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Monday, 21 August 2006 09:48

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 21, 2006 Part 2

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This is Part 2 of the August 21, 2006 BuzzFlash Mailbag. Click here for Part 1.

Subject: America the Titanic

I'm a disciple of certain movies, particularly those which demonstrate the admirable qualities of man. And especially films that are based on a true story. So tonight when ABC broadcast "Apollo 13," I was on board for the flight. Many of us are old enough to remember the event as it occurred. It wasn't long after the televised moon landing that Jim Lovell and his crew faced the difficulty of a major malfunction in space, thousands of miles from Earth. They lost their chance to walk on the moon, but they showed courage and determination in the face of short survival odds.

What particularly struck me was the way the world rallied behind the Apollo crew in unified support. Millions of people watched their televisions as Walter Cronkite kept us abreast of every development on an incomplete mission that evolved into an exercise in improvisation. I was 11 years old when Apollo 13 suffered its setbacks and eventual triumph. Unable to appreciate its significance at the time, my respect for the flight crew and the NASA scientists on the ground intensifies every time I see the dramatic re-creation. But this isn't a movie review here.

As I thought about the international support for the astronauts, I felt a sense of pride for my country. And then, like a bullet tearing through my body, I realized how George Bush and Dick Cheney had deceived the world with 9-11. While many in other countries were immediately aware that the horrendous crime had been perpetrated by America's own government, that understanding was confined to a much tighter circle here. Just like the moon landing, by 9:15 or 9:30 A.M. on the morning of September 11th, 2001, most Americans were watching the horror play out on national and cable TV. I recall that it seemed odd to me that the airplanes went through the buildings without breaking up, like there was no resistance from the tower structures. And even odder was when the buildings fell straight down, disintegrating from the top downward. It just seemed physically impossible. I had not been a fan of George Bush Sr., and when his son was handed the presidency in the fiasco of 2000, I knew that my country had undergone a radical turning point, a turn for the worse with decidedly sinister overtones. I had no idea of the kind of trouble we were in. I didn't know the background of Dick Cheney, having no recollection of his involvement with the Nixon administration. He did look very creepy to me, like a well-dressed pervert, the kind you would see hanging out at a peepshow booth.

Observing the Bush administration has been like watching the towers collapse all over again. Atrocity after debacle after lies after failure-over and over again, Just when I though it couldn't get any worse, something exponentially worse happened. It was like being trapped in an Orwell or Kafka novel, or one of the darker writings of Harlan Ellison. I thought this could not really be happening, that soon I would wake up from the nightmare. But I am awake, and the nightmare is real. The madman and his evil advisors are in control. The Republicans in the House and Senate write and pass legislation that would have caused riots in the 60's. The Supreme Court, the circuit courts and the appellate courts have all signed on to the mass insanity, with only a few reprieves. There is barely time for the shock of one disaster to wear off before another happens, and that is just the stuff that we're being told. All the state secrets, as they're called, would certainly bring even the 21st century Americans out into the streets if they became public. No wonder Bush's Justice Department tries to use that card every time.

Rather than enumerating all the tragedies that have enveloped our country in a cloud of worldwide revulsion, I would just ask everyone to remember a time when they felt pride in being an American, and to contrast that feeling with what they feel today, and to channel that sickening feeling into some kind of action to reclaim some decency for the United States. We have much work to do.


Subject: Flight 93 Was Shot Down....

This is the most mind boggling story I have read....it makes one wonder if anything we have heard during this entire 911 catastrophe was even near the truth. This makes much more sense, even though it was very hard to read. My thoughts go back to the July in the 90's, I cannot even remember the exact date...when the plane went down over Long Island...and many people swore they saw rockets..or something that looked like it, just before the plane was downed! There are times, I wonder about the entire thing...all four planes. Ted Olsen...I would not doubt for one moment would have sacrificed his wife (no friend of any democrat) just for the sympathy.....and the glory. The memorial service for Barbara Olsen was not a very big one...it was very low key. (I would love to know where he is now....he has vanished.) Is there anyone out there with the truth about anything......I fear not in this administration. Why can't anyone else see it? And, what about the entire legend of "Let's roll"...I never felt comfortable with it...and never knew why!

Shirley ... St. Louis

[BuzzFlash Note: Distrust surrounding the official 9/11 story is understandable ... since the administration calls everything a state secret and fights accountability of any kind. But there are weak links in the "conspiracy" theories, too. These days, truth is mighty elusive.]

Subject: Water the Bushes

Please help us water the bushes for the anniversary of Katrina. Please send a bottle of water to: President George Bush 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Put your return address as: Ernest N. Morial Convention Center 900 Convention Center Boulevard New Orleans, LA 70130


A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: There You Go Again

Once again, the unelected Vice-President, the guy who lied through his teeth on multiple occasions on national TV, is going to try and pass off some bogus intel that Iran purchased uranium from Africa. This time its the Congo. Congo, Nigeria -- what's the difference? Africa is a veritable printing press of fake documents. Those sixteen words that got us Iraq will morph into 32 words to sell us on Iran. Same old wine, brand new bottle. Those sixteen words have cost the lives of over 10,000 US service personnel. Yeah, you read right. Bush and Cheney employ the deceptive practice of evacuating critically wounded soldiers ASAP to get them off Iraqi soil. If they die in-flight or in a US base like Lansdorf in Germany, they don't get tallied in the 'official' count. Tell that to their families.

16 words among 160,000 lies backed up by spineless networks and newspapers that were used to send our lambs to slaughter. Promises of instant citizenship to young Hispanos and Hispanas to lure them to their deaths in the meat-grinder of Iraq. Millions paid to Blackwater to snipe at Iraqi civilians. Billions paid to Halliburton and its KBR subsidiary to do history's crappiest job of reconstruction ever. Billions spent on incendiary devices to burn alive hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. That's another number the Bush regime has lied about. The Time cover of the little Vietnamese girl with the clothes burned off her body is etched in the minds of most Americans, so heavy censorship of death images has been Bush policy from the beginning. The ruling party certainly knows how to kill, but they're even better at covering it up and lying about it.

Long before they engineered 9-11, they planned to invade Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. The Downing Street Memo exposed the plot. It got David Kelly killed. Read the British press, the Guardian details the cover-up. The PNAC documents the neocons' hegemonic schemes for world domination, and controlling the resources of the Middle East is key. There's way too much money to be made in stealing Arab oil, and some pesky laws like the Constitution, Bush's 'goddamned piece of paper', are not about to stop them. Lebanon was just a dry run for Iran. They wanted to see if they could destroy underground command and control systems with American weaponry. Not this time. Turns out that a lot of Israelis aren't too happy that they got conned into running point for the neocons' war exercise. Cheney has been pushing hard for bombing Iran. The Generals aren't behind him, for they've actually been to war and know better. But these guys are known for stupidity -- Cheney's dogs, that is. Cheney camped out at NSA and CIA HQ breathing down their necks until he got the intel he wanted. And if he didn't get it, he just made it up. Well, Mr. Dick, there you go again. Except this time, we're not buying it. If any members of the House and Senate are listening, you'd better pay attention as well. Lieberman is consigned to the hubris-heap of history. Those who give aid and comfort to the enemies of the Constitution will be similarly dispatched. Gutless journalists and vile commentators will find their U.S. citizenship revoked. The people of this once great country want it back. That means goodbye to the corporations and their lobbyists. We are sick of your endless wars. No more of our kids for your meat-grinders. You want wars? Go fight 'em yourselves.

New Uranium Allegations directed at Iran (globalresearch.ca)


Subject: A Modest Campaign Financing Proposal

The biggest problem in our political system for progressives is the dominance of big money: the capacity of those who do big money's bidding and/or those who have the power of incumbency to outspend any possible opponent (other than millionaires like Corzine and Lamont). Here is a proposal that would go a long way towards solving this problem: if one candidate outspends the others, the government awards all other bone fide candidates the same amount, so that every qualifying candidate ends up with the same amount to spend.

A "level playing field law" of this kind would have the added benefit of removing the incentive to spend. For example, an incumbent might refrain from using his or her money-raising advantage because that would automatically give a lesser known opponent the resources he or she needs to become better known, especially in the least competitive districts and states. It also has a populist appeal: suppose Bill Gates decides to devote his entire fortune to becoming President: then Joe Citizen, who meets the qualifications for equal money, would be able to match Gates dollar for dollar all the way to election day. Voilà: a genuinely level playing field.

The details could be worked out if there were ever a chance of implementing this proposal as law. Persons could qualify, for example, if they scored 10% or more in bona fide polls over a certain period of time, or if they could get enough people to sign petitions (though with strict controls to prevent big money from financing petition drives, e.g. no more $10 per contributor, no more than ten people from the same company permitted to contribute, etc.)

I think it would at the very least be a great thing for MoveOn and others to champion this cause. For who can oppose it except the tiny elite who benefit from the status quo?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Murtha: Do Your Homework On Him

I enjoy BuzzFlash for its variety of news sources but its leanings are definitely in the Democratic Party column. Unfortunately, the DP is absolutely complicit in the war and your headlines fail to hold them accountable. Take Murtha for example. "Go John Go" you say.

Why is he so much for redeploying the troops? Is he anti-war. Hell no. He happens to be the largest recipient of donations from the armaments industry that is focused on air power. Get it? Redeploy and let the air wars begin.

Do your homework on him.

Myles Hoenig
Green Party and a real anti-war activist
Baltimore, MD

Subject: Signing Statements and a Possibility

So far Bush has attached more than 800 signing statements to bills passed by Congress, and they essentially state that he can ignore the law if he wants to.

Perhaps his confidence in the face of low poll numbers is that he also plans to ignore the Constitutional Amendment that limits him to two terms.

After all, we already know what he thinks of the Constitution and bills passed by Congress.

Mike Curtis
Greenbrier Ark

Subject: Religion

Just as Torah Judaism was overcome by Rabbinical Judaism and led to the Zionist State; Protestant Christianity has taken power and produced the Neo-cons. Religion has been secularized by corporate capitalism, and global hegemony has been justified by Old Testament militarism in Christian clothing. Rapture-obsessed Christians are either unaware of the depth of the Deception, or they are, themselves, minions. Christ's message and example included sacrifice of the one, or few, for the benefit of the many. The current regime lies, steals, kills for the benefit of the few over the many. This is a symptom or sign of AntiChrist, no less.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: John Mark Karr's 3 Trips to the Bathroom

Thank you, CNN, for providing such important details on the ongoing 24/7 "news" about the person who may or may not have killed JonBenet Ramsey in Colorado 10 years ago. Sending a reporter to ride along and interview people who sat behind him on the plane, wow. "How does it feel to be on the plane with an accused murderer?"

And now we learn--brace yourself for this "developing news" this morning--he made three trips to the bathroom on the plane, escorted of course by security people who "held their foot in the door so the door wouldn't close." Gee.

What a news story! What details! Gosh, I can't wait till the next installment. Are you going to cover what he had for breakfast when he got off the plane? A bagel? Croissants? How does he take his coffee, with or without sugar? You've already covered his wardrobe selection oh let's see, three times last time I counted. Are we going to get a shot of him in his prison garb (tomorrow's "feature story"!).

A two-minute report would have sufficed when he was arrested. Then you shouldn't report on this "story" again until the verdict of the trial is in. This pattern of doing a story to death (as a distraction from more pressing, and much more important news) is disquieting. Why are we told more about O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, the freeway snipers, Kobe Bryant, Scott Peterson, Natalie Holloway, the runaway bride, and now John Mark Karr, day after day after day after their initial news event than we are about the ongoing mess in Iraq or the fact that our president has broken the law and declares that he will continue to do so?

Waiting with anticipation for the next installment of the John Mark Karr crime-story "news" -- let me guess: close-up shots of his prison cell in Colorado (show the sink and toilet, and maybe provide a graphic chart of the cell-measurements and oh yes, don't forget interviews with his prison guard. I can't wait.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Divided Nation Under God

As divided as we are as a nation we have a bunch of nutcakes trying to divide us even further using religion. Anyone with intellect of an amoeba knows how well that works for the well-being of a Nation. Iraq, anyone? Shia, Sunni, Kurd, division ring a bell?

Religious Fundamentalists are constantly trying to divide this country. They don’t like that this country has been a place where religions could live together in acceptance. That will never do. We all must march to the beat of their drum. “This is a Christian Nation,” they thunder. “Not so,” truth thunders back. We are a country that has the division of church and state in the very fiber of our birth as a nation.

Fundamentalists don’t seem to pay a whole lot of attention to the teachings of Jesus, which is what being a Christian means. Instead they find the Old Testament with its blood and guts far more in line with their beliefs. Yuck!

Remember reading about the reign of King Henry VIII in England? The deaths this horny old fool caused seemed unbelievable. Protestants barbequed Catholics and Catholics barbequed Protestants and it all seemed so incredibly stupid. Why should anyone care how someone else worshipped?

Fast forward from England in the 16th Century to the USA in the 21st and you find the same mindset. We haven’t started burning at the stake yet, but we have degraded to punishing people for the way they worship. Think not? How much of a chance do you think an agnostic would have of being elected to office? The first thing most politicians rush to tell you these days is that they are Christians.

If religion were the only reason to vote for a candidate, that would eliminate my least favorite and most favorite Senators. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. I can’t speak for voters in Connecticut who voted for Lieberman, but I can speak for why I voted for Feingold here in Wisconsin. It had nothing to do with his religion. It was all about honesty and integrity. Both his and mine.


Marjorie L. Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: What "Security Moms" Should Ask

"When 'stay the course' leads us over a cliff, is it time to 'cut & run'?" I know how busy moms are. And I know that it can be hard for moms to work and do everything required to run a household and still find the time to analyze what they're hearing in the news. I get it, I truly do. But I was still surprised by Republican supporting 'security moms' quoted in the Washington Post article, "Republicans losing the 'Security Moms." One woman, while explaining why she supported the war in Iraq, said, "... they came here and rammed bombs into us ... " Another said, "... when a bully slaps you in the face, you slap them back."

It is 2006. There has been more than enough time and evidence for even the busiest mom to understand that it was not Iraq that "rammed bombs" into us. However evil Saddam was, he wasn't the bully who slapped us in the face. How can these women still not know that we are waging war against a country that did not attack us? More importantly, that we are not waging war against those who did? A Republican pollster quoted in the article says: "They (the security moms), are increasingly unwilling to sustain the sort of sacrifices that we have to make ... "

This growing unwillingness may be because these moms are looking at their 5 and 6 year olds and realizing that it is increasingly likely that these kids will reach enlistment age and we will still be fighting in Iraq. I would hope that these moms are also waking up to the fact that if this "War on Terror" is still going on when their kids reach enlistment age, it may be because we attacked Iraq instead of those who attacked us. But if these moms have any idea that we have just spent the last five years not going after the people behind 9/11, it doesn't show. One Bush supporting mom is quoted as saying, "We need somebody who is not going to make us take more steps back," as she thinks President Clinton did in the 1990s."My interest is what happened to us on 9/11."

If that is true, if her interest really is "what happened to us on 9/11," and not just playing the tired Republican 'blame Clinton' game, how did she miss the fact that this Republican Administration deliberately responded to being attacked by attacking a country that did not attack us? It wasn't the Mullahs of Afghanistan or Saddam who attacked us. But that's who we went after. Even though they provided Osama refuge, the Mullahs did not orchestrate, supply, or finance 9/11. Throwing them out of power was satisfying for purposes of revenge, but irrelevant for the purpose of stopping those who attacked us from attacking again.

And Osama? Osama is still free. He was the one connection to 9/11 that we had and this Republican Administration made a macho, blustery, bravado-filled pretense of going after him. After a few years of lackluster and questionable attempts to catch him -- they simply gave up and let him go free. They even shut down the unit tasked with finding him. Heckuva job 'staying the course.'

Saddam also did not orchestrate, supply, or finance 9/11. Catching him did not decrease terrorism. Since we have removed him, there has been more terrorism than ever. Could this be because the fear-mongering Republicans in charge let the real perpetrators go free? Did they think the terrorists would just go away if we attacked Iraq? One security mom said, "I understand terrorism and the threat, but I am sick of hearing about it." Well, mom, you better get used to it. As long as Republicans are running the show, we are stuck in Iraq, fighting the wrong war, and this will not end.

It's good that security moms are rethinking their support for this misbegotten war and the Republicans who forced it on us. But they'd better think quickly; their kids aren't getting any younger. Moms who voted for Bush in 2002 because they believed Republicans would be better at protecting their 13 year olds, now have 17 year olds. And those 17 year olds go to high schools where military recruiters spend a good part of their work week looking for young bodies to fill the dwindling ranks of the infantry while hyping the glories of war and the Republicans' unwinnable Faux War on Terror.

Meanwhile, the real perpetrators of 9/11 are still out there, Republicans, who have controlled all three branches of government since 9/11, have not caught them and aren't even looking for them. It's time to cut & run -- away from Republicans.

As a postscript, I would like to add the following: On Sept. 11th, 2001, I did what parents all over the country did. I rushed to my children's school and pulled them out and brought them home. We still didn't know then whether we were at the beginning or end of an attack. My kids were 13 & 15 at the time. My son is now 19 and has been a Marine for a year. If we're going to fight this fight, for God's Sake, at least let us fight the right fight. And that isn't in Iraq. The real enemy in this battle is in Riyadh - and occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The above was posted as a comment to Frank Rich's article: "Five Years After 9/11."


I don't know who wrote it, but I agree with everything that was stated and think these ideas deserve wider distribution ... especially among Republican 'security-moms' who are still supporting Bush's policies. If they're forced to "think ahead," maybe they'll also be forced to re-think their positions. This is why I'm attaching a copy to my "Impeach Bush" sign in front of my house (I live in a mostly Republican neighborhood), and sending it to my e-mail group (who hopefully will send it BCC to their groups), my local newspaper as a 'letter-to-the-editor', and to BuzzFlash for their mailbag. From the newspaper and the BF mailbag, who knows. Maybe it could even reach those Republican moms.

Joyce Zborower
Tempe, AZ

Subject: Bye-Bye Internet

Here it comes. The free/neutral internet is about to go the way of the equal time and fairness in media statutes that were murdered by Reagan/Bush. The victory of Mr. Lamont in CT will galvanize the Senate into taking action with regard to the "internet problem." They will hand over the internet to the Big Communication Corporations and eliminate free speech. I am not sure if this will affect Dial-up service. Some say that it would be too difficult for BigComsCorps to stifle dial-up. I am no expert with regard to "the internets," though I'm pretty sure it is not a series of tubes. But if I can continue to get BuzzFlash, Crooks and Liars, Daily Kos et al. on the dial-up -- I plan to drop my cable service like a hot potato. We've already eliminated the banal, lying cable TV "service" anyway (propaganda anyone?). Yes, even though dial-up is a pain in the tush; this is a pain I will gladly tolerate for the sake of obtaining the truth. If it serves to hurt the powers that are fighting to stifle our democracy -- so much the better! Do you suppose that it might be inconvenient for BigComsCorps to suddenly lose hundreds of thousands of lucrative cable contracts? Just asking...

Mick Unum
Glendale, AZ

Subject: Court Rightly Rejects Bush’s Grab for Power

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." - 4th Amendment to the Constitution

On August 17 in a suit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union, U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit ruled that Bush’s warrantless Terrorist Surveillance Program is in violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the Separation of Powers doctrine, the Administrative Procedures Act, and the First and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution.

President Bush, however, is determined to spy on us without a court order so it’s not surprising that he voiced his profound displeasure with the decision and has declared his determination to appeal the ruling. As expected he is trying to salvage whatever political advantage he can out of this judicial denunciation of his audacious power grab. With the help of Karl Rove, Ken Mehlman and the rest of the RNC he is circulating the blatant lie that Democrats are opposed to wiretapping terrorists. They’re not.

Bush first told us that warrants were obtained for all wiretapping; that was a lie. Then he said that taps were conducted only if one of the parties was in a foreign country; that too was a lie. Now he says that we’re at war and he doesn’t need a warrant under any circumstances. This is, of course, absurd on the face of it. The problem is that Bush doesn’t want a sworn record of whom he’s tapping and why.

Obtaining a warrant from the FISA court is a simple, even routine matter; only 4 of more than 20,000 requests have ever been denied in FISA’s 27-year history. However getting a warrant is more than a mere technical nuisance; it furnishes a sworn record of the reasons for the need to wiretap and it gives assurance that it is not a capricious intrusion on civil liberties.

Let’s get something straight; neither I nor any other liberal Democrat I know of has any serious objection to government eavesdropping in the legitimate pursuit of criminal activity, especially potential terror attacks. If surveillance is conducted without a sworn record of the reasons for it then how are we to know that the tap isn’t made simply because Bush or an agent acting under his direction has a "gut feeling" that those being surveilled are up to no good? Or for political reasons or even for personal enrichment? Should I trust him? Should anybody?

The constitution says that we don’t have to, he must satisfy a court that there is probable cause to believe that the person being wire-tapped might be doing something wrong. It’s clear to anyone who has a healthy skepticism of government that the only reasonable explanation for Bush’s desire to evade this requirement is that he’s spying for purposes other than national security, and he’s loathe to leave a paper trail that would expose his political or even criminal intent.

I don’t trust the government to have unchecked powers over individuals -- regardless of who the President is -- that’s why the Bill of Rights was included in the Constitution. If a President has the kind of authority over us that Bush claims, then the nation the founders created is dead and its citizens are nothing more than feudal vassals. It makes little difference to the serf whether he’s captive of a domestic tyrant or a foreign one, his enslavement is the same.

Robert R. Regl
Hattiesburg, MS

Subject: Bush Press Conference Monday

Watching the presidential press conference this morning as I write this, I can only wonder if the journalists perceive this man as I do: Mad as a hatter!

He sprinkles his ramblings with irrelevant remarks and inappropriate leering grins. He makes a statement, then belabors it by repeating it in different arrangements of the same thing. Get it? Huh?

Of all the presidents I have lived under, starting with Franklin Roosevelt, I have never felt so concerned about a president's competence. Bush's words and delivery at this moment are sickening, totally lacking in sensibility and seriousness, devoid of reassurance and intelligent thought.

The mainstream media has avoided reporting or commenting on Bush's response to the judicial ruling against his unwarranted monitoring of citizens' phone calls. Those remarks reveal a person who refuses to recognize any constitutional restraints upon his powers. Of course, they have been too busy keeping our attention focused on the JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect. Incidentally, I join another BuzzFlash reader in wondering why the Department of Homeland Security had one of its men bringing the suspect back to the U.S.

Spare us another press conference. Please!! They are not press conferences, they are occasions for the president to regurgitate from his confused mind without interruption.

Creed Ballew

Subject: Bush Press Conference This Morning

My God, how long can this go on.

How long can this country watch this moron grasping the edges of his podium stammering out things like: "We are fighting extremists who use tactics to achieve objectives," or to continue drawing direct connections between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein? How long can we put up with a sycophantic press corps that giggles fawningly every time the moron at the podium makes a crack at a reporter's suit or hair or makes some other lame-ass joke -- right after chillingly warning everyone in the room against asking relevant questions or printing the truth about our abominable government?

We need a constitutional amendment prescribing some real power and principles for the Fourth Estate: regularly scheduled required press conferences; press representatives at each event to be chosen by a combination of outlet circulation and by lottery of small outlet and private citizen applications -- with no input whatsoever from the administration; questioning sequence chosen by lottery -- with no input whatsoever from the administration; each question gets one automatic follow-up question with the option of appealing to a moderator for additional follow-ups, if necessary;

Ken Duerksen
Oxford, Ohio

Subject: Is Bush an Idiot?

This is from 2002 ...

Canadian official called Bush 'a moron' (CBC)

I think you guys were just slow in catching on.

P. Hertel
Kanata, ON, Canada

Subject: Pity the Little Bushy-bot

Being a Liberal I find it hard not to feel a little pity for the Pinhead in the White House. Poor little Bushy-Bot is so used to being wound up and sent out on his mission to scare the citizens into voting for Republicans and to bolster his sagging poll numbers that he must be stunned by the latest results.

No matter how many times he jumps up and down and yells “9/11, 9/11,” the people are not cowering in fear. “Foiled Terrorist Plot” barely raised the eyebrows of most citizens with the exception of the talking heads on television. They went into total hysteria. Perhaps anticipating a huge viewer surge that never happened scared them worse than the terror plot. If they can’t count on frightening people into crouching in front of their television sets to await the latest tidbit of information told over and over again, what will happen to their ratings? Now that’s scary.

Come to think about it, liberal or not, I have no pity for the dimwitted little Bushy-bot. Stupidity doesn’t deserve pity when it reaches this level. Not when so many suffer for his foolishness. Bushy-Bot has been privileged all his life. Undoubtedly he will be privileged in the afterlife too. I’m sure a special place in hell is being reserved just for him.

Marjorie L. Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: Video: Bush: What Did Iraq Have to Do with the attacks of the World Trade Center? "Nothin'" To:


Bush, "Nobody's ever suggested (in this administration) that the attacks of September 11th were ordered by Iraq."

When 48% of Americans still believe Hussein was involved with 9/11, this meme needs to be repeated endlessly.

Full transcript at: http://www.rawstory.com/news/2006/Bush_calls_Lebanon_aid_troops_0821.html


Steve Corrick

Subject: The Silence of the Media Is Deafening

It has now been four days since a Federal Judge ruled the President of the U.S., George W. Bush, has been systematically breaking the law without any valid defense, and has been violating the constitutional rights of Americans. Such an event is unprecedented in the history of our country. Such an event, had it occurred under President Clinton, would have dominated the Atlanta Journal and Constitution (AJC), our local Marietta Daily Journal (MDJ) front pages, and mainstream media for months. But the AJC barely gives it a 6-inch column on the front page on the day after the ruling (Friday, August 18), "Eavesdrop Program Ruled Illegal." The MDJ gave it even less space.

And what dominated the front page of the AJC for the following three days? The break in the 10-year-old Ramsey case. Yes, a tragic case, but in the grand scheme of things should merit only the most minor attention on the back pages.

A Federal judge has found our President criminally liable and probably warranting impeachment. So what does the AJC talk about? Friday - The Ramsey Case and Cartoonists in Atlanta. Saturday - The Ramsey Case, Illegal Immigration, and Arts in the Suburbs. Sunday - The Ramsey Case, Little League, and Veterans going to College. Monday - The Ramsey Case, Football, and Boat Racing as a Way to Face Cancer

And of the most important case of Presidential betrayal in the history of our country? Nothing! The President has really no higher responsibility other than to "preserve protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States" and to ensure that its laws are faithfully executed. In both of these tasks, George W. Bush has been found guilty of criminal behavior.

And what of the media? By their silence, they are guilty of aiding and abetting these crimes. So much for the fourth estate and the so-called "liberal media." And how about our Congress? It sits on its collective rump and looks the other way. So what is the solution?

We must take back at least the House of Representatives this November. We must support our Democratic candidates with our time, our labor, and our money. Give whatever you can, but understand that the time for simply going to meetings and dropping $5, $10, and $20 bills in a jar is past. It is time to get out our checkbooks and put real money where our mouth is. Our country, our freedom, our nation depends on it.

Let's not let the silence of the media become the silence of the lambs.

Sander Bellman
Marietta, GA