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Thursday, 31 August 2006 04:00

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 31, 2006

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BuzzFlash Note: Mailbag will appear on a sporadic basis for a few more days. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Subject: How much blood for oil? US casualties rise to 21,868

I've been so frustrated by the media efforts to minmize US occupation casualties in Iraq, I've tried to produce a more accurate weekly summary. This week's follows.

Military components of the US occupation of Iraq suffered 183 combat casualties in the week ending Aug 28 (up from 108 last week), bringing the total since the invasion to 21,868. Casualties from hostile causes included 19,773 wounded and 2,095 killed in action US media choose to hide this total from the public by deviating from previous practice and ignoring troops wounded in action. Instead, they generally report only the much lower figure of 2,634 total deaths, which includes 539 (same as last week) from what the Pentagon classifies as "non hostile " causes. The survivors of those victims do not receive the same benefits and support as KIAs.

The public is also given deliberately minimized and false casualty totals because the Pentagon keeps secret and the media do not investigate another estimated 20,000 casualties--troops whose often life-altering injuries were sustained from the same "non-hostile" causes it reports death from.

See the old CBS news report below--note that its 15,000 figure is now almost 2 years old. The true total of US military casualties is over 40,000 For one of the only mainstream reports on the 20,000 uncounted US casualties in Iraq, go to "Iraq: The Uncounted:Bob Simon Talks To Injured GIs Not Included In War Casualty Count" broadcast on CBS News Nov. 21, 2004.  


Subject: Islamic Fascism?

The new Republican buzz phrase this week is "Islamic Fascism," saying that anyone who questions the Iraq war is immoral and is the kind of person who would have appeased Hitler. Excuse me? Who was it that decided to lie our way into a war with Iraq? Who was it that decided torturing people was OK? Who supports kidnapping people off the street and rendering them to countries where they are tortured and killed?

We do have a problem with a new kind of fascism. Rumsfield is the fascist and he is the one who is emulating Hitler. If not for the Republicans we could actually deal with real Islamic terrorists rather than fighting fake wars against the wrong enemies.

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA

Subject: Keith Olbermann....8/30/06

If there is any way....anyone can pull up the last ten minutes of this show....Keith did it gain....speaking of the way Rumsfeld...accused those of us who are questioning their policies, it so well all ties into the entire Hitler regime, Neville Chamberlain....and I could never repeat it. Just pull up the speech, if you can...and do not miss this one... Keith Olbermann is the new best democratic truth teller....and possibly.....the closest thing to Edward R. Murrow.......

Thank you Keith!!

Keith Olbermann Delivers a Must-See Critique of Rumsfeld's Mass Hysteria Inducing Nazi Remarks. Olbermann Comes to the Defense of Freedom, Democracy, Competence and Sanity.

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: "Fascism"

After reading many articles published recently on the administration and its cohorts using the term "fascism" to color the public perception, I looked it up in the dictionary to make sure I understand its real meaning. Lo and behold, for every part of the definition I can find numerous examples of how the Bush administration has been making moves in the print media, behind the scenes, and in the courts that flagrantly paint our current administration as Fascist!

Would it be possible for one of our readers or staff to write an expose breaking down the definition of Fascism with corresponding examples of the administration's attempts to move our government in
that direction??

Mart Thurmond
Sarasota, FL

Subject: Have we not learned anything?

Communism was the scare tactic used to invade Vietnam. Have we not learned anything? The Gulf of Tonkin was a lie and America took the bait hook line and sinker.

As long as America had an enemy, Bell helicopter among many other hawkish corps made millions. The lobbyists today care only about selling their wares. If the majority of America believe Iraq is the wrong war, then why are we continuing down this path? Have we not learned anything from Vietnam?

Nixon was willing to wipe out millions using Nuclear weapons to save face with the American public. Thanks to good news reporting, the left was able hold neocons at bay. As a Democratic nation we now know our gov't does not hold our best interest at heart, and will steal our elections in order to keep certain things secret. To all you Senators and Congresspersons beholden to the lobbyists, you are traitors, don't know how you sleep at night.

Scott Sanford
Louisville, KY

Subject: "...stop embarrassing Utah" ...?!

How about encouraging any/everyone to contact the Salt Lake City, Utah Mayor's office to support Mayor Anderson's decision to attend today's (8/30) anti-war demonstrations v. meet/greet BushCo at the airport!

Ofcourse, the Utah Re-pugnant-cans are all over him and, guest, Cindy Sheehan (labeled as anti-American).


Contact Mayor Anderson's Office

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone (801) 535-7704

US Mail

Mayor's Office
451 South State Street
Room 306
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Ticonderoga, NY

Subject: Bush wants you to believe

The pretender to the office of the presidency, (AKA) Governor G.W. Bush, wants you to believe that he is taking full responsibility for the “Man-Made” disaster in New Orleans.  I wait with “Bated Breath” for him to turn himself into the Attorney General for the mass murder of 1500+ Americans who died because of the failure of the levee system and the deliberate refusal to respond to their cries for water. The pretender also wants you to believe that things are going well in Iraq; and Afghanistan is a flourishing democracy.  If you still believe this monster, then you have to see a shrink---just say you are possessed by the devil. 

Did you know that BushCo has borrowed billions upon billions from the Chinese loan sharks?  Did you know that the Republican Party is the most corrupt bunch of lunatics this republic has ever experienced? The corruption is so vast that it is difficult to get your brain around how corrupt they are.  I believe there must have been a meeting to decide that if they, republicans, were going to steal, do it in such a way that nobody would believe the scale and degree of their treason. 

The first thing they needed was a front man and "W" was perfect.  Bush only sees what others tell him to look at, and is lazy enough not to look in other places.  Now they could move on every level of our republic. The republicans now control voting machines in key states, they have a Supreme Court who appointed a president and thinks that the president is our supreme commander---can do anything as long as he claims it will make us safer.  The republicans thought that they would have difficulty repressing the mainstream media, so they just bought the media outlets.  All our major stations are now owned by large corporations.  The MSM should now be called the State Run Media.  Mussolini would have been proud.

Then we have the dark side of Bush---let us call him the Dick. The man who calls himself Vice President of the United States says at every opportunity, if you question this administration then you are giving aid to the enemy.  The man should look in the mirror and ask himself why he has sold his soul to the devil.  If you believe anything this guy has to say you are a fool---and that is the end of that story. 

I have two fears come this November: The Democrats do not win a majority in the House of Representatives, second; the Democrats do win the House back. Let me give all the dems a warning, hit the ground running and support Congressman Conyers when he wants to investigate the corruption in Government or you will join Lieberman.  The Democratic Party has only one chance left; do not waste it by being cautious or calculating.    

Joseph Walsh
Portland, Or.

Ssubject: Plane Crash in Kentucky

An expert on the news said that the one person in the control tower who could have stopped the plane from going down the runway had his back turned and that there are supposed to be two in the tower. However because of budget cuts more and more airports like these are using one! I thought all those tax cuts for the richest people were supposed to be helping us, NOT KILLING US!


PS: My coworkers said they have also cut back on people who inspect those fair rides our kids get on, so the rich can have even more money...how many other things have they cut back on that could kill us?

Subject: The Rape of America

It seems clear that the people of America are being preyed upon by a Cabal of entrenched politicians that represent themselves as acting in the best interests of the Country. They have brought us to the point where it will take years to recover---if ever. It is time to scream R (republicans) A (are) P (public) E (extortionists).

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Who are the appeasers?

It is as simple as that. Sec Rumsfeld makes a statement regarding these people he says want to appease the terrorists and no one asks who these people are, name them! Just like a lot of things with this admin., "smoke and mirrors"!

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: If Osama Had Screwed JonBenet Ramsey ...

If Osama had screwed JonBenet he would be dead by now. If John Karr had staged an attack on the twin towers he would be free. If Osama had oral sex in the oval office he would be dead. If Bill Clinton had eliminated our civil liberties and spied on us he would
be a hero.

It all makes sense now.

Basic lesson, sex is bad - greed is good!

KJ Lovell
Duncan, OK

Subject: Ahmadinejad mentions DU - maybe he will sue US over their fallout?

Chris Busby has calculated that every Briton has absorbed 27 million Uranium particles from "shock and awe" alone ... so the Iranians must have had quite a dose, too.

Sectarian violence has begun in Iraq since US occupation: president (Islamic Republic News Agency): "Hundreds of thousand Iraqi people were killed after you occupied Iraq and tens of thousand civilians suffered wounds from bullets of depleted uranium."

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: THE Story

Bush and his pals in the administration, the leadership in Congress and their good friends the Saudis and the Mexicans are taking our Nation rapidly down the path of minimal expectations. Soon there will be no American middle class because there will be few
good-paying jobs and there will be no borders. Why is this so hard to see? Why do our media, our reporters not leap at this story? This story is rich in all aspects and it marks the beginning of the fall of the USA. This is THE STORY.

Doris Patrick
Santa Barbara, CA

Subject: The Traitor Karl Rove

Why isn't "The traitor Karl Rove" always identified as "The traitor Karl Rove" instead of just Karl Rove in every mention in every Dem leaning publication? Once his name is always mentioned as "The traitor Karl Rove" the sooner we will stop hearing about "The
traitor Karl Rove!" Hound the bastard to hell!!

Atlanta, GA

Subject: Iran and the GOP

In 1980, the Iranian hostage crisis greatly aided Ronald Reagan's effort to defeat Jimmy Carter, and when the US hostages were released by Iran at the very moment Reagan was inaugurated President on January 20, 1981, the neocon movement received a boost to overwhelming popularity and a reputation for "competence" and "toughness" in foreign affairs that Democrats have never really overcome. Later, the Iranians were paid back in an apparent quid pro quo by numerous illegal shipments of advanced American weapons that came to be known as the Iran-Contra scandal, an operation widely believed to have been run by then-Vice President George Bush Sr. Now, more than a quarter-century later, Iran is again near the top of our national worry-list, thanks to constant drumbeating by the Bush II administration and by their perfect foil, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Those trying to peer into their crystal balls to foresee what the GOP's October Surprise this election cycle will turn out to be could do worse than to imagine the boost in popularity our dear King George and his GOP minions might receive from the sudden
"solving" of the current Iranian crisis by Iran's agreeing to cease its nuclear program and pulling back from what will by then probably appear to be the edge of war---just in time for the election.

And why shouldn't the Iranians do just that? After all, they've already received a pretty hefty series of favors from Dubya's gang: the toppling of Iran's two greatest regional enemies, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and the subsequent turning of most of Iraq into what, in effect, is a Shia-run Islamic state that will almost certainly ally itself with Iran the moment coalition troops pull out. Throw in a few
shiploads of whatever the ayatollahs want this time, quietly sent to them next year after the dust settles, and I'm guessing the neocons may, once again, find Iran a willing partner for "peace in our time."

William Frey
Zenia, CA

Subject: Yeah, I'm terrified! We're losing it.

Yeah, I'm terrified, so the terrorists must be winning the "war" and the Bush administration must be losing the "war."

When this country is in a state of perpetual alert, while the rest of the world is not, it looks like we're losing it.

When more and more people and groups declare their oppposition or outright contempt for our policies and tactics, it looks like we're losing it.

When this administration, as typified by Ambassador Bolton, is more intent on making enemies than friends, it looks like we're losing it.

When it appears that our children will never know the freedom and openness that we experienced when we were young, it sure looks like we're losing it.

When our economy is based on arms sales and military spending, rather than social improvement and technical innovation, it really looks like we're losing it.

I could go on. I'm sure you see your own warnings of the coming checkmate, the symptoms of an inevitable loss.

We must abandon the "War on Terror" because we are losing. Let us create a more meaningful, positive paradigm that elevates the United States and the world.

I believe we can replace fear and terror with courage and commitment. I believe we can replace reaction with direction. I believe we can replace disrespect with great esteem. And I especially believe we can replace failure with triumph.

Americans don't withdraw from a challenge; with real leadership they always embrace it.

A BuzzFlash Reader