he confused "a year ago" with "over a year ago" with "before the election." The rest of us know, however...he was afraid of the backlash from corporate boardrooms and advertisers if he were to have gone with the story and cost Bush the election. His explanation is really a pathetic non-explanation. Mr. Keller need not have worried. If he'd published the truth, the G.O.P. would simply have rigged two or three more states in addition to Ohio by flipping votes. It would have simply required a more extensive fraud to assure Bush's win. Oh, I almost forgot...The Times hasn't heard yet that the 2004 election was stolen. Sorry for the intrusion.

Eavesdropping and the Election: An Answer on the Question of Timing

Robert Lockwood Mills
Monroe, CT

Subject: Is Bush on the Sauce Again?

"... and he is back in his limousine after days of riding ranch trails on his mountain bike, once running over an armadillo and another time crashing while trying to negotiate a steep hill."

Three Major Crises Face Bush (Reuters)

Well, now, we all heard how "fit" Bush is and able to out-bike his secret service staff, etc. But what's this about creaming an armadillo? Didn't he, like, SEE it in front of him? And "crashing" -- again? How fast was he going?

Kind of like how he runs the country, doesn't look, doesn't listen, isn't cautious, just keeps peddling madly on--because he can. What a guy. Remind me again why they chose him for president?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Dobson accepts Mel Gibson's apology

Dobson: He has apologized profusely. What more can he do?

I think Mel should have to go to Dobson's treatment center. Convert him from Catholic to whatever Dobson is, charismatic nutcase.


Ministry Founder James Dobson Accepts Gibson Apology, Says 'Passion' Still a Fine Film (Fox)

Subject: Dick Cheney the "Caveman" of Fear

Once again Dick Cheney came out of his cave to spew fear to the nation. Democrats will be soft on terrorism he says. Well, if the Repugs are so tough on terrorism why do we still look for Bin Laden after five years? Cheney is a true caveman as he slinks in and out of his cave to issue more fear warnings. This is the only time we hear from him or see him. The man is truly "nuts."

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Chertoff's Twin Brother

You know, until Mike Chertoff showed up bragging about the capture of the London Liquid Bombers, I hadn't realized how much he looks like the Reaper on Cartoon Network's GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY AND MANDY.

Unfortunately, the resemblance doesn't stop there.

Mike Curtis
Greenbrier, Ark.

Subject: Election -- Is it lost already???

Is the voting software corrupted in enough swing states to ensure a NeoCon majority in the House and Senate? There are red states and blue states, but then there are states where the polls show they could go either way. What are the names of these states? Is their voting software compromised, and by which corporation or?

Platteville, WI

Subject: At Least He's Consistent

In the 2000 election even republicans were accusing Joe Lieberman of being politically aligned with George Bush.

Republicans say Lieberman voting record at odds with Gore agenda (CNN Archive)

Albert Clark

Subject: Terrorism

A very wise man stated this morning that invading Iraq, instead of really fighting the terrorists, was like kicking an anthill and causing the terrorists to spread to many other places, thereby making it much more difficult, if not, impossible to effectively combat their aims.

Betty Bryant
Villa Hills, Kentucky

Subject: Death and Mayhem

Hi, Buzz!!

I was flying out of D.C. on the day the latest "terror plot" was announced, and it seemed a bit fishy at the time, and more so in retrospect. The radio announced that NO carryons would be allowed on planes AT ALL, which turned out to be untrue. The security people at Reagan Airport were quite efficient and businesslike, so that the biggest aggravation of our return home was bad weather. I noticed, however, that for all the talk of forbidden liquids, gels, hand lotions, makeup (explosive face powder?! What will they think of next?), etc., nobody was checking passengers' pockets. I walked onto one plane with a tube of highly dangerous Chapstick in my pocket: no questions asked by anyone. When I got home, all my lotions, toothpaste, and other such perilous substances were still in my bag. So either nobody was searching luggage, or nobody really took it that seriously. Certainly nobody I flew with seemed at all scared by the hoopla.

Still, I am not at all surprised that the Republicans are milking this for all it's worth. After all, if you can't run on your record, you have to do something to distract people.

Another topic: Please, Buzz, give Russ Feingold a break. I want Bush, etc., impeached as much as anybody, but Feingold sits in the Senate, and the Senate can't initiate impeachment proceedings. If I understand the Constitution correctly, censure is all he has available to him. So, go for it Russ, and we'll all back you up!

Finally, a BuzzFlash Reader asked if anybody knows the average monthly death rate in our Civil War. The total casualty figures are uncertain, but the figure I've usually seen is 620,000 deaths (both sides combined). The war lasted four years - 48 months - which averages out to around 12,900 deaths per month, if I haven't forgotten how to divide.

Jane Hawes
Emporia, KS (red-state-turning-purple Democrat)

Subject: Bush's Political Rush To Arrest the Terrorists

Are the DEMS going to stay mute as per usual on this recent rush to arrest the London terrorists for Bush's political reasons, and thereby hinder Scotland Yard from keeping us safe by doing THEIR job properly?

IF so, they, too, should be booted,-- I'm sick of them playing stupid and letting Bush get away with such atrocities. I wish to remind them they are working for us -- they are OUR servants and we demand they take action NOW. Bush has gone too far this time and they are letting him get  away with it every time -- it has to STOP NOW.

Colette Miller
West Palm Beach, FL

Subject: A Message to Swing Voters and Independent Voters.

A message to swing voters and independent voters.

Despite the Karl Rove propaganda for 5 years since 9-11-2001, the Republiklan party appears the only party that has ACTUALLY DEMONSTRATED weakness on National defense, National security and terrorism with their failure to defend America on 9-11-2001 and keep us safe.

If you vote Republican then you do it for the tax cuts, the religious persecution, and the F the poor Republican economic policies.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Fighting Terrorism

80% of 9-11 terrorist were from Saudi Arabia, Osama Bin Laden is from Saudi Arabia and is now hiding in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Latest airline terrorists in the UK are from Pakistan. Since we were attacked by Saudis and Pakistanis why are we fighting Iraqis?

Ken Manning
Tucson, AZ

Why the constant critical references to Starbucks when soliciting contributions?

BuzzFlash News Network Put Your Money Where Your Patriotism is. What is BuzzFlash Worth to You? Starbucks Gives You a Cup of Coffee and Doesn't Need the Money. We Give You the Truth and Do.

How about some equal time for Dunkin Donuts, an operation recently purchased by the Carlyle Group (yes, that Carlyle Group), and one whose franchises run CNN all the time in their shops? As people wait for their coffee and attempt to get through their work day, they are bombarded with non-stop, cowardly coverage of the neocon agenda, and in particular (recently) of the Bush so-called terrrrrrr"threats." I actually once saw FOX "News" running in a local shop; it was turned off after I complained. But CNN isn't much better and is hardly a neutral/balanced news source. Running it through people's heads all day is just another propaganda brainwashing tactic that goes (apparently) unnoticed and unchallenged by most people.

Anita Mabardy
Boston, MA

[BuzzFlash Note: "Dunkin' Donuts is a subsidiary of Dunkin' Brands, which was acquired in March for $2.43 billion by a consortium of global private equity firms consisting of Bain Capital Partners LLC, The Carlyle Group and Thomas H. Lee Partners LP" (The Business Review).]

Subject: Giving Bush A Brain

It’s amusing to watch Bush’s handlers attempt to fabricate an intellectual life for him. I wish someone would ask him a question about his supposed vacation reading. I’m not sure just how impressed we are supposed to be that he quoted Camus a year and a half before he had ever read him. And it’s a nice touch that they emphasize how fast he read “The Stranger,” as if speed-reading was the same as understanding and appreciation.

Bush reads Camus's 'The Stranger' on ranch vacation (AFP/Yahoo)

Albert Clark

Subject: Here’s an Idea

Hey kids, looking for some summer fun?

Grab the biggest friend you can find. Now, catch a sleeping tiger and put him in a paper bag, with only his tail hanging out. Have your oversized friend hold the tiger down, while you crank up its tail. Sure, that tiger’s bound to make some god-awful sounds, but you just keep grinding on that tail. Your friend will tell when it’s time to run.

Sound like fun? Well sure it is, and it’s educational, too. You and your friend just re-created, right there in your own backyard, the Olmert-Bush Middle East strategery.

Caldwell, ID

Subject: Mailbag 8/11/06

Such good thoughts in this one...as always. Marjorie Swanson...don't you just love Cheney's sneer more than anything...my first experience with him was when I first saw him admit...no, brag about his dodging the draft, Vietnam, 5... count 'em 5 times...with a sneer and a slight grin. The person was astounded...and said, "Five times" and he almost grinned...and said, "Yeah, I had better things to do back then"...I know what he was doing now...! Of course, to a person like me, who had lost my brother there, 2 months after he went...I sort of wanted to slap that sneer off his face!

To the Buzzer who said that the adrenaline did not even register about the UK incident...I know exactly what you mean...I thought, oh well, Lieberman lost...we have a terrorist alert...ho hum! And it did raise Bush's numbers up a little for about a day...then back down...In a week, the entire thing will be forgotten...Bush made his speech...about this country is at war with "Islamist Facistssssss..Terroristsssssss!" Then went on to his fundraiser...after being admonished by one of his own to not go!!! We can all blame Lieberman and his post nasal drip-like voice for the terrorist alert...that and the fact that Heathrow had already had a drill planned for that day.

I so wish that every time we see the picture of the "Joe and George kiss"...doncha wish Faith Hills' version of "This Kiss" would blare all over? But you would have to get her permission and I don't think they would agree...they are democrats and I think even have hopes of a political life in the later year...they are Democrats who have spent time with both Bill Clinton and Gore. We need good dems, folks!

There was a slight glitch in the BIG BLACK BOX that I voted on...and there again...we are getting so ho hum about this...but, the people who shut them down...did not shut them down right...and they did not register. Why do they think they can get those Moroccan monkeys to work for the election committee? I don't know why...but, when I fed my voting sheet in...I almost laughed...you think I am losing my mind? Yeah.

Buzzers...Bush is an expert at the cut and run thing. He did it during Vietnam...he did it during the real thing at the WTC 9/11 thing whatever that was...and when Katrina hit...he did a glorious fly over...you could see the register on his face thinking..."Oh, geeze, how much will this cut into my War On Terra budget?" Let's just keep our main source of news going...please donate to BuzzFlash...just a little or a lot...we need...I need this place to come to when it gets to be too much!

Thanks Buzz......

Shirley....St. Louis

Subject: Terra-ists Plot After Effects

Hi Buzz,

Now let me see if I have gotten this right....They have foiled the plot!...They have arrested the terra-ists!....BUT....If you decide to fly....you must NOT take your toothpaste....your shampoo...or even your perfume.... so even though everyone will be mighty "odiferous"....THEY WILL BE SAFE....Now ain't that "SPECIAL"...The BRAVE....but smelly passengers....WILL be safe... Our TAXES at work... How Wonderful.....