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Saturday, 19 August 2006 00:50

Watch Lieberman Jump to the GOP If He Wins: Part II

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August 19, 2006

Excuse us for harping on the Lieberman thing, but a couple of articles have appeared that add credence to BuzzFlash's prediction that Joe Lieberman will jump to the GOP side of the aisle if he is re-elected. As we have speculated, he will pull a "reverse" Jim Jeffords and remain an "Independent," but formally affiliate himself with the Republican caucus.

The White House is tacitly backing Joementum -- and now the New York Times confirms that the "G.O.P. Deserts One of Its Own for Lieberman."

The GOP money and resources are now flowing to Lieberman. You can be sure that they will want their pound of flesh if he wins.

Then there's the reality if he were to win, it would probably be with a majority of his votes being Republican, not Democratic. The odds are Ned Lamont will start pulling more Democratic votes in, which leaves Lieberman scrambling for Republican and Independent votes. But he can only win with a large turnout of Republicans voting for him.

Where will the majority of his constituency be if he wins? Well, not in the Democratic Party, let's put it that way. So, it would make perfect sense for him to declare he is going to join the party that best represents the majority of people who voted for him, which would be the Republican Party.

And there's more. The Republican Senate Election Committee is backing Lieberman. And Lieberman has hired "GOP pollster Neil Newhouse, who lists popular Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell of Connecticut among his clients."

Why the Democratic Leadership in the Senate isn't vigorously campaigning for Lamont and shunning Lieberman is a suicidal act in which collegial clubbiness outweighs the interests of the Democratic Party. It is also a slap in the face of democracy, since Lamont beat Lieberman in a primary based on winning the popular vote.

Lieberman excels in sanctimony and self-righteousness, but he will have no qualms whatsoever about saying "Sayonara" to the sucker Democratic senators who continue to publicly or tacitly support him.