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Friday, 18 August 2006 01:16

Jeffords in Reverse: If Lieberman Wins, Will He Join the Republican Caucus?

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August 18, 2006


Given that the White House is de facto supporting Lieberman in Connecticut, wouldn't it be a strong likelihood, were Lieberman to win in Connecticut, that he would declare himself an independent aligned with the Republicans?

Just think about it a moment.

Lieberman is pretty much a Bushevik Republican already (even though he supports some Democratic social programs) -- both in foreign policy outlook and pomposity.

Why wouldn't he jump ship? He's halfway there already.

And if the Republicans maintain control of the Senate, don’t you think Bush would reward Lieberman's loyalty by making sure that he gets a choice appointment as a majority party committee chair?

Of course, the way to prevent such a scenario is to make sure that Ned Lamont wins the fall election -- and, better yet, that the Democrats beat the odds and take back the Senate. Under this scenario, Lieberman could fade into retirement as a fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

But if the Democratic club in the senate who are either backing Lieberman or giving Lemont only token support think that that "Joementum" will stay a "loyal" member of the chummy Senate Dems, they should think again.

Lieberman is running as an Independent. He's just a puddle jump from the GOP as it stands.

If the GOP holds onto the Senate and Lieberman wins, watch for Lieberman to say "Bye-Bye" to Harry Reid and wave to him from the other side of the aisle.