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Wednesday, 16 August 2006 07:57

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 16, 2006

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Subject: A Couple Quotes from Today

In an interview with David Gregory, Ken Mehlman said: “There's nothing more important to me, as you know, than electing Republicans. It's what I spend my life doing. It's my passion.”

Nothing more important than electing Republicans? Nothing? Is it my imagination, or did he basically just admit that all the issues fall to the wayside in light of keeping the Republicans in power?

Mehlman, and the rest of the power-grabbing Repubs, want to stay in control. Period. It doesn't matter if they're weakening American support around the world, making us a weaker country in general, putting in place a system of massive tax breaks for the extremely wealthy, and trying to rewrite the laws of the nation to let them get away with anything they want. To them, staying in power is all that matters.

And then there's the Bush quote of, "As long as I'm president, we're in Iraq." So he just came out and said that we're not going to be leaving Iraq until at least two and a half years from now. If not even longer.

Unless we impeach him.

Let's hope the Democrats can take back the congress this fall, and grow a spine long enough to drag the shrub and his corrupt band of treasonous cohorts out of power and into prison, where they belong.

This has gone on long enough.

Reno, NV

Subject: The Jill Carroll Story

What an interesting and damned right scary this story about Jill Carroll is turning out to be. I read the first part yesterday at BF and was so looking forward to the second part that I went directly to the www.csmonitor.com site today.

Unlike such neocons as Norman Podhoretz, Rush Limbaugh, Jonah Goldberg et al., this young woman was actually living in a war zone in search of first-hand accounts about the illegal War on Iraq. She was there every day -- in the stifling and oppressive atmosphere of Baghdad, unlike the neocons who were sitting on their "rich, white man" assess contributing little, if anything, to the betterment of humankind in general.

I hope that all those people who consider themselves Bush supporters and neocons, white supremacist fat cat brokers of power and control, remember this as Ms. Carroll's horrifying story is revealed.

In just thinking about it right now this could have devastating resultant consequences of the human side of the devastation that the Bushits have wrought upon the planet. At this point, George Bush and his nefarious henchpeople have killed or are responsible for more deaths than the 19 hijack ers of 9-11.

And -- the Rove machine thinks their winning strategy for the 2006 mid-term election? It's clear they pushed for the revelation of the "British-US" terrorist plot early. Perfectly timed to use as a propaganda tool on the electorate-at-large right after Lieberman's loss.

These guys don't miss a trick. They want to use their "accomplishments" against war to convince we need to stay at war.

Jill Carroll has more courage, integrity and gonads in her little finger than they all do together.

Lisa Johnson

Subject: On Hating the Bad Guys

At least once a week someone accuses a liberal of hating George W. Bush and his war-mongering administration. Said liberal then hastens to explain that they don’t hate Bush, just his policies.

I’m sorry if it is not politically correct but I do hate George W. Bush and his war-mongering administration.

We are not supposed to hate someone who is responsible for more deaths than the 3030 people that died on 9/11? How many have died in Iraq?

On 9/11, Osama Bin Laden and his followers attacked the United States of America. Osama is a Saudi. The attackers themselves were 15 Saudis, 1 Egyptian, 1 Lebanese, 2 from United Arab Emirates. So what in the hell are we doing in Iraq? Why is Osama Bin Laden still alive and well and able to send out frequent news releases?

Bush and his war-mongering pals may not be smart enough or far enough from their “Wargasims” to understand that what he has done has not made us safer. I realize to all those ranking officers at the Pentagon it seems a waste not to use all those billions of dollars of fancy weaponry just sitting around collecting dust. After all on 9/11 we were attacked with High-technology BOX CUTTERS!

The not-so-sexy things that are needed to keep the United States safe are still lacking. A bomb threat coming out of London and the Bush administration begins scurrying around like a stick-poked anthill. "No damn shampoo on our planes," is the war cry. And we will all be safe from Gatorade and lip gloss. Unlike in Japan where they actually do have the ability to detect dangerous chemicals.

I hate waste and ineptitude. While Bush is beating his chest about making us safe we aren’t. If just one tenth of the money that has been wasted in Iraq had been used by someone with some competence to make this country safer we could all sleep better at night.

Instead we have a bunch of political pinheads playing election year games with the safety of the country. If you don’t hate that, you should.

Remembering the victims and heroes of September 11, 2001 (vikingphoenix.com)

Marjorie L. Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: Anti Cindy Sheehan Site

I saw the link today about the Anti Cindy Sheehan site and went there to send them an email.

From the site:

I used to have an e-mail link directly from every page, but I have been deluged with offers to get a share of millions of dollars in Nigerian and Swiss banks. Tempting, but no thanks.

If you have suggestions for improving the site, have spotted a Cindy Sheehan image or story that you think I should post, or just want to know what I do in my spare time, you can reach me at:

pendleton_jb at yahoo dot com Your suggestion, question or comment will be warmly received.

So I wrote the following email:

I'd like to ask you a question. First, some explanation.

I worked for eleven years managing movie theaters. Many times I helped my janitor sweep and mop. Whenever a show ended, I didn't just send my staff into the theater to pick up, I joined them and cleaned up too. I did theater walks myself to make sure people were not disruptive so that other customers could enjoy the show.


My employees were always loyal, and knew I worked as hard or harder than they did.

Here's the question.


It's a simple question.

My dad was in Patton's 3rd Army in WWII, my uncle died at Okinawa, my brother served in Viet Nam and was shot in the Tet offensive.

I feel I can speak my mind freely on the war in Iraq. My family paid the price so I could.

Early this summer, I had a face to face heated discussion with a Republican Senator (I am a Democrat). I emailed him recently telling him how much I respected that he didn't "cut and run" or try to use political lines on me. And that I looked forward to seeing him this next year. He replied that he enjoyed our discussion and hoped to see me again.

I have several Republican friends, mostly ex military.

So, will you answer the question?

So I tried to send the message---the email address does not exist.

Figures. They can dish it out but not take it.

Mike Curtis
Greenbrier, Ark.

Subject: Mailbag....8/15/06

To all who write such inspiring things on this site....thank you. To Akhil Bhardwaj ... Thanks, you are so right...we should all thank Keith Olbermann for going to the trouble! David Wyles...thanks for your wise words to your one time friend...don't hold your breath...he is under the spell of an evil regime! To Mike Allen of Phoenix....all dems sat around while Bush was selling our collective souls to Halliburton...KB &R...and for breeding terrorism in the mid east that even our grandchildren's children will be paying for, that is if this earth survives...thanks!

I find it funnier and funnier now, that my poor misled son...who is a dittohead of his father and his father's family...called me after the primary in 2004 and wanted to know who I voted for, and I proudly told him I voted for Howard Dean! He almost had an attack...poor child, you must realize...please...that I have not taught him any of this...both my sons decided that Clinton should have been hung in the White House right after this war started...And I was Aghast! I remember so well, right after Clinton was impeached ... someone said to Tom DeLay ... "yes. but he was not convicted"... and Tom, with that Possum sh++ grin, you all know the one...said, "Does not matter...every time anyone looks at his bio...they will see that word, "Impeached"... hee hee...Mr. Clinton is now making billions in speaking fees...and Mr. DeLay...is headed to the pokey for never enough years....neverthless...ears!!! I love it!!! Incidentally...the aforementioned Bush Loving husband...is having more second thoughts than the son...or any of the family. But, he has to take the blame for that kid's poor choice of Presidents...Hubby voted for him twice.

My cross to bear...because, trouble is, I have found with all right wingers...they would rather be wrong...than admit they are wrong!!

Shirley.......St. Louis

Subject: What It'll Take?

A winner's mind-set so that it's us (we the people) calling the plays and them (the powers that be) reacting to us, that's what.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The B.E.S.T. Tax Idea I've Heard

The real business strength in America is small to medium sized businesses. As a small business owner who must compete against the likes of Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears and many others I think we need a National Sales Tax of 5% to 10% to be collected by and levied against big businesses that are represented in more than 25% of the country. This would level the playing field, give America back to the middle class and pay for a lot of good things. It could be called the "B" business "E" equalization "S" sales "T" tax. Think of it as an anti-monopolization tax that could help to break up Clear Channel and other big media groups. It would make opportunities for small businesses to form explode the day after it became law. It would break up the credit card cliques and branch banking, it would break up big oil and big energy companies. It would give America back to Americans!

Grey Fox
Foothills of Colorado

Subject: Mission Accomplished, My Ass!!!

Hi BuzzFlash,

It's time for every Democratic website to add the items shown on the "bobgeiger.blogspot.com" website to their website.

Scroll down and look on the right side.

Note that I said "DEMOCRATIC." This way Joey Lieberman doesn't have to worry about updating his $15 website with figures that change every second. Don't want him crashing again!

No Joke: Lieberman Backer Mark Pryor is Vice-Chair of The DSCC (bobgeiger.blogspot)

As of this writing, the info you will see on the site, that the Republicans could care less about is:

American Military Deaths in Iraq Total In Combat
Since 5/1/2003: 2463 2009
Since war began: 2600 2106
Total Wounded: 19270
Cost of the War in Iraq $307,077,897,662

To see more details, click here. http://nationalpriorities.org/...

Here's the amount of time that has passed since President Bush said he would get Osama bin Laden dead or alive [See below Pic of OBL]:


1793 days, 17 hours, 47 minutes, and 59 seconds

We need to continuously remind people, around the clock, how many brave soldiers have died or been maimed for life going for the wrong guy; how much has a needless war in Iraq cost the taxpayers and finally - how many days have we ignored trying to capture the mastermind behind the 9/11 Attacks - OSAMA BIN FORGOTTEN in Afghanistan!!


Tom Wieliczka
Windsor Locks, CT

Subject: A Valid Question

Just HOW DO RWers JUSTIFY our MILITARY DYING to Prop up a GOVT that BACKS Hezbollah ANYWAY ?????

For weeks I listened to people on the Right go on and on about wiping Lebanon and Hezbollah off the face of the earth. Nuke em!, was a popular phrase I heard more than once.

Mean while, 50 US soldiers died in Iraq during July without barely a mention. Then Iraq's PM Maliki comes out in support of Hezbollah and that is given a mere utterance as our troops continue to die daily in Iraq's civil war.

So let me see if I have this straight, our US service men and women die each and everyday in Iraq to prop up a dysfunctional gov't that in turn supports the current target of the week Right Wing hatred, Hezbollah, while defending Israeli bombs killing innocent women and children, which Iraq is against, yet the RW support the Iraqi government and sees good in US troops dying in Iraq to the tune of 2 per day for a country that stands against Israeli actions? It's confusing I know.

But I will say, thank God for the Saudi King ordering bush to get a cease fire... or else ... after the King's dictate to bush, bush had Condi headed back to Israel within 48 hours!

So, I will ask again, Just HOW DO RWers JUSTIFY our MILITARY DYING to Prop up a GOVT that BACKS Hezbollah ANYWAY ?????

Monica S.

Subject: It's Not the "Freedom" Stupid!

The Muslim extremists don’t hate our “freedom” they hate our policies. It’s just easier to use silly slogans like they “hate our freedom,” instead of treating the American people like adults and telling them the truth. Perhaps if they knew the truth, they wouldn’t be so willing to go along with Bush’s policies.

It’s time to take a good long look at the way America has conducted herself around the world. There wasn’t one Iraqi terrorist aboard the planes on 911; the majority were from Saudi Arabia. The Saudis teach their school-aged children to hate America as soon as they enter school.

Yet, Bush embraces the Saudis. This is the hypocrisy that is seen throughout the Muslim world. We can’t pick and choose which oppressive governments we’ll support. We should treat them all the same. If they’re oppressing their people we should wash our hands of them…even if they have something that we need. Until we create policies that are fair and just we will always be in danger.

Kimberly D.
New York

Subject: U.S. Gov't Admits Thimerisol Causes Autism

The report, released by the House Committee on Government Reform, is over three years old. Released in May of 2003, the report stated, "Thimerosal used as a preservative in vaccines is directly related to the autism epidemic. This epidemic in all probability may have been prevented or curtailed had the FDA not been asleep at the switch regarding a lack of safety data regarding injected thimerosal and the sharper eyes of infant exposure to this known neuro-toxin. The public health agencies' failure to act is indicative of institutional malfeasance for self protection and misplaced protectionism of the pharmaceutical industry." This information was presented in an article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. last year and was met with expected dismissiveness by the pharmaceutical industry, a particularly heavy contributor to Washington politicians, especially Republicans. The effects of thimerisol could have been reduced by packaging and shipping vaccines in single-dose quantities. The phamaceutical industry, however, wanted to maximize its profit potential in the form of outrageous CEO compensation, so it opted to use multi-dose vials while fully aware of the dangers of thimerisol, a mercury-based preservative.

Currently, autism affects 1 in 166 children. Twenty years ago, 1 in 10,000 were affected. Vaccinations in infants have increased dramatically in the last two decades. Volumes of scientific data support the connection. Scientists funded by Merck, the largest manufacturer of childhood vaccines, strongly contend that the connection cannot be proven. Go figure. They can't explain the case involving Amish children. The Amish do not vaccine their children according to their religious beliefs. A perfect scientific control group, autism was nonexistent among Amish populations. Zero cases. A few children of a fringe member of the Amish community were vaccinated, and they developed autism. One of the cases was traced to mercury exposure on a farm, and the others were traced to the vaccine. When the Centers For Disease Control urged Merck to discontinue use of vaccines in the U.S., they were sold to other countries, where autism bloomed in every case where it had previously been a rarity.

The Federal Government, under the incompetent direction of the Bush administration and Republican, corporate-abetting colluders with miscreants like Merck, has repeatedly violated the public trust in order to line their own pockets in an orchestrated effort to demolish the middle class. The greatest transfer of wealth in American history from the working class to the wealthiest families has occurred with Bush and Republicans at the helm. This is legislated theft, a rip off of unimaginable proportions involving trillions of dollars. Even worse is the assault on our children's lives by Big Pharma, sociopathically dumping mercury, a known and deadly toxin, on the minor population. Government is duty-bound to protect those in society who are defenseless- children, the sick and the elderly. They are the same people that Jesus taught deserve protection.

Republicans counter with the 'personal responsibility' mantra, that we must fend for ourselves. It is our own fault if we get sick from food poisoning, not the FDA's problem. It is our own fault if a defective product kills or maims one of our loved ones, so Republicans ram through 'tort reform' to rid themselves of those pesky lawsuits. After all, their responsibility is only to their wealthy shareholders, not some insignificant individual who is just a money-grubbing opportunist anyway. It is our own fault if our kids develop leukemia from carcinogens in the water, soil and in the air in particulate form as volatile organic compounds, not the fault of the unregulated oil refinery or chemical factory or mountaintop coal removal.

We, as a people, have been abandoned by the elected trustees who are supposed to protect us from being stepped on and crushed under the boots of megalomaniacal leviathans, the juggernauts of industry. Raw greed has contaminated our elected representatives, who have morphed into hideous, predatorial blobs, leaving their slime trails all over the nation's capitol. Maybe you'll think twice before ridiculing the Amish again. At least they aren't playing Russian Roulette with their children's lives.

The content herein pursuant to thimerisol was primarily obtained from an article by Evelyn Pringle, an investigative journalist and columnist for OpEd News. The link to her full article can be found at lookingglassnews.org.

Additional information was gleaned from the thimerisol article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who is currently pursuing a qui tam lawsuit against electronic voting machine manufacturers. His website can be found at www.robertfkennedyjr.com/


[BuzzFlash Note: The CDC notes: "The weight of currently available scientific evidence does not support the hypothesis that vaccines cause autism. We recognize there is considerable public interest in this issue, and therefore support additional research regarding this hypothesis."]

Subject: Petroleum Jelly Terror Flight

Vaseline, matches and a screwdriver! Why, with those three items alone a highly trained Al Qaeda operative could easily...ah, grease the seat in the lavatory and set off the smoke detector? Pry open the snack bin?? Something absolutely fiendish I’m sure. Thank god F-16’s were scrambled to escort the plane, because they could have...ah, watched as she drew her initials in a vaseline covered window? Well, I’m sure they were there for some reason other than to ensure that CNN would cover this story all day long.

London to Washington flight diverted after security scare (turkishpress)

Albert Clark

Subject: Ghastly Global Warming

Spooked? Not at all. IF we'll ALL do what we know we MUST to reverse it (ZPG, COMPLETE solar conversion, stop poisoning the oceans and cease rainforest and wetland destruction, et cetera, etc.) NOW!

Victor Anderson
Eagle Lake/ FL

Subject: Amy Branham

Hi Buzz....

To Amy....I too know what a gold star family is...During world war 2... if you saw the little white square piece of cloth... trimmed in red and blue....hanging in a window ...any window...that told you that if the star in the middle was gold...they had a son or daughter who wasn't coming back...My Mother's little piece of cloth had two blue stars in it ...for my two bothers who were in the service...she never had to change hers to the gold stars.... for they were lucky enough to come home from the war...however my aunt had to change her star to gold.... as her son (my cousin) was a tail gunner in the air force.... and his plane was shot down.... and they never even had a body returned to them....also my future mother in law had the one with the gold star ...my future husband's brother.... was in a tank that got blown up...his casket came home but was sealed...they didn't get to view the body... and armed military guards stood beside it... through his whole wake and funeral.... to make sure no one tried to "unseal" it ....Yes Amy... there are many of us still out here who know what gold star families are ...so please keep explaining it to those who are too young to know....


Subject: Bush's Reading Material

I read that Bush is reading Albert Camus this summer (http://www.buzzflash.com/articles/smith/070). Only one book this year? Obviously not much of a reader, your Bush. Shouldn't he also read Jared Diamond's "Collapse: How Societies Choose to Succeed or Fail?" However, between Bush, Blair and Harper (his two main dogs in the kennel of lapdogs who should also indulge in reading this book), none would even deign to recognize the coming disaster that is threatening to change our world as we know it at present. Hopefully, all who live near major waterways are agile swimmers or have developed gills and those who are accustomed to snow and rain to maintain water tables for irrigation have developed extreme drought resistant crops. Otherwise, "Collapse!"

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

PS: Revolting against the power in place when times are tough is one of the features of downfalls of failed societies. Keep revolting before it is too late; not when the dominoes have fallen.

Subject: CNN Errors in Reporting (again)

I just heard their teaser about Gerald Ford and CNN made my blood boil - again!

Their teaser..."The ONLY U.S. President never elected is in the hospital."


I rarely watch the MSM for "news" and now I know why! FSTV gives more accurate information, but they aren't a news only network. How sad.

While I am venting about CNN... they just said "...the average American will spend five hundred twenty seven HUNDRED dollars..." sending their children back to school. Apparently someone is asleep at the wheel on editing.

Facts don't seem to matter as long as the propaganda gets broadcast.

KJ Lovell
Duncan, OK

Subject: Incompetence?

Look at the performance against the S & P index of the beneficiaries of no-bid contracts in Bush's war zones. Then remember that Bush ran as an MBA president. Now ask yourself if those shareholders view the Bush administration as incompetent, or whether they see him as maximizing their profits. Once you get out of the habit of assuming that the Bush administration is pursuing the tradition aims of government, and understand that they are using our government as an agent of corporate plundering, the term incompetence no longer applies. As an externalizing machine, they are highly effective.

Steve Schindler
New York, NY

Subject: Maybe We Are "Misunderestimating" Them

We progressives frequently refer to our Neocon administration as Neanderthals: dumb, dumber, darn stupid, idiotic, what are they thinking!!

I'm not so sure that's the right way to think about the incredible, and to us, seemingly asinine, decisions they make or fail to make.

Just because you and I value peace and prosperity for all, does that mean they do? Even though we see the blatant hypocrisy in saving stem cells from research while wiping out cities with white phosphorus, do they care about burning real children to death?

Maybe our own morality colors our perceptions or maybe we just want to avoid casting aspersions carelessly. But just maybe our good-heartedness prevents us from accurately assessing the true motives of the "deciders."

Maybe they never wanted the conflict in Iraq to end, and maybe they are stealing the oil under cover of the fog of war.

Maybe they want to widen the conflict in the Middle East and wipe out those Ay-rabs once and for all.

Maybe they never wanted New Orleans to be what it was before Katrina, peopled by the same population.

Maybe they bought land that will one day be beachfront when melting glaciers drown our coastlines.

I don't know. But I am finding it increasingly hard to believe that they don't mean to do exactly what they are doing.

Just because they tell us they want the same things we do, have they given us any reason to believe them? Are we "misunderestimating" the driving forces behind the Bushco decisions?

Lee Franklin
Martinsburg, WV

Subject: Oh Yeah!

"I've made US safer, says Bush" (Couldn't tell the truth if his life depended upon it)

"Bush Sees No End to War on Terrorism" (As long as he and his handlers are still making money out of it)

"Bush says it's a long battle against terrorism" (Doesn't expect to be held accountable anytime soon)


Subject: Taking Credit Where Little Is Due

If there was anything more pathetic and annoying this week as the GOP desperately trying to frame the mainstream opposition to the war as a leftist fringe movement, it was the Busheviks taking credit for stopping the alleged terrorist plot in Great Britain. The plot, apparently engineered by British nationals of Pakistani descent, was intercepted by MI5 and Scotland Yard, agencies which had conducted the months-long investigation and surveillance of the alleged conspirators.

But you would not have known this by listening to the GOP agenda-ists of the corporate news media here in the States. The political posturing of the Busheviks, patting themselves on the back for preventing an attack on commercial aircraft, was front and center. The typical content of this fabricated media presentation was perhaps best expressed by GOP Senator Pat Roberts, appearing on "Face the Nation" Sunday morning. He sat there with a straight face, talking about how successful the Busheviks have been in preventing terrorists attacks, and used this week's plot spoilage as a prime example - failing to mention, of course, that the moronic Bush and his minions had nothing to do with the detection of the plot. He decried the opposition to the Bushies as divisive, sending the wrong message, and warned that if Americans couldn't unify behind this fight against terror, well, he just didn't know what would become of us!

He also reiterated the GOP propaganda points that Americans are safer because of the Busheviks and their illegal, unconstitutional violation of existing laws designed to protect Americans from a tyrannical government. Naturally, the corporate media drones offered no argument, no counterpoint, no Democrat who was willing to step up and label this absolute bullshit for what it is. Obviously the media is responsible for the inaccurate GOP talking points they spew on a daily basis, but another piece of this is WHERE ARE THE DEMOCRATS? WHEN, IF EVER, ARE THEY PLANNING ON WAKING UP, GROWING A SET, AND MOUNTING SOME SORT Of ACTUAL FACT-BASED, AGGRESSIVE OPPOSITION??

The truth is that we are more at risk than ever! The misguided war in Iraq has alienated allies and galvanized our enemies like never before. The unprecedented, massive recruitment of future terrorists has spread to Islamic citizens not even residing in the middle east. The staggering numbers of terrorist wannabes worldwide indicate that these folks are now in virtually every and any western country you can name. The war has also depleted our domestic resources, and on the home front, the many recommendations of the 9/11 Commission remain unimplemented. Shipping containers, airline cargo, and more remain unscreened, and trains for the most part are unprotected.

Yeah, not getting the "safer now" part! But aside from the occasional squeaks from the time-out corner, the Dems are mostly silent. One wonders what it would actually take to elicit an aggressive campaign of some (or any) sort from these folks. I guess we shouldn't hold our breath, eh?

Mills River, NC

Subject: Reasons

I know that it would seem to be the top bet to blame oil and the greedy Imperialists for the military conflicts which dominate the landscape vis-a-vis Bush and Buddies. But I think that is only one side dish to what is being served up here.

Remember The Carlyle Group. They don't invest in oil so much as THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that Eisenhower warned about...

See, I looked around and I said, "What could be the ultimate goal here?" My son had just posted the meaning of the word "Fascist" on the wall, having been working on a project in school that led him there. As I looked at that word and its meaning and thought about the actions of a sociopathic aristocrat named G. W. Bush, I realized that the ultimate goal could well be nothing less than the dissolution of The United States of America! First of all, there's that famous quote from Danny Boy Quayle... "It was our government. They stole it. We want it back!" Secondly, there is the undisputable fact of the aristocratic blood line of the Bush family. And third in the thinking... The Carlyle Group coupled with Eisenhower's warning. They are breaking the bank in the U.S. by spending it all on THEIR WARES... THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX! Oil, in and of itself, is just the convenient catalyst to their gluttonous expenditure of weaponry.

"By the time it is all said and done I will have made more money than I ever could possibly dream!" George Bush, during the debates with Al Gore. He wasn't commenting on his lack of imagination.

"It is time that America SHOW THE WORLD by FLEXING HER MILITARY MIGHT!" Also Dubya, and also during the debates.

BuzzFlash, I read you every day and I would send you a million dollars if I had it, but you need to expand your vision a bit. The oil is the catalyst to war... War is the goal.

And Lieberman? He is Israel's Zionist agent in Congress... Or one, anyway. The damned fools of Israel can't see they are the sacrificial lambs because they are too busy acting like rabid dogs. Lieberman is an egotistical fool.

Thanks for what you do. Please keep doing it.

Earth mother Carla
Cedar Hill, MO

Subject: Here It Comes, Get Ready

Isn't it so very interesting? Here we are, just a couple of months away from US Congressional elections that are promising to throw enough of the republican bums out on their asses to give control of Congress to the Democrats.

Predictably, and right on schedule, here come the terrorists again! WOW, what timing!

So interesting - the terrorists always time their appearances for the Congressional and Presidential election season here in the US. What a politically opportune situation for the republicans. What a COINCIDENCE!

Add to that, the republican-friendly corporate whore "give us billions in corporate welfare and we'll give you a dictatorship" media starts cranking out their fear-mongering propaganda war against the public again in the guise of 9/11-terrorism pieces to "remind us" that we're supposed to be afraid.

Here come the 9/11/terrorism shows designed to get the voter to forget all the heinous grievances that the republicans have committed against us during the "between elections" period. They believe they can do anything they want - get away with absolutely anything in between elections - as long as, at election time, they can bring the public's short attention span back into that drooly-mouth, mindless, unthinking, shuddering myopic focus on 9/11 and the bogey man under the bed.

Come election time, we're all just supposed to forget EVERYTHING else these corrupt, self-serving bastards have done against the common good, decency and morality of our country, not to mention against the laws of the land. They want us to vote with nothing more in mind than the misguided and ill-informed fantasy that, somehow, the republicans are better protectors than the democrats. They are hoping that their unholy corporate media/corrupt politician alliance will keep the voters dumbed down, brain washed and pliable enough to continue to allow themselves to be led around by the nose with a string of outright lies and Nazi style propaganda tactics.

Republican Joe Lieberman got his ass booted, and it couldn't have happened to a sleazier person. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Good riddance to the right-wing republican DLC'er war-monger. If the party won't expel him, at least the donors should.

After the eight year nightmare of the draft dodging neocon's utterly failed, rejected PNAC policy of putting their boots on the throats of every oil rich middle eastern nation and grabbing the oil fields as war booty, the future of power in this country lies in a SANE foreign policy, and that's definitely proven to be NOT with the republicans!

Now that the eight year Bush/Cheney nightmare has given the American public a close up view of what the republicans are all about (war, unmitigated greed and corruption, cronyism, destruction of the US Constitution), the republican party will soon, deservedly, be a minority party and for a long time to come. AMEN to that! Donors, if they know what's good for them, will shift their money away from republicans and republican enterprises toward saner, more progressive, candidates and organizations. Let's throw ALL of the cozy elitist, war-mongering bums out of office!

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Outrage Time: Call Senator Pryor

This is shocking. Senator Mark Pryor, a Democrat, one of the Arkansas senators and the Southern Vice Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), is supporting Joe Lieberman.

According to the mission statement of the DSCC, their mission is "to elect more Democrats to the United States Senate."

NEVERTHELESS, Mark Pryor is supporting Joe Lieberman for the senate. Lieberman is running as an INDEPENDENT, not as a Democrat. The Democratic nominee -- as democratically chosen by the Democratic voters of Connecticut in their primary election -- is NED LAMONT.

WHY is the Southern Vice Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee NOT supporting the DEMOCRATIC nominee? Pryor is insulting the DEMOCRATIC voters of Connecticut by refusing to honor their right to select their own candidate.

For the first time in years, we have a chance to pick up seats in the House and in the Senate, but if this is the attitude of the DSCC, they are going to have a Very Hard Time raising money for the senate campaigns. More than three-quarters of Democrats nationwide are glad Lieberman lost the primary election. They -- and I -- will NOT be inclined to give money to the DSCC; we'll give our money DIRECTLY to worthy DEMOCRATIC candidates.

I have called both Senator Pryor's Senate office and the DSCC. I told them I work hard to elect Democratic candidates and I contribute money to Democratic campaigns. I said that if this is how Mark Pryor thinks he is going "to elect more Democrats to the United States Senate," he SHOULD RESIGN from the DSCC leadership -- because he is CLUELESS.

Here is Mark Pryor's senate phone number: (202) 224-2353

And here is the phone number for the DSCC. (202) 224-2447

Here's the DSCC webpage: http://www.dscc.org/about/ You can read their Mission Statement there.


Make your phone calls now.

These are the Democratic senators supporting Lieberman - call them: Carper (Delaware): (202) 224-2441 Pryor (Arkansas ): (202) 224-2353 Salazar (Colorado): (202) 224-5852

Remind these guys this is NOT about friendship; it is about human lives ... it is about war and peace ... and accountability.

If ever Democrats needed to stand together, it is NOW.

For clarity's sake, here are the three candidates running for the Conn. senate seat: -- Ned Lamont, Democrat -- Joe Lieberman, Independent (formerly a Democrat but now supported by, we hear, Bush and Cheney) -- Alan Schlesinger, Republican (who is polling at about nine percent)

DSCC phone number. (202) 224-2447

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Open Letter to All Democrats Who Voted for This War in Iraq

Including both Clintons.... If you did it because you were being told that you were not a patriot...(I know how it feels to have your family accuse you of being unpatriotic) but, I am not getting paid to be a Representative or a Senator! To Kerry, Edwards...both Clintons, and anyone I missed...See what happened to Daschle? See what happened to Lieberman? They are all coming out now....both Kerry and Edwards, Clinton...and his senator wife...when did they catch on? I would have sworn they campaigned for Joe a couple of weeks ago? Did it take all of this for these people to finally decide to do what the democrats wanted?? They all decided to "Give the president what he wanted." Did none of them see through the smoke screen...didn't any of them want to see solid evidence? Funny...why, if they think Lieberman is such a mess now...did they go and campaign for him?

I cannot believe that people who are senators and representatives....are less smart than I. I remember it well, everyone in my family treated me like I had AIDS...in the early days of AIDS! I got dirty looks...and all I was trying to do was ask questions... Even now...if you ask a question about this war, around dyed in the wool Busheviks.....they get firey mad...because they cannot give you a civil or a straight answer!

How does it feel...BuzzFlash...and Buzzers all, to know that we all out here...got it...first!?

Shirley .....St. Louis

Subject: Bush/Lieberman in 2006!

Having been screwed out of the vice presidency of the United States, this "Democrat" protested not at all. (He had, of course, been careful not to leave his Senate seat, so he had all his bases covered.) And now, having quite legitimately lost the Democratic primary in his state, he's all on fire with righteous indignation, keen to see his fellow Democrats eat dirt.

He seems to think he's royalty, entitled to hold office--just like Bush (Sr. and Jr.). What he is, in fact, is an unconscionable putz. (And I say that with all due respect.)

New Lieberman Retooling Race as Independent (NY Times)