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Thursday, 24 August 2006 01:33

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 24, 2006 Part 1

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Subject: Thank You Judge Anna Diggs Taylor

This website was launched to offer support for the Honorable Anna Diggs Taylor. We feel she is yet another example of a great American patriot and civil servant working to protect the rights we all cherish. Unfortunately, Judge Taylor's objectivity and professional reputation will likely be disparaged by those who choose loyalty to a corrupt Bush Administration over critical thinking and the rule of law as defined by the United States Constitution. Please offer her your support by signing our guest book and taking a moment to learn more about her and her landmark ruling against the Bush Administration.


I have not seen a link to this site on BuzzFlash, and I'm sure that your readers would like to add comments to the guest book.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: To beat them at their own game we need to see these headlines before November


... or a reasonable facsimile.

Los Angeles

Subject: Rockey

How nice that this guy 'ROCKEY" is able to afford $3/gallon gas to pull his 'trailer' with his gas guzzler pick-up all the way to the W H to tell W what a great job (heck of a job) he has been doing in New Orleans. How he wishes he could be pres. for 4 more years !!

Whose relative of a relative is Rockey ???

Bush Meets With Katrina Activist Who Wishes ‘The President Could Have Another Term In Office’ (Think Progress)

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Citizens Not Consumers

I was enraged after 9/11 when the President of the United States told us to go shopping. How dare he diminish the horror of 9/11? Solve our problems at the mall?

In the five years since then it’s easy to see why the Pinhead In The White House would say that. He sees the people of this country as “consumers” not “citizens.” Once you make that connection it becomes clear the way decisions are made in Washington.

We don’t have a Senate and a House of Representatives. We have boardrooms. We have representatives whose only concern is for the bottom lines of the corporations that fund them. They sit in their elected positions and ignore the well-being of the citizens they represent.

Americans are being marketed. Many fall for P.R. campaigns cooked up by those whose job it is to get them to want things they don’t need and buy “stuff” they can’t afford. Which would explain why indebtedness is horrendously high and savings are non-existent.

We are up to our empty heads in stuff we have no use for, no room in our homes for and serve to enrich the corporations that own our government. And we just go shopping.

It’s nearly time to send our kids back to school and so America will once again go into an orgy of overspending. Going further into debt.

Some people's opinions seem to ride a pogo stick. Let any little factoid enter their sphere and their opinion goes up or down. Evidently having nothing of substance between their ears keep facts from finding something to adhere to and thus the tide ebbs and flows by sound bite.

We can be active in our hometowns. We can write letters to the editors till our fingers atrophy. We can volunteer at polling places. We can sign petitions and write letters to our Senators, and our Congressperson. We can do all these things. What we can not do and will never overcome is the appalling ignorance of many of our fellow citizens. It is enough to make this old lady cry.

Marjorie L. Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: Rush Limbaugh Questions Patriotism

My letter to The Rush Limbaugh Show:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a retired career firefighter. I was seriously injured in the line of duty. It took three years of therapy for me to be able to walk without falling down as the result of a partial spinal cord injury. I disagree with the policies of George W. Bush.

Rush thinks that people like me lack patriotism. This is the coward who avoided a war in Vietnam because he had a pimple on his ample posterior. This is the creature who ridiculed a fourteen-year-old Chelsea Clinton on national radio, calling her "the whitehouse dog." This is the servile lump of a corporate flak who was arrested for drug abuse and got off with a slap on his pudgy little hands - after saying that more white people should be imprisoned for drug abuse. This is the "family values" supporter who got busted returning from the child sex capital of the Caribbean with a bottle full of boner pills.

All things considered, I am not much concerned about what Rush says. What has Rush ever done for his country and his fellow citizens?


Michael J Fowler
Firefighter/Paramedic, retired
Glendale AZ

Subject: Nov. Election

Being an election year, you wouldn't believe Bush would even bring up the insolvency of social security and medicare. He can't be that stupid or does he know the Nov election is already in the bag.

Scott Sanford
Louisville, KY

Subject: CT Laws say Lieberman Can No Longer be Democrat


Sec. 9-60. Discretionary erasure or exclusion from enrollment list for lack of good-faith party affiliation; citation and hearing. Whenever the registrar of voters of any political party, or any deputy registrar thereof in cases where it is provided by law that the deputy registrar shall act in the place and stead of the registrar, is of the opinion that any person on the enrollment list, or any person applying to be placed upon the enrollment list, of the political party which such registrar or deputy registrar represents is not affiliated with, or in good faith a member of, that political party and does not intend to support its principles or candidates, such registrar or deputy registrar, as the case may be, shall cite such person to appear before him and the chairman of the town committee of such political party, or before him and the chairman of the same party committee of the ward or voting district, if in a town divided into wards or voting districts; or, where there is no such chairman, or in the absence or disability of such chairman, before him and any enrolled member of the same political party chosen by such registrar or deputy registrar, to show cause why his name should not be erased or excluded from such enrollment list. Such citation shall be in writing and shall state the time when and place where such person shall appear, and shall be served upon or left at the usual place of abode of such person at least two days before the time fixed for such hearing upon such citation, which time shall not be less than one week before the next succeeding caucus or primary of such political party. The person leaving or serving such citation shall make a record of the date and time of leaving or serving the same and shall make a return to the registrar or deputy registrar, within thirty-six hours thereafter, of the date and time when such citation was left or served. If, at any such hearing, it appears to such registrar and such chairman or party member or to such deputy registrar and such chairman or party member, as the case may be, that it is not the bona fide intention of such person to affiliate with, or that such person is not affiliating with, such political party and does not intend to support the principles or candidates of such party, his name may thereupon be erased or excluded from the enrollment list of such party. If any elector upon whom a citation to appear, as herein provided, has been served fails to appear at the time and place fixed for such hearing, such registrar or deputy registrar may take such action as to the erasure or exclusion of the name of such elector as the facts warrant.

(1949 Rev., S. 1176; 1953, S. 561d; 1967, P.A. 902, S. 1; P.A. 83-475, S. 12, 43; P.A. 97-154, S. 9, 27.)

History: 1967 act added exception in the case of name of elector appearing on ballot label of an elector only under party designation other than the party in which enrolled; P.A. 83-475 made section applicable to applicants for enrollment; P.A. 97-154 deleted exemption from discretionary erasure or exclusion provisions for case where name of elector appears on ballot only under party designation other than that of party with which he is enrolled, effective July 1, 1997.

"Intention to affiliate" means an intention to support the principles of the party and customarily support its candidates. 144 C. 1.

Mere signing of a petition for new political party does not warrant the opinion, as provided in statute, that such person is not affiliated with the party which registrar of voters or his deputy represents. 16 CS 6. Cited. 31 CS 89, 90.

Sec. 9-61. Prima facie evidence supporting discretionary erasure or exclusion. Enrollment in any other political party or organization, active affiliation with any other political party or organization, knowingly being a candidate at any primary or caucus of any other party or political organization, or being a candidate for office under the designation of another party or organization, within a period of two years prior to the date of the notice as provided in section 9-60 shall be prima facie evidence that any elector committing any such act is not affiliated with, or in good faith a member of, and does not intend to support the principles or candidates of the party upon the enrollment list of which his name appears or in which his application for enrollment is pending; and, upon reasonable proof of the commission of any one of such acts, the name of any such elector may be stricken or excluded from such list and such erasure or exclusion shall be effective for a period of two years from the date of any such act. The same procedure as to notice to appear thereon, return and hearing shall be followed as provided in section 9-60. If, after full hearing, such registrar and chairman or party member or such deputy registrar and chairman or party member, as the case may be, find that the name of any such elector has been wrongfully or improperly stricken or excluded from such list, such name shall be forthwith placed upon the enrollment list.

(1949 Rev., S. 1177; 1953, S. 562d; 1967, P.A. 902, S. 2; 1969, P.A. 122, S. 1; P.A. 83-475, S. 13, 43; P.A. 97-154, S. 10, 27.)

History: 1967 act added provision for removal from enrollment list of name of an elector whose name appeared on any ballot label of an election only under party designation other than that of party in which enrolled, removal to be for period of time equal to term of office for which he was candidate; 1969 act changed removal to period of time beginning on day of election and ending at termination of term of office and further provided that he might then apply for enrollment in the party; P.A. 83-475 made section applicable to applicants for enrollment and specified two-year period for erasure or exclusion; P.A. 97-154 repealed provision for mandatory erasure from enrollment list for name of elector appearing on ballot only under party designation other than that of party with which he is enrolled, effective July 1, 1997.

Knowingly becoming a candidate for office on ticket of a new party automatically separates voter from his former party. 102 C. 607. Cited. 144 C. 1.

Cited. 16 CS 6. The words, "at an election only under a party designation other than that of the party with which he is enrolled", make it clear that the legislature intended a party could run on a dual ticket. 31 CS 89, 92.

Happy to tell you that LIEberman can no longer call or consider himself a DEMOCRAT!! READ THE LAWS "DINO JOE"!!

Section 9-60 and 9-61 From http://connecticutblog.blogspot.com/

Kick the bum out? Oh, now this is VERY interesting...

Some two dozen activists, camera crews and reporters squeezed into the narrow entry to the second-floor Registrar of Voters office to present their request to Ferrucci. Ferrucci said she wasn't familiar with the law. In a friendly encounter with the surprise crowd in her office, Ferrucci promised, "I will read it and get back to you" within 48 hours or sooner.

The activists cited Section 9-61 of Chapter 143 of the state statutes in their request. That section allows for a Democrat's party affiliation to be "stricken or excluded" for two years if he runs for office as a candidate of a different party. To read the section of the statute, click here.

Daniel Tapper, a spokesman for the Secretary of the State's Office, said the decision rests first with the local registrar about whether to begin proceedings to remove a candidate's voting affiliation; then with the local party town committee about whether actually to strip the registration. He said another relevant section of the statute is 9-60. To read that section, click here.

It's time to bombard Harry Reid with e-mails telling him of these laws!!!! After all, Joe is already working with Republicans like Santorum!!

Tom Wieliczka

Subject: Bush and Flatulence

The comments on Bush's obsession with flatulence and aversion to women: sounds like "cut and run" to me ...

Ted Hazelton
Oklahoma City, OK

Subject: How To Behave Like an Elected Official

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Republican Gov. Frank Murkowski, whose perceived missteps over the past four years have turned him into one of the most unpopular governors in state history, soundly lost his bid for re-election after finishing last in a hotly contested three-way race for the Republican nomination. Murkowski shook Palin's hand in the middle of a crowd of her supporters, all waving signs. "Congratulations, you've got my support. I'll do everything to see that you're elected," Murkowski told her

Alaska governor loses bid for 2nd term (AP/Yahoo)

Maybe we should all send a copy of this to Lieberman, showing him what a defeated candidate is supposed to do. It's something when Republicans act better than some "Democrats."

Mike Curtis
Greenbrier, Ark.

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