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Tuesday, 05 September 2006 06:32

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 6, 2006

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Subject: Who are the Real Appeasers?

Hi BuzzFlash,


Remind people how Ronald Reagan supplied the WMD to Saddam, which he used to kill the Kurds in the north. 

Remind people how APPEASER RUMSFELD went to shake Saddam's hand in 1982 for Reagan when this was happening. 

Remind people how APPEASER RUMSFELD again went to shake Saddam's hand in 1983 when a Report was handed down chastising Saddam for using WMD on the Kurds! 

Remind people of CEO APPEASER CHENEY'S Oil Deals with Saddam via Halliburton.

So again, WHO are the REAL APPEASERS?

Think any of these facts will make the 6 O'Clock News or Hardball? Don't hold your breath!!

Reagan's WMD Connection to Saddam Hussein


Tom Wieliczka
Windsor Locks, CT

Subject: Rocky Anderson, Mayor of Salt Lake City

This is an inspiring speech about the dangers of obedience to a corrupt regime. 

Read the article in The Nation.  http://www.thenation.com/doc/20060918/moral_compass

Direct link to a video of the 30 minute speech. http://kutv.com/video/?id=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meg Wise
Madison, WI

Subject: Rumsfeld ignores lesson

In Donald Rumsfeld's denunciation of the appeasement of Nazism "Rumsfeld warns of 'new type of fascism,' " Aug. 30), the defense secretary has unwittingly called attention to the efforts of the "premature" anti-fascists of the 1930s.

Their political successors are again struggling, but this time, to end Rumsfeld's own wars of aggression. In Oregon and around the world, those who demanded U.S. support for Republican Spain against the fascist invasion and then went to fight it themselves in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade (as at least 11 Oregonians did) were almost all radical leftists, including Communists. They also demonstrated against the welcome Portland mayors were giving to Nazi ships flying the swastika, and picketed against ships carrying scrap metal to Japan. As late as 1940, when the Portland board of censors banned a Soviet film depicting Nazi anti-Semitism because it was "offensive to a friendly power," it was local lefties who circulated a petition asking that it be shown.

While it's true that Communists withdrew from the anti-fascist campaign after the Nazi-Soviet pact, Portland should honor those who, if their voices had been heeded by the Roosevelt administration, could have "strangled fascism in its cradle." And in their struggle against Rumsfeld's war and the distortion of history today, we should listen to them again.

Michael Munk
Southwest Portland

Subject: Letter to the Hartford Courant Concerning Lieberman

Dear Editor,

I have read your article, “Former Lieberman Allies Rally Around Lamont At Party Picnic,” and the man that every Connecticut Democrat must listen to is former Senator John Edwards who has stated that he did not believe that “Lieberman should be running as an independent” and went on to say, “We have to show respect for the people that voted in the Connecticut primaries.”  It has also been learned that Senator Lieberman, if elected, will not caucus with the Democrats, and I would like to say, what honor does that show the party and people that once backed him? 

Another reason why Senator Edwards must be listened to above all others is that when it came time for him to run as Senator John F. Kerry’s running mate, he did not run at the same time for senator which leads me to believe that he believed in Kerry’s message.  Unlike Lieberman, when he ran as Al Gore’s running mate, ran for his same senate seat at that time.  What that told not only me, but other Democrats, is that he did not believe in Al Gore’s message.  So, why on Earth should anyone believe in Lieberman’s message as he runs as an independent? 

I would like to say to any Republican even thinking of voting for Lieberman, if Joe can turn his back on the Democratic voters, what makes you think he will not do so to you as well?  Also, why are Bush and the RNC not backing the Republican candidate, Alan Schlesinger, who trails in the polls behind Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman? 

Something is most definitely fishy right there if Bush and the RNC will not endorse their own Republican candidate.


Mary MacElveen

Subject: Article from bangornews.com 

Thank you for your website.  I read it almost every day but being a sp. ed. teacher and with family responsibilities this is difficult.  I have been researching and living with the rise in autism on a daily basis.  I have read thousands of pages and spoken with many people, but my main source of facts is my own life experience of this "epidemic."

Do not blow this off.  If you think the pharmaceuticals have reason to lie about Vioxx, etc., they have more reason to lie about this but the link with the vaccines is NOT my main point.  The huge rise in the autism rate is my focal point. 

As Evelyn Pringle has written, it is going to be the worst "welfare" situation our nation has had to face.  Thousands are focused on this, but BuzzFlash is not.  Dan Olmstead, senior UPI editor, is. When The Bangor Daily News called to ask what I wanted for my by-line, I started talking about my master's in education.  He said, "What does education have to do with autism?"  That is perhaps where many are coming from, but our schools are being strangled and our social agencies are next.  We will lose our right to call ourselves a civilized society because we do not care for the autistic citizens.  This is a very, very political situation and is the reason that secret riders have been placed in homeland security bills.

Again, thank you for your wonderful website!

Halt Soaring Autism Rates (Bangor Daily News)


Regina Creeley

Subject: Why all the confidence about Democrats winning Congress?


I do NOT think the Democrats will regain anything. I do think that some will be around for window dressing. I think the Republicans will use terror this time, instead of the abortion issue distraction trick, because they are afraid their ploy is getting too obvious.

Democrats on a roll in battle for U.S. Congress (reuters.com)

I do not think, however, the Democrats will take control, much as I wish they would, even though they are always afraid to stand up to the Republicans. They have gotten used to losing, and getting oh-so-close. They have gotten used to being "good sports." The main problem, as I will maintain until my dying day, in this age of fascist Republican rule, is that, after all the rhetoric, voting software and fraud will control all future elections, until enough people question that issue, collectively, as they would if Diebold were giving them paperless transactions. At least in a Diebold ATM, you get to choose whether or not you want a paper receipt. Will that go away, so that they can steal from your bank account the way they do your votes? Only Keith Olbermann had the courage to question the 2004 election, another fraud, worse than the 2000 election. I am proud that he got the "BuzzFlash Wings of Justice" award.

BuzzFlash News Network Most of mainstream media's television and print news are proving that Eric Boehlert was exceptionally accurate when he titled his book "Lapdogs." One rare exception is Keith Olbermann. That is Why He is This Week's BuzzFlash "Wings of Justice Award" Winner.

That is a great premium, and I encourage everyone to order those premiums from BuzzFlash, because, other than Keith Olbermann, BuzzFlash is about the only courageous news source there is.

I am Not convinced we will kick the Republicans out.

I am an Independent who would rather die right now than vote Republican.

Sure, I will vote Democratic, but they will not be in power.


Subject: Five things to do before Election Day (and starting now):

1. Call, write and email the press--newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations, Web sites, etc. --and demand that they start covering election fraud, and efforts at election reform, locally and nationwide.

2. Call, write and email your elected representatives, demanding that they start to talk about the issue, and asking where they stand on it. (Concerning it, the Democrats have been all talk--and not very much of that. A few months ago, Hillary Clinton, in Columbus, gave a powerful speech about election fraud in Ohio. She got a huge response, then dropped the issue. Why? Does she not want to be elected president some day? If she intends to do it honestly, she ought to face this problem now.)

3. Work to build the turn-out on Election Day. The bigger the turn-out, the harder it will be to justify the GOP's next "upset victory." This time, we must cast the act of going out to vote as itself a crucial gesture on behalf of free and fair elections. This next national turn-out must be larger than it's ever been in any mid-term cycle.

4. Volunteer to monitor the voting in your precinct, or wherever you decide you're needed most. You'll need to be prepared, because "observing" per se just won't cut it any more. Be an exit-polling volunteer, or track the precinct postings and record the data, or watch the vote-count, or see how long the lines are. Be sure to bring a video camera, so that you have the footage to support your claims.

5. At the same time, look past this next election, and get ready, psychologically, to stand up and say "NO" if there is reason to believe that the official outcome is suspicious. In 2000, 2002 and 2004, we let the Bush Republicans waltz off with three unlikely "victories" (and we let the Democrats, by and large, sit there as limp as noodle). The time for such passivity is over. If we regard ourselves as citizens of a democracy, we are now morally obliged to say "Enough!"--as they did in Ukraine, and as they're doing now in Mexico.


Subject: Bye bye, Bushco. You won't be missed.

I felt a seismic shift last week with the new uptick of more strident rhetoric by Bushco ('appeasing the Islamofascists' etc) falling on increasingly skeptical public ears. We the people just aren't buying it anymore -- even those who originally bought into "they attacked us" and "mushroom clouds". 2/3 of the public, if not more, now see Iraqmire for what it is, a failed foreign policy and a lost war that have made us less safe from terror. Watch during the next 2 mo for more Repug candidates to distance themselves from Bushco and talk about exit strategies.

I believe we are in the last throes of the Bushco insurgency. They have lost the ability, the credibility to shape the conversation, to control the flow of information, to 'catapult the propaganda'. They have lost. Soon after the Nov elections Rummy will resign and a new SecDef will be installed to oversee our pullback from Iraq. Bush/Cheney will be hogtied and rendered ineffectual by a Dem controlled House, if not outright kicked out of office.

The days of the worst, most disastrous presidency in American history are coming to a close. Sure, they'll get increasingly desperate, as we heard last week, and may even try to stage some October surprise such as another high profile strike against a new terror cell or, knowing these guys, even enabling a terrorist strike, but even that won't help them. They'd love to hit Iran with another shock and awe war campaign but it's Pentagon generals and admirals who'd have to give the orders to their troops and they won't.

The jig is up, over, kaput. Bushco is toast, history, gone. We will survive this hijacking of our govt by the neocon PNAC Rovian cabal -- with a serious shiner perhaps and with generations of repair for the damage done to our international prestige, influence, and moral authority. It's not that the war on terror is lost but it's a war that could never be won. We'll have to reach out to our adversaries and find a way to coexist in peace. And that will have to start with leaning on Israel to facilitate a Palestinian state.

Scream bloody murder until you're hoarse, enabling koolaid guzzling base. It's falling on deaf ears. It's over. Bushco overplayed their hand. The plan for a multigenerational takeover of the reigns of our republic by the neocon cabal and the institution of a PNAC new world order has failed. Their arrogance and egos compounded by repeated bouts of ineptitude were their own undoing. They have no one to blame but themselves.

Bye bye, Bushco. You won't be missed.

Christopher James
Denver, CO

Subject: Fear in the White House

We'll never get the satisfaction of anybody in the Bush White House admitting fear of any kind, only dispensing it. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Idiot and his sycophants are shaking about the elections coming up.

Fox News and all the right wingers are working themselves into rabid frenzies trying to push for war in Iran and stir up war fever for a cause that has lost all credibility for most Americans, albeit too damn late.

So, being slow to learn aside, the last terror threat concerning liquids on airplanes only got complaints from flyers about the
downright silliness of the whole thing except for a few Bush supporter idiots, whom, of course, the media was spending all their time on. Bush's numbers did not go up.

The 'cry wolf' syndrome may have taken hold. Lower gas prices? Most people are saying it's because of the November elections. An October surprise? If Bush is stupid enough to attack Iran, my guess is he will plummet to the very bottom of the cellar. Let's hope the Democrats win at least the House and get those indictments and investigations out as soon as they're sworn in.

Fayetteville, AR

Regarding the President's speeches on foreign policy and the war on terrorism, I'm sure my memory is playing tricks on me.

I seem to recall that Osama Bin Ladin was a sick old man living in a cave. Now he is a brilliant and evil strategist, whose own writings the President is using to scare us into supporting Republicans in the endless war on terror.

Now it is Iran that poses the most dangerous threat. And this hint of further militaristic bombast before we get Afghanistan right and with Iraq in a mess we should have been able to prevent.

The administration's language is identical to what we heard about the threat posed by Iraq before we went in. And the situation is even more imminently scary because we are in Iraq.

"Underestimating the words of ambitious and evil men is a terrible mistake," says the President.

I have reached the point where it is the ambitious and evil men setting U.S. foreign policy that I am most concerned about. They are building a future for my grandchildren that I do not believe is either healthy or inevitable. But there is not much time left to turn things around.

Let us not underestimate these ambitious and evil men, especially those currently running our beloved country.

Anita Rufus
"The Lovable Liberal"

Subject: Bush Reminds U.S. Country Is at War - AOL News

Which party do you trust more on national security?
Democrats 68%
Republicans 32%
Total Votes: 3,603

Do you think the nation is safer now than it was before 9/11?
No 64%
Yes 30%
Not sure 6%
Total Votes: 3,747

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: This decision was signed, sealed and delivered by the Mexican courts in order to support Bush

Once again, the people are kicked down into the mud and literally squashed when it comes to elections. What was so wrong in holding a full recount?

Calderon named Mexico's president-elect (AP/Yahoo)


Subject: Gas prices ahead of Election

Just a month ago British Petroleum announced that it was going to shut down the Prudhoe Bay oil fields because of leaks in its oil pipelines. Experts were predicting gas prices to rise to above $4.00 a gallon in western states. But with the election just 60 days away all of a sudden there's plenty of oil and prices are dropping. What an amazing coincidence. Do you think that the oil companies are helping Republicans get elected? Maybe we should have new elections every 6 months if we want to keep oil prices lower.

My advice to voters this election day is, fill your tank before the votes are counted because gas prices might not be as low the day after the election as the day before.

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA

Subject: Orwell explains ABC

The repubs will use this TV spin movie for years to come. This is what it is all about...

He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future. (George Orwell - 1984)

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The Forgotten Iraq History

Hi BuzzFlash,

Republicans and their Well-Trained Lapdogs keep on forgetting about the cozy relations the US had with Saddam Hussein back in the 1980's.

You know, back when RONALD REAGAN was in charge with his APPEASER CREW; back when Cheney was Halliburton CEO and was wheeling and dealing with Iraq and back when Rummy shook Saddam's hand both before and after Saddam killed people with his WMD.

WMD by the way, that Reagan had supplied to Saddam!! Well, no
wonders why Bush Was So Sure about the WMD -- His Party Supplied It to Saddam!

Great! And now we are worried that he is going to use it against us! Like the ol' saying goes: "What Goes Around Comes Around."

Luckily, the professor that wrote this article didn't forget things like that the way today's Lapdogs have.

The Forgotten Iraq History

Say, do ya think ABC will have a Two Day Mini-Series about this REAL NEWS on their Propaganda Network?

ABC Docu-Drama Blames Clinton for 9/11

Don't Hold Your Breath! After all, I heard that ABC also claims that CLINTON is responsible for Lincoln's Murder and that will get reported as FACT in three weeks on ABC! Didn't you hear?


Tom Wieliczka
Windsor Locks, CT

Subject: The quickest way to win the war on terrorism

The war on terror should be fought by putting all of our energy into perfecting solar, wind, Ethanol and natural gas. That is where the war on terror will be won.

Our leadership is not of that mind set and we have to elect leaders that are. Soon as we lighten up our dependence on oil, our obsession with the middle east will be history.

They say the difference between man and animal is the ability to reason. We need to upgrade our reasoning level in this country and realize the stark facts facing us in our immediate future and change our policies and way of thinking. It's obvious as a conservative thinking person that Bush has his mind made up and doesn't want to be confused with these facts, which is an example of the lower end of the reasoning curve. Bush thinks the extremists attack us because we are a democratic society and they don't like our way of life but the real reason they frown on us is our policies in the middle East and our foreign policies in general.

And he's giving nuclear technology to India which has 80 million more Muslims than Iran. Does that make you feel safer? But when Iran wants to develop a nuclear power plant for electricity he says they're lying and want to build a bomb.

We know now that Saddam was telling the truth when he said he didn't have WMDs and I think Bush knew that all along. Think about it. Would any leader of any country with any sanity invade another country that he KNEW was armed to the teeth with WMDs?? The answer is, of course, NO! Look at North Korea, we KNOW they have WMDs and that's why we don't mess with them. If we actually knew that Iraq had WMDs we would have never even contemplated attacking them and Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld all said they KNEW that Iraq had WMDs. Cheney and Rummy even said they know where they are. That can only be one of two things. It's either out and out lying or just blatant incompetence.

And these people are still in charge of our country... Even Colin Powell now says that he's sorry and ashamed of what he said at the UN because what he was instructed to say turned out not to have been true. It's crazy!! 

Americans need to realize these things so we can move on and create a more peaceful world. Obviously we have to find a different way of approaching this problem. Not only is it not getting better but we're making it worse. Terrorism is not a country with an army, it's a mind set. We will never win "the war on terrorism" by invading and occupying countries with the military as our present leaders think they can.

Our war on terror has to be waged by our scientists and our brilliant minds in the labs developing and improving on our alternate energy sources so we won't have to be strapped down to such a reliance on the Middle East anymore. We need to make progress and move out of these established ways of doing things. To make that kind of progress we need progressive thinking people to lead us, it's no longer safe to have conservative thinkers in charge.

Carl Saunders