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Tuesday, 05 September 2006 04:20

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 5, 2006

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Subject: War opposition grows

Five years after Pearl Harbor,the US was victorious in WWII. Five years after 9-11, the US still has no coherent response.

Polls show opposition to Iraq war at all-time high (Christian Science Monitor)


Subject: Anti-Tom Kean Jr. Online Commercial


I am tooting my own horn here, but I thought you might enjoy that I made a little online commercial for Senate hopeful Tom Kean Jr. who spends a lot of time trying to disassociate himself from his fellow Republicans, but ironically he is more than happy to have them fundraise for him (when he isn't around).

It makes one wonder just how he'll actually represent New Jersey if he is elected to the Senate.

Anyhow I have the video posted on YouTube and thought Buzzflash readers could also enjoy it.

Here's the url:


E.R. Flynn
Montclair, NJ

Subject: Shocked and Awed

At this time of the president giving speeches proclaiming his "full responsibility," let us hold him accountable for the twin manmade disasters of Iraq and New Orleans. The similarities are illuminating.

First, both were excused by citing faulty intelligence, blatant lies based on what was known.  In Iraq, UN inspectors had reported the destruction of Saddam's weapons before the invasion.  The preemptive war in Iraq was justified to be in defense of America's security.  In New Orleans, soil tests beneath the levees were known by the Army Corps of Engineers to be an unstable base.  The federal effort to protect the public from hurricane Katrina was grossly inadequate.

In both cases the government outsourced major construction projects to private companies via no bid contracts given to political supporters.  Major scandals are uncovered involving Halliburton and Bechtel overcharging and not performing as contracted.  Congressional oversight is wanting but not a concern to be investigated.  In Baghdad and New Orleans basic utilities of water and electricity are still not available to the unprivileged outside the Green Zone and Bourbon Street.  Blackwater mercenaries were contracted to patrol the streets of New Orleans and Iraq, and given "shoot to kill" orders with extralegal impunity.

There is a disturbing similarity in the treatment of prisoners in Iraq and New Orleans.  In Iraq and New Orleans prisoner rights and their lives were disregarded.  In New Orleans, correction officers abandoned the prisoners locked in their cells as the water rose to the ceiling.  In Iraq, prisoners have been tortured and killed, a violation of international as well as US protections.

In Iraq and New Orleans, government accounting of death tolls are underreported and corporate media merely echoes press briefings.  The president proclaims "mission accomplished" and "job well done," while the press is told by the White House not to show dead Americans.

The president's poll ratings continue to drop as the public becomes disillusioned by his incompetence in his responsibilities to protect them.  His willful negligence becomes apparent as hundreds of thousands of refugees are created in Iraq and the US with no end in sight.

Ramon Puga
Kerhonkson, NY

Subject: Turdblossom Rove

Why is karl rove considered a genius for getting bush elected, twice ... when both the elections were stolen by devious means??? just asking.....

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Behind the Cultural Clean-Up 

Yes, it did give them some political cover for doing what at least some of them might have been inclined to do. The flip side of it is that it also gave the administration cover for putting pressure on the FCC to do more. When a Brent Bozell from the Parents Television Council can pick up the phone and call [White House advisor] Karl Rove and say "250,000 complaints were filed on a particular television show," that is arguably a big enough number.

But the other argument I make in [Decency Wars] is that, if you look at these [complaints] in percentage terms, it is still a ridiculously tiny percentage of the viewing audience.

If you are looking just at 10% of the Super Bowl audience, the FCC would have to have gotten on the order of 9 million complaints to hit that level. I think the final total was on the order of 700,000. So we're allowing a very small tail to wag a very big dog.

Frederick Lane Interview (broadcastingcable.com)

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: a little memo to newsmax


FYI, a copy of my Sunday morning fun with newsmax (shoulda' called it

Sorry to disturb people who don't even like to hear the word newsmax,
but as some previous pol wrote "We gotta know our enemy". (I intend
this to mean "enemy of America").

It'll be interesting to see how many new spam e-mails I'll start to
receive after sending this to newsmax...

I read the latest issue of newsmax this morning and couldn't stop
laughing. Some of my colleagues who happen to be republicans (I'm a watermelon) tell me how great is this newsmax.... but I couldn’t stop laughing for quite a while!

On Tuesday morning, 9/5, I'll be discussing (with them, of course) their lack of critical thinking skills. Yes, some of them still think the shrub and president cheney are good for America... even though all hard evidence proves conclusively otherwise. Yes, most of my republican colleagues try to ignore the Iraq debacle, the constant screaming of the word "terrorists" (now replaced by "Islamo-fascists"), the tripling of fuel prices, their loss of real purchasing power, in wages that are barely enough for subsistence, the constant attacks on OUR civil rights by the cheney regime, etc., etc.

A feeble "But look at what Clinton did..." is about all they can
mumble while quickly walking away from me and facing the truth.

So sad for our Country, this minority.

Looking through the list of "opinion columnists" and "contributors" to newsmax, I spotted the name dick morris [Wikipedia] ... a couple of clicks and yes, suspicions confirmed. What a piece of work he tried to do on Hillary Clinton. And failed.

Dick can write all he wants about the "truth" of Sen. Clinton's
votes, but the real truth is that she cares for OUR Constitution and Freedom, while he cares for dick and dollars. And don't forget, either, that Senator Clinton was elected to the Senate in spite of the efforts of people like dick morris. That makes her a winner and dick a nobody. I heard he used to pay people to be his friends, and let them listen to his phone calls when “working” for the Bill Clinton campaigns. That’s a little less than a nobody.

Spinner extraordinaire, that morris. Apparently he doesn't understand that the only people who believe his writing are those who have an extremely tentative grasp on reality, and have no clue about how badly they've been manipulated by the nixon apologists.

Those readers apparently need an authoritarian government to tell them what to think...... 

I'm not laughing now. I'm crying for the America of the Founders, the America that once held the promise of freedom, and gave everyone the chance for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That America has now almost disappeared in the dust of the divisive blood-sport politics practiced by a large part of the republican party.


Bill Darbyshire
Galien, MI

Subject: Bush's Brain?

When I first saw the above, I thought "Now there's an oxymoron if I ever saw one." Then reading further I discovered that it referred to Karl Rove, the Architect. Ah yes indeed.

I would love to order Keith Olbermann's book but unfortunately for me, and for booksellers everywhere, I too have run into a few "Worst Persons in the World." Alas!

Love this site. Thank you.

Barbara, Asheville, NC

Subject: Fox News

I just noticed this morning on Fox News that during a "debate" between a Republican pundit and a Democratic pundit, the sound for the Republican was louder.  I don't mean she spoke louder, I mean the volume for her was turned higher than the Democrat's volume. Whenever the Republican wanted to interrupt and talk over the Democrat, she had a clear technical advantage. It makes me think of that annoying commercial where a woman tells you 3 times you're supposed to apply a headache medicine directly to the forehead. I am turned off by both.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: British Ambassador fired & threatened for telling truth about Tashkent

The CIA was apparently well aware that it was getting material drawn  from torture. At my request, my deputy confirmed this with the U.S. Embassy. She reported back to me that she had been told that the United States did not see a problem "in the context of the war on terror." (I immediately reported this back to Britain in a top-secret telegram.) And both the CIA and the British intelligence service, MI6, were accepting and using this intelligence in their assessments, despite its highly questionable validity."

Her Majesty's Man in Tashkent (Washington Post)

An Uzbekistan farmer's children tortured to get him to sign a document saying his nephews were members of Al Qaeda and knew Osama bin Laden. Tea at the White House and millions of dollars for the Uzbekistan military.

Shhhhh. Don't rock the boat. Don't see, don't tell. Watch your back. When is it going to stop?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject:  No More Rubber Stamp

Republicans have, for quite a few years now, broken their messages down to simple two or three word phrases that are then repeated ad nauseum by everyone from Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh down to Joe Sixpack. Ever heard "cut and run?" How about "flip-flop?" They've got a lot of them and these phrases are used so often that even Democrats end up adopting them. The "war on terror(orism)" is one of these phrases and is frequently used by even Democrats. I suggest Americans adopt a new phrase for the November, 2006 elections. I hope the phrase "No More Rubber Stamp" is the one we choose as our short phrase for the upcoming election.

The November 2006 election is probably the most important off-year election in any of our lifetimes. This might sound hyperbolic to some because America has been through elections during times of turmoil and stress before, but November of 2006 is different than past elections. At no point in the history of the United States has a president been in possession of both the type of war-making machinery that this president has at his disposal, and a willingness to use it preemptively against a sovereign nation like he did in Iraq.

The Iraqi war has resulted in the deaths of nearly three thousand Americans and the serious, life-altering injuries to tens of thousands of more. Hundreds of thousands more American lives have been changed forever. What compounds those facts is that this preemptive war of choice was based upon, at best, the flimsiest of evidence against the target of the attack or, at worst, manufactured evidence and lies. President Bush is both incurious and disengaged, and he surrounds himself with people who have adopted a posture that implies a continuing willingness to use force preemptively again. Such a use of force, say against Iran or North Korea, might be even more catastrophic than Iraq has been.

We need to win this election to get it out of the hands of the Republican rubber stamp and into the hands of someone who just might do something to put the brakes on Bush's reckless adventurism.

The election in November 2006 is about making and keeping America safe, something at which this president has failed miserably. During this president's tenure we suffered an attack by people who managed, in a single day, to kill over three thousand human beings and radically affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of more. This greatest mass murder in American history was done by a group of men who might have been stopped had the president been more interested in the evidence that we have finally, barely, been allowed to find out about.

It took us years, but we now know that hijackers were living with FBI informants, hijackers were learning to fly but not land, there was increased chatter and threats of hijacking, and Osama Bin Laden was determined to strike in the U.S. All of this was known before September 11, 2001, but this president, rather than focusing on these threats, was allowing his administration to focus more on missle defense. He himself was more interested in going on vacation in order to prove that being president was easier than President Clinton made it seem. Not only did he fail us, by not acting to prevent the murders on 9/11, but because his administration has been allowed to write the history of that day and what led up to it, he and his minions get to use "nine eleven" and "September the eleventh" as their badge of honor. The nerve of these people is breathtaking.

Not only did President Bush fail us on 9/11, he also failed us by not committing sufficient numbers of military personnel to Afghanistan in order to kill those who really were responsible for the attack on that day, a day whose name he says with such reverence. No one should be confused here, there are very few liberal Americans who did not support our invasion of Afghanistan and we are angry that our strength was diverted from that task and turned toward Iraq. We want full answers about how and why that happened.

President Bush continues to fail us by not actively pursuing a way to inspect for threats that which comes into America's ports -- ports which receive shipping containers from all over the world. He continues to fail us by not actively pursuing a program to inspect what is placed in the cargo holds of planes -- planes which carry not just unscreened cargo, but also hundreds of thousands of Americans every year.

President Bush also failed us a year ago when he didn't show leadership once again as Hurricane Katrina, another killer, attacked America. This killer moved in even slower motion than the 9/11 killers, whose plan that day took just a few hours to carry out from the time they boarded the planes to the time of the final death they caused, and during which time our leader seemed frozen in place. Katrina's imminent attack took days to mature as it began its days-long trek toward a murderous assault on our Gulf Coast, during which time our president, in response to the attack, once again seemed frozen, just as he had on September 11, 2001.

The president and his supporters like to claim now that there was a failure at all levels of government -- local, state, and federal -- in response to Hurricane Katrina, and he now he says he's willing to take responsibilty for those federal failures. The problem is he and his supporters imply that those failures only occurred because the federal government was stymied by local and state politicians who didn't do their part to untie the president's hands. Of course, what he fails to mention is the pressure he used on those local and state politicians to make them do what they needed to do to help him save the lives of thousands of Americans. The reason he fails to mention that pressure of course, is that he didn't apply any. He was too busy, as Hurricane Katrina moved in to slaughter and drown thousands of Americans -- campaigning, vacationing, and fooling around with a guitar as was so famously captured in photgraphs taken during that period.

Thousands of Americans dead on September 11, 2001, thousands of Americans dead in Iraq, thousands of Americans dead in New Orleans, Louisiana. In each of these separate, horrific situations, Congress has been relatively silent. According to a report issued in March of this year by the Democratic Senate and Congressional Campaign Committees, between 1997 and 2002, over 1000 subpoenas were issued by the Government Reform Committee to look into allegations of misconduct by President Clinton or those in his administration. During that same period, only 11 subpoenas were issued to look into Republican misconduct. According to that same report minimal effort has been spent looking into the catastrophic events that have cost thousands and thousands of American lives. The title of this report is "The Costs of a Rubber Stamp Congress."

It's about time that Americans make it clear that we can't afford those costs anymore.

Jeff Ball
Antelope, CA