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Monday, 14 August 2006 09:06

The Reading of Bookoodles and Bookoodles of Books ... Oh My!

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Never judge a book by its cover is an old saying that usually means looks can be deceiving. With Bush, when I think of it, the cliche reminds me of times when traveling or in school, having met a few individuals who would pack their reading material around or under their arms covered with the covers from books of well known literature, hoping people wouldn't notice what they were really reading, as if anyone cared. 

White House spokesman Tony Snow said Friday that Bush, here on his Texas ranch enjoying a 10-day vacation from Washington, had made quick work of the Algerian-born writer's 1946 novel -- in English. 

Bush reads Camus's 'The Stranger' on ranch vacation - Yahoo! News  

Was it necessary for this article to point out that Bush read the English version instead of the original version. I doubt anyone would fall for that, too.   Am I the only one to think that ... it seems odd to me that a nation, such as the US, should constantly be kept abreast of what our leader in the oval office is reading, when Americans should have been able to assume that any such leader would have already been very well read, and such announcements would only be of passing interest, except for Bush who has made it known, in a brackish way, that he doesn't read, and without a doubt, his leadership has proved that that is probably the one solid truth told to the American people during the last six years of his reign, and confessed by Bush himself.    

Bush seemed very proud of that fact, which reminded me of those few in number of kids in any US grade school class who would make fun of the good students because they studied instead of having fun torturing little animals, or playing spit-ball games, and they would meet up with those good students (show offs) after school and bully them. What usually happens and what should happen to these type of students (the bullies) is that they should end up working for the good students, instead of vice versa, and at the same time commandeering the Republican party, which kinda, sorta explains where we are as a nation today.  

I have to be amused by Snow's reference of the quick read made by Bush of Camus's The Stranger, especially when my copy only has 154 pages in it, and it seemed rather juvenile, odd, or vacuous to hear a Press Secretary praise the leader of a nation such as ours, on how well or how quickly Bush read this novel, much like a parent would praise their own child, or a teacher would praise a student, but praising a president of a nation, who is supposed to be a leader in the world? Praising Bush like his conquering this short novel was quite an achievement and something very special? Well, knowing what we do about Bush and how he just "loves" to read ... what book was really under the cover, I wonder.  

It would be in our better interest, knowing how Bush feels about our Constitution and Bill of Rights, if he would spend his time reading those instead or maybe memorizing his oath of office, biographies on past successful presidents should be good reading for someone trying to fill those shoes, or how about all of the Geneva Conventions, the ones Bush has dismissed, then, maybe take in a movie about how we are destroying this planet, and in his spare time for real enjoyment ...  review all of the debt, death, and destruction that he and his administration have accomplished, but from their actions never take the time to review and  evidently don't know about what's happened the last five years, or what's happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, New Orleans today ... in other words, the US's "bottom line."  

But, if all of that is just too much, because it is actually his job, and he is, after all, on vacation ... I would imagine that there should be a vast library somewhere in the White House, and as fast work as Bush made of those 150 pages, wow, he's well on his way, and we can all rest in peace ... literarily and literally speaking, of course.   

Just a thought,  

Thanks BuzzFlash,  

Shirley Smith