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Saturday, 26 August 2006 00:48

How Can You Blame Bush? There's Just a One Letter Difference Between Iran and Iraq

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Ah yes, need we remind you that it was Donald Rumsfeld who was Reagan's emissary to Saddam Hussein -- and that the Reagan Administration sided with Iraq in the ruinous Iraq-Iran War in the 80s that killed millions of people?

Iraq was the Sunni counterweight to the Shiite Mullahs in Iran. Saddam was a cruel but secular Sunni leader. In realpolitiks, he kept Iran's territorial and Shiite Crescent ambitions in check. We don't justify Saddam and we think he was a barbaric leader, but the facts of realpolitik speak for themselves. In attacking Iraq and getting bogged down in a civil war, Bush has enabled Iran as a regional power.

Ain't it ironic? It's almost as if Bush were doing Iran's work for it. After all, they fought the war over some waterway to a stalemate with Iraq. Millions of people died for nothing. Children were cannon fodder.

Then Bush goes in and achieves Iran's goals for it.

Uh, what's that about Bush being a Manchurian Candidate again?

Now, the Neo-cons are going around the right wing echo chamber mouthing the mantra that it wasn't Iraq that was the problem; it is Iran.

Oops! Getting that one letter right at the end of "Ira" can be tricky for Bush. "N" and "Q" are very close in the alphabet, after all. And for a guy who sat through the first few minutes of 9/11 trying to read "My Pet Goat," spelling can be a challenge.