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Monday, 21 August 2006 07:30

New Script ... Old Players ... Old Tunes ... Old Media, DLC, & GOP M.O

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Well, maybe Lieberman got some supportive advice from Hillary Clinton about what script to use ... so far, she's escaped scrutiny. Of course, it's like déjà vu all over again, or the reality is that the media, prompted by the Bush GOP, again will try to choose who runs against the GOP.

The only candidates who get any media coverage seem to be McCain and Clinton, which wouldn't surprise me if they got together, how sweet it is to be able to just think just about politics and not problems . . . just like years ago, when it was Kerry and Bush, and before that Gore and Bush . . . Gore won, and would have stood up for himself if he hadn't taken the well traveled road by the DLC. Kerry also won, but as in so many duels, decided he's rather bow out as a gentleman than fight tooth and nail like a winner.

So, here we are again, and for years the media have talked about Hillary's run for president ... as if it's all in the old familiar bag of tricks.

Lieberman Wants Rumsfeld To Resign, Conn. Senator Separates Himself From Bush Administration On Iraq - CBS News

She even gets compliments from the GOP. Of course it would be every candidate's dream to choose their own adversaries ... and, so far, under the leadership of the DLC, the GOP's M.O. has been just that ... kneel and deal DLC ... they've got losing down to a fine science, and they don't change or seem to really care ... Americans understand, even if the media, the GOP, and the DLC refuse to say what many don't want to hear ... we have problems with women in equal rights today. We are still fighting for people to get a fair vote today. Women have to fight to be in charge of their own bodies. We don't have a very large number of women in government, in high offices, unless they are appointed and loyal to Bush. This is a GOP patriarchal society. Who are these people kidding, I wonder? All Clinton's run will do will be to help the GOP, like Lieberman does, and all of those other Democrats who keep voting and supporting this treasonous Republican party. People won't say they won't vote for a woman because it might be considered politically incorrect, in the same way these DLC members didn't want to fight election fraud or even admit that it happened ... but, the truth is, they won't vote for a woman, regardless of what people say.

We can't afford bipartisanship anymore. It's become quite deadly. Oh, and now they are telling people they found WMD. Well, when did they find them in Iraq, I wonder, and if they did, why are we still there and why did we stay there? Lie after lie after lie. As if anything this Bush administration says about Iraq will make the tens of thousands of injured and dead just peachy creamy and a-okay. We don't need these treacherous, treasonous criminal people in our government and we don't need anyone who is either blind enough or stupid enough to support them.

Supporting the Bush GOP administration in any way is the same as supporting the highest debt ever in the history of this country, and that just doesn't seem to sink into people, oh, but it will in time, it will. But, this crime family in power are going to try and steal all they can before the bottom falls out of this country. Death? It seems that death, as long as it is other people's deaths, doesn't affect this Bush GOP government and all of those who continuously support them. Somehow, Americans are represented by a moral group that doesn't respect life, a group that goes out of their way to take life. Supporting killers, liars, thieves ... have more pride, Democrats, you know who you are.

Naw ... I don't think people are going to fall down, and want anyone who can't possibly win against this treasonous Republican party, or anyone who supports this treasonous Bush regime. Americans, even today, have too much pride for that. How low does our government think the American people will go? I think we've hit that mark six years ago.

Just a thought,

Thanks BuzzFlash,

Shirley Smith