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Tuesday, 05 September 2006 03:54

Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute for September 5, 2006

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"Bush's newest effort to rebuild eroding support for the war in Iraq features a distinct shift in approach: he and his top aides are beginning to lay out the grim consequences of failure." As if that's going to change the outcome! It's just a little late for truth telling. Why would anyone want to send their child to fight in a preemptive unnecessary war? We now know it was "unnecessary," and we know it was the choice of madmen laying the groundwork for world domination. To continue this folly would only support the lies and continue to undermine our freedom and democracy. George Bush is a loser -- always has been, always will be -- and the sooner IMPEACHMENT proceedings begin, the better off we'll be!

* * *

It's amazing to find out that the plan for world domination is not just a neo-con dream. In fact, it's been around for quite a long time, with it's origins -- gasp -- based right here in the hallowed halls of higher education. It was born of a group of elitists and nurtured by some of the same familiar names we've so often seen in governmental leadership, as well as some of the more prominent members of high society! If you ever wondered why George Bush and this administration is so secretive, all you have to know is secrecy is in their DNA and originated with that oh so secret society called Skull and Bones!

* * *

Why has mainstream corporate media been so gung-ho for George Bush? Why have they abandoned the journalistic standards and morals that had been so important? What's in it for the media? Is this just another case of a single issue motive, the bottom line? Are they afraid of the truth? Do they really believe everything they write and air about George Bush? Exactly, which drummer are they marching to and why, why, why?

* * *

In this crazy Repuglican world we live in, has it now boiled down to killing our own soldiers to shut them up? Are the "higher ups" in the chain of command afraid the public will find out orders were issued to "kill all military aged men"? Is it that Americans will want to know who exactly issued such an order? Is it easier for the real guilty parties to just execute the grunts? God help us all if we allow this administration to continue!


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