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Wednesday, 16 August 2006 00:00

We are Just Pawns in the Great GOP Game of Failure and Fear

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At this point in time, there is no rational reason for continuing the Iraq War except that pulling our GIs out would mean an admission of failure and an almost certain catastrophic defeat for the Republicans in the fall election.

Well, maybe there is one rational reason for staying there and watching the death toll mount: oil.

Perhaps it crawled out of his mouth by mistake, or it was that there were no more lies and excuses left. But on "Meet the Press" this past Sunday, Ken Mehlman, the head of the RNC, said: "Imagine a failed state on the second largest oil reserves in the world."

As our good colleague, Greg Palast, has often said: It's the oil stupid!

Meanwhile, July was the deadliest month of the entire war for Iraqi civilians, and the American GI death toll surpassed 2600.

What is indeed most frightening, however, is trying to fathom what horrifying surprise Karl Rove is planning to terrorize voters in the fall to vote for an authoritarian "Daddy State" government, right here in America.

That is a truly horrifying thought.

We are just pawns in the great GOP game of failure and fear.

It's the only thing that they have written on their business cards, besides corruption.