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Monday, 21 August 2006 02:33

Larry Hawes: Enemies of The State

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by Larry Hawes

Enemies of the state are easy to identify. They don't come in a special color or wear special clothes. They don't speak funny and they don't practice a certain religion. They don't blow things up and kill people either. Enemies of the state strike at the only thing that can truly do any lasting harm to this country. That thing is the Constitution and our unalienable rights as citizens and as human beings.

A thousand bombs and a thousand lives can't threaten our country if we hold true to our Constitution. A thousand terrorists and a thousand Jihads can cause no real damage to the principles of our country.

Those principles are alive in the Constitution and cannot be killed by anyone other than a true Enemy of the State.

So where are the true enemies of the state? They can only live in our hallowed halls of Congress for that is the only place where our Constitution and the principles of our nation can be threatened and defended.

Is everyone in Congress an enemy of the state? No, but every member who breaks their oath and doesn't defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic is.

See, I told you it was easy.

Larry Hawes
Vista, CA