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Saturday, 15 July 2006 08:02

Under Six Years of Failed Bush Policies, The Middle East Crisis Has Intensified

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We wish we had more good news to report, but we feel like we are tied to the back of a garbage truck and the cans full of slop keep coming our way. After years of bankrupt policies in the Middle East, including Iraqmire (which deteriorates further every day), it is manifestly clear that the Bush ship of fools continue to fail because they don't have even the remotest idea of how to succeed, except at destroying democracy and the Constitution at home. (Oh, and at making the rich, richer.) The Middle East is almost a complete loss as far as Bush efforts. The Republicans keep talking about achieving "victory." No one in the White House has any idea how to do that -- or who exactly we would be achieving "victory" against -- but if you are a white Christian male, we guess you assume "victory" belongs to you, whatever that might mean. At the very least, the word belongs to you. But words are cheap and so, apparently, are lives in the Middle East. Given the current flare up of warfare between Hamas and Israel, on the one hand, and Hezbollah and Israel, on the other, it is hard to see the Middle East as anything but a complete disaster as far as Bushevik foreign policy. BuzzFlash has always supported the right of Israel to exist within secure boundaries -- and a similar right for a Palestinian nation. But the bedeviling issue has been how to arrive there. It is clear that the various Palestinian factions -- as well as the Israelis -- have made many strategic errors -- and both sides have conflicting camps vying to make peace on the one hand or warfare on the other. If you start from the premise that Israel and Palestine states should exist side by side -- as we do -- you are left with the issue of how to strategically achieve this goal. Minority camps within the incipient Palestinian nation and within Israel don't want the other to exist. But, we suspect, that the majority of both Israelis and Palestinians just want peace. However, the majority of both sides are, in a way, held hostage by extremists who keep stoking the coals. If there were ever a prolonged period in the halt of terrorist attacks and the disengagement of Israeli troops, we suspect that a viable two-state solution could be implemented. But there are too many parties that have an interest in fanning the flames of conflict. Meanwhile, Bush is once again showing no leadership whatsoever in keeping the current warfare relating to Israel from blowing up into World War III. Clinton left office with the possibilty of the next stage in the Middle East "Peace Process" tantalizingly close. Six years later, we are on the verge of catastropic conflict throughout the region. The GOP promises vainglorious and illusionary "victory," when most of the people of the world just want peace, not the empty shell of rhetoric.