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Saturday, 15 July 2006 01:15

Dispatch from the Department of Reality: What Do You Do When Political Psychotics are Running the U.S. Government?

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A BUZZFLASH NEWS ANALYSIS Dispatch from the Department of Reality: It's hard to fully accept that your father might be psychotic, as it is for many of the American people -- spoon fed White House propaganda by the mainstream media -- that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their political brothers have a similar problem with reality. Of course, there was that famous quote in the New York Times attributed to a senior White House staffer that the Bush people are not reality-based, because they are so omnipotent that they make their own reality. Now, if there ever were a definition of a political psychotic, that's got to be it. Here in the BuzzFlash Department of Reality, we would like to call your attention to an article in today's Times of London. It is headlined, "Baghdad starts to collapse as its people flee a life of death." We'll quote just the first two paragraphs from a Department of Reality update: "As I hung up the phone, I wondered if I would ever see my friend Ali alive again. Ali, The Times translator for the past three years, lives in west Baghdad, an area that is now in meltdown as a bitter civil war rages between Sunni insurgents and Shia militias. It is, quite simply, out of control. "I returned to Baghdad on Monday after a break of several months, during which I too was guilty of glazing over every time I read another story of Iraqi violence. But two nights on the telephone, listening to my lost and frightened Iraqi staff facing death at any moment, persuaded me that Baghdad is now verging on total collapse." When you discover that your father is psychotic, you need to ensure that he gets treatment and is removed from any position where his delusions may do harm to others. America has been waiting for six years for that to happen -- as has the rest of the world, including Iraq for a good part of that time. And in this case -- since the psychosis is in the Bushevik right wing bloodline -- Cheney, Rumsfeld and their cohorts all need an intervention program, so that the world might be spared their fantasies. We will have regular dispatches forthcoming, as always, from the BuzzFlash Department of Reality. Meanwhile, try to protect yourself from the harm that is done by madness run amuck. A BUZZFLASH NEWS ANALYSIS