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Saturday, 02 September 2006 09:13

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 2, 2006

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Subject: Biggest Threat to America

Even Frank Zappa knew what a danger the Republican Party right-wing is to American Democracy.

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are leading America as fascists --
- the merger of the state with the corporation,
- rampant nationalism,
- wars of aggression,
- scapegoating minorities
- control the media, propaganda

video from CROSSFIRE program 1986

"The biggest threat to America today is not communism, it's moving
America toward a fascist theocracy. And everything that's happened
during the Reagan administration is steering us right down that pike."

-- Frank Zappa, "Crossfire," 1986

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Nov election
The Democrats are just shills. Something could be done about electronic voting machines before Nov. I suggest the elections for the Senate and House seats ought to all be hand counted. If the election officials are going to charge for anyone to get a recount, then let's make sure it is done right the first time.Our vote is very precious to our democracy and if our elected officials do not address the people's rights to be heard, then there is no reason to even have an election.
Scott Sanford
Louisville Ky

Subject: Emerson
Fear always springs from ignorance. --Ralph Waldo Emerson : American lecturer, poet, and essayist, 1803-1882

Subject: Aerial photos

The Democrats should get aerial photos of the damage and destruction, panoramic views, both of the Lebanon war and the forgotten Fallujah city in Iraq which incidentally the U S Army will not allow photos shown, and send them to all the media for all to see the glory of war. We need to see what the republicans and the Bush administration have been so proud of Iraqi freedom. Show it constantly right up to the elections.

John Bakalik
WW2 combat veteran
Mauston Wisconsin

Subject: Gerrymandering the Vote

Friday evening, September 1st, PBS's NOW discussed some of the tactics Republicans are employing to disenfranchise entire groups of voters. Georgia's law requiring photo IDs for all voters was chosen to exemplify the latest scheme to keep certain voters from getting to the polls. This kind of measure is a blatant attempt to bring back the poll tax. Many people in our country do not have photo IDs, including minorities and the elderly. That these voters are more likely to vote Democratic or Progressive is a fact not unknown to the Republicans. Southern GOP members recently attempted to block the renewal of the Voting Rights Act, a law signed, albeit reluctantly, by LBJ, though it was the work of President John F. Kennedy.

Republicans are seeking to destroy the sacrifices of generations of civil rights workers by reverting to a time when whites shunned blacks from public establishments. The more extreme elements of the Republican Party want to apply Biblical Reconstructionism to American social values, going so far as to quote the Bible to support slavery. Many people, both black and white, died in their fight to end racial inequality. Many endured beatings at the hands of police and law enforcement. The GOP would prefer to see all that forgotten, as they
would the pathetic record of the administration.

But we are not going to forget the heroic struggles of generations. We won't allow Dr. King's and Coretta Scott King's work to be ignored. The Republicans want to remake America in the image of a monarchy, authoritarian rule by wealthy white demigods. Not only blacks, but Hispanics, college youth, antiwar advocates, free-speech proponents, those who favor restricting the power of corporations, those who work to reverse global warming and anyone who opposes oligarchic rule are targets of the Republican strategy to maintain their hold on absolute power through intimidation, beration, character assassination, denial of fact, creation of rumor and manipulation of law.

The lapdog media is not going to offer any assistance in our fight for justice. They are bought and paid for. They got theirs, and to hell with their duty to check the abuses of a totalitarian leviathan drunk with arrogance. We are grateful for outlets like PBS that speak truth to power. We solemnly await the indictment of former Corporation For Public Broadcasting executive Kenneth Tomlinson. We can do without Wall Street Week just fine, as we could do without FoxNews. The Big Three networks need a verbal lambasting from the FCC, but that won't happen as long as we have Bush and one-party rule.

The November elections are two months away, and there will be an October surprise, most likely in the form of some type of aggression against Iran, who hasn't the military power to endanger any country in the region. It certainly poses no threat to the United States. This is the estimation of civilian and military intelligence. But Bush and Cheney never had much use for intelligence. They went in to Iraq for purely ideological reasons outlined in their playbook, The Project For a New American Century.

Your vote is important. You do count. Your voice can be heard above the din of shouting propagandists. Demand a paper trail or a paper ballot. Demand an equal number of voting facilities. Take a Sharpie and make a hash mark in front of your precinct if you have to. There will be many skirmishes in court from now until November as the dirty tricks playbook gets worn threadbare by Republican operatives. Democrats and Progressives need to don the boxing gloves and get in the ring. And if the fight becomes a brawl, we have to be prepared to take the gloves off. For we have seen that when it comes down to it, the Republicans
can dish it out, but they can't take it too well. See you at the polls.


Subject: republicans and security, the wall street journal

first, thanks for everything.

second, after just reading the journal's article on the eroding edge on nat'l security for the republicans, and their name-calling: deafeatocrats...

they deserve some of their own medicine...can you work towards promulgating:
Re-Flub-licans? you can lose the dashes: Reflublicans

whether its homeland defense, Iraq, Iran, Korea, FEMA, the dollar, poverty, health care, corruption, they just FLUB everything!

please, make it popular...take all the credit...you deserve it :-)

jeff zahn
ny, ny

Subject: I wanted to pass along these details on the Gallup poll, which I'm copying directly from the print edition of USA Today:


Mike DeWine 40%
Sherrod Brown 46%

Source: USA Today/Gallup Polls taken Aug. 23-27 of 584 likely in
Ohio. +/- 5 points.


Subject: [to NY Times] "In Latest Push, Bush Cites Risk in Quitting Iraq"

Dear Public Editor:
How is it possible that Anne E. Kornblut and Sheryl Gay Stolberg created a front-page article about Bush's speech to an American Legion audience in Salt Lake City, without realizing that the mayor of that city was speaking to a much larger audience at about the same time?
Nowhere in the Bush article was any reference made to Mayor Rocky Anderson's speech, in which he called Bush (correctly) a liar and lawbreaker? Or did Ms. Kornblut and Ms. Stolberg realize it, and simply ignore Mayor Anderson?
How can The New York Times expect its readers to take it seriously when it parrots Bush propaganda on its front pages, yet won't even devote a paragraph to administration critics? All the news that's fit to print, or fit to censor?
Is this because your stockholders and advertisers are afraid of challenges to the status quo, no matter how horrible it is?
No other conclusion avails itself.

Robert Lockwood Mills
Monroe, CT