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Tuesday, 05 September 2006 05:38

Bush Claims Iraq War is a "Success" in Flawed New Terrorism Strategy Plan

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The Bush Administration released an updated version of its National Strategy for Combating Terrorism today. Predictably, it followed the pattern of praising Bush for doing a good job while still trying to scare us into thinking the only way to avoid imminent death is to cede him more power.

The most notable departure from reality appeared when Iraq was mentioned under a list of claimed "successes" against terrorism:

A multinational coalition joined by the Iraqis is aggressively prosecuting the war against the terrorists in Iraq. Together, we are working to secure a united, stable, and democratic Iraq, now a new War on Terror ally in the heart of the Middle East.

These two sentences are to the occupation what "Mission Accomplished" was to the initial invasion, albeit less dramatic.

Worse, the only long-term approach for curbing terrorism listed in the report is "advancing effective democracy." We spend three years in a quagmire losing dozens of Americans each month futilely trying to forcibly impose a democracy and their lone plan is to keep doing the same stupid thing?

Then again, if you believe the report's claim that we have successfully "liberated" millions of Iraqis from terrorism, the report might make some sense. Just be sure to ignore the real facts, such as the 334 Iraqis killed through terrorism last week- and that's just in Baghdad. Several hundred more were killed throughout the rest of the country.

Bin Laden, of course, is not mentioned as a threat that needs to be removed despite frequent references to the danger posed by al-Qaida and even a claim that "[t]he loss of a leader can degrade a group's cohesiveness and in some cases may trigger its collapse." By Bush's own reasoning, getting bin Laden should be our primary concern, not a lack of concern.

The report's release just so happens to coincide with the reconvening of Congress for a brief session, where Republican leaders are expected to play up the national security card in an attempt to get a better hand for the pending midterm elections.

Republican exploitation of terrorism fears for their own political purposes? Never!