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Monday, 17 July 2006 06:17

While Civilians on Both Sides Perish in ME, Bush Goes from Pig Talk to Shi*!

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As civilians on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian war perish, Bush has advanced from his rudderless, leaderless talk of a pig dinner in Germany to barnyard expletives at the G-8 conference.

Sadly, BuzzFlash is not making this up. This is how America is represented in foreign policy as the tinderbox ignites.

In case you missed it over the weekend, here is a BuzzFlash editorial that discusses our views on the current bloody battle between Israel, Hamas, and Hezbollah:


We strive to have a balanced perspective on this eternal conflict, and we believe this editorial lays out our position well.

Alas, we get vitriolic feedback claiming that we are "anti-Palestinian" on the one hand and "anti-Israeli" on the other. The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is like a mirror; many impassioned readers will see in it their own perpsective, whatever BuzzFlash writes.

We share the horror and the revulsion of the death and bloodshed. Like many, we feel helpless.

We can take the heat. It's a democracy, after all.

But we do encourage our readers to be informed about our perspective -- and not just read one headline and draw conclusions.

We believe in a two-state solution (with secure borders for both Israel and Palestine), were the extremists on both sides to be kept from stoking the coals.