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Wednesday, 16 August 2006 08:37

Fight for the Right to be Gay ... Not for Bush GOP Treasonous Wars

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Hmmmm. Are gypsies allowed in US military and Jews? A foolish rule that I don't know when or how it started, since gays have been around the whole time of the evolution of human beings on this planet and are not the odd or the strange, and I have no tolerance for these stupid bigoted bastards who try to make them so. And, I long for the day when those who hate the gays are the minorities in this country. They certainly are in many other countries. I read somewhere, long ago, that gays have only been ostracized down through history, since the birth of Christianity. How odd, don'tcha think? When most religions are supposed to glorify all gifts of life. Of course, if that were true, there would be no wars.

I think every American soldier who finds himself in an illegal war, and doing the murdering for the treasonous Bush gang of the GOP, should all become gay. Use the bigotry of the Bush GOP to get out of coming home in a US flag-draped coffin, that neither Bush nor any of his GOP visit or acknowledge after the dead soldiers are of no more use to them, and let the bigots left in the military fight for Bush.

Celebrate life. Come home gay rather than going AWOL like their commander in chief, and coming home gay, there's nothing wrong with that. For the first time in years, being gay could be seen as an advantage, instead of a punching bag for the bigots in this country. And, I'll say it again, I will never understand any gay person voting Republican, never! It has to be some sort of self hate.

Military’s Discharges for Being Gay Rose in ’05

I would love to see 130 thousand troops, the number in Iraq and all around the world for that matter, leave the military and come home gay, and I'd love to see how fast our military becomes open to all people who want to risk their lives serving for these military bigots.

How did our country sink so damn low? This isn't the US, the democracy people love ... bigots have always been around, but they have multiplied and outed themselves more since the rise of the Bush GOP, that is so full of hate and the vile hypocrisy that we witness in our government's policies around the world, and some people still wonder why they hate us. It couldn't possibly be because we've killed their families, and destroyed their homes and then boycotted their food and medicines. Ya think? These people do not represent this country and people shouldn't have to die under the flag of a treasonous administration and their followers. Let Bush and Rummy and all of those other power greedy bastards fight their own wars.

The Bush GOP base their administration on fear, and yet, all of the dangers Americans have faced have been on their watch. America surely hasn't become that stupid, have we? I think we all should become gay. No, it's not a choice, but it should be, and it could be, for want of a better life under this fascist and bigoted GOP regime.

Shirley Smith