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Thursday, 13 July 2006 04:46

Attention: Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden - Verse-Case Scenario

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When every Republican every day Shrieked about Bill and his Monica fling Senator Joe Lieberman, Scold-In-Chief, Was standing proud with the far right wing. When he had a chance in the VP debate To tell Cheney what every Democrat thinks Joe chatted with Dick as if they were At a Neo-Con party having drinks. There's another thing "Joementum" does Which results in left wing profanity: His frequent bashing of Democrats on His regular visits with Hannity. Despite all this, Barbara, Chuck and Joe Are happy to help put the fix in They look like Sammy Davis Jr. Giving that infamous hug to Nixon. Their blind embrace of Joe is creepy And so obvious that we all have seen it They're like abused wives who often insist "Yeah, he hit me but he didn't mean it."