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Tuesday, 05 September 2006 07:47

Dems Release "The Neo Con: The Bush Defense Record by the Numbers." Study Shows Bush Policies Make Us Less Safe

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Democratic leaders announced the release of a new report today, "The Neo Con: The Bush Defense Record by the Numbers." The study is touted as "an analysis of the data behind the Bush approach to national security" and demonstrates statistically how the Administration has bungled foreign policy, ultimately making the nation and the world less safe. (click here to read the report - pdf)

The 29-page report contrasts encouraging quotes from Administration officials on Iraq, terrorism, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, China, and the U.S. military's status with graphs, tables, and "then and now" comparisons showing that reality has not lived up to the promises. Clear declines are evident in each category.

Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE), who helped found the policy group that produced the report, said "[t]he world changed on September 11th, 2001. But the world has changed since then, too, and it's not necessarily been for the better."

The following are some highlights, but you owe it to yourself to take at least a quick skim through the full report. It's quick and easy to read (we promise!).

Iraq: The number of average weekly attacks has risen steadily and the estimated number of insurgents in Iraq has gone from 5,000 in 2003 to more than 20,000 in April 2006. Meanwhile, the quality of life for many Iraqis has plummeted, as fewer Iraqis today have access to electricity and safe drinking water than before the war. The original cost estimates for the war were about $50 billion to $60 billion; today, it's estimated to cost 10 to 20 times that amount.

Afghanistan: The number of Taliban attacks has skyrocketed, from 22 in 2001-2003, to 251 in 2004-2006. Meanwhile, the country's opium production has hit record highs, which only profits the Taliban and Afghani insurgents seeking to overthrow the government the United States put in place several years ago.

Iran and North Korea: Data show that Iran's nuclear program has made significant progress during President Bush's term in office, while North Korea's nuclear capabilities have skyrocketed.

China: China's holdings of the US debt in 2006 exceeds $328 billion, an increase of over 546% since 2001.

As the report concludes, "the numbers don't lie - the Bush strategy is not working."