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Friday, 25 August 2006 09:53

Here Comes Another Assault on Our Liberties

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When is it ever going to stop? The abuse and criminal activity from this Bush administration. Reimbursement? ... Let's start with the confiscation of all of those who have profited off of the illegal Iraq war ... starting with the Bush administration and allowing the ripples to go as far as they can go ... we Americans shouldn't have to pay for this treasonous war, and, oh, there is so much more that we Americans should not be paying for and should be reimbursed.

Bush and his criminal cohorts are constantly dismantling our Bill of Rights by establishing their own laws, which to me, I'm not a lawyer, but for any person in government, "who works for the people," in other words is nothing more than an employee of the people, should be able to write their own laws against any retaliation by citizens who have had their rights taken away and is trying to prevent such lawsuits.

Senate to Take Up Dangerous Religious Liberties Legislation in September

In September, the Senate is scheduled to take up the "Public Expression of Religion Act," an act that essentially protects the free expression of some individuals, at the expense of millions of others. The bill would prevent individuals, often religious minorities, from having their attorneys' fees reimbursed if they win a lawsuit regarding claims made under the Establishment Clause.

"Religious freedom cannot be protected if Congress prevents Americans from taking legal action when their freedom has been violated," Caroline Fredrickson, Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office said. "This bill would keep Americans from standing up for their right to keep government out of religion."

The ability to recover attorneys' fees in civil rights and constitutional cases, including Establishment Clause cases, is necessary to help protect the religious freedom of all Americans and keep government out of religion. People who successfully prove the government has violated their constitutional rights would, under the bill, be required to pay their own legal fees -- often totaling tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Few citizens can afford to do so. But more importantly, citizens should not be required to pay when the court finds that they are in the right.

The elimination of attorneys' fees would also deter attorneys from taking cases in which the government has acted unconstitutionally. In many cases, religious minorities would be unable to obtain legal representation to defend themselves when the government violates their religious freedom. The bill would apply even to cases involving illegal religious coercion of public school children or blatant discrimination against particular religions.

American Civil Liberties Union : ACLU Letter to the Senate Urging Opposition of (S. 3696) the Public Expressions of Religion

In my mind, those who work for this government should be reduced just to that mindset ... and that work should "never" encompass anything close to touching our Constitution and our Bill of Rights ... the problem with US government, and there are many serious problems, is that, people who commit crimes, never get fired, such as our Executive Branch and they are never made accountable, instead, they are allowed to keep abusing their power granted to this Bush administration through election fraud and a bipartisan Supreme Court ... Bush, in the real world, if we had one, should not be granted any such power. Let him clean the bathrooms if he so enjoys the humor that comes from there.

Thanks BuzzFlash,

Shirley Smith