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Tuesday, 05 September 2006 23:42

None But the Brave

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It’s a testament to the cynical -- but tragically realistic – faith that Karl Rove has in television and the corporate media to transmit lies.

Indeed, just as Bush was hammering home the latest GOP propaganda mantra about Osama equaling Hitler, Bush’s main Islamic "ally" in the war on terrorism, Pakistan, was announcing that bin Laden could live in Pakistan "in peace."

(Although Pakistan, under apparent pressure from the White House, now denies it has given bin Laden a free pass to reside there, an ABC News interview reveals otherwise.)

Rove knows that reality doesn’t trump the repetition of lies in the modern media age for those Americans who rely on television and the sycophantic mainstream media who still allows Bush to appear credible by headlining his increasingly extreme and bizarre propaganda statements. The first rule of Rovian politics is that if you repeat a lie five times, it becomes the truth.

And with a sycophantic mainstream media, he is generally right.

But there’s one truth that cannot be obscured by lies: the Bush administration encourages us to tremble in fear. They do not lead a true fight against terrorism; they use terrorism as a tool to hold onto and expand power. They use terrorism to terrorize us – and in so doing weaken democracy.

The Bush Administration's goal, as one BuzzFlash reader noted, is not to get us to fear the terrorists; it is to get 51% of Americans to fear Democrats more than they fear terrorists.

It’s a game of piling fear so high, you can’t climb over the wall to the sanctuary of reason and competence. We just become rats running around in a maze of panic.

As highlighted on a postcard BuzzFlash offers, Benjamin Franklin said: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

And on the back of the postcard, there is an image of FDR who said: ""The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Through focus groups, the Rovian message machine has focused on making Osama bin Laden equivalent to the Nazi threat. Apparently, this rings a bell with enough voters who get all their news from flashing phrases and images on television.

But, we had a president in World War II who didn’t appease the enemy by letting them accomplish their goal of making us live in fear.

Today, we have quite the opposite: an administration who can only govern by achieving the goal of terrorists. The Bush Administration not only gives into fear; it is a cheerleader for it.

Brave men and women, as Franklin noted, defiantly defend their Constitution, their liberties, and their right to live free of being fear mongered by an enemy or a government. Bush enables the terrorists by doing their fearmongering for them – and by taking away our liberties for them.

None but the brave advocate the flourishing of freedom, liberty and democracy in the face of those who would challenge these cherished national rights.

That is the opposite of a desperate political party that whips up a country into a frenzy of fear and national hysteria.

None but the brave can save America from terrorism and a Quisling government that betrays its own people.

Will the "land of the free and the home of the brave" triumph over the immoral demagogues?

The terrorist threat will diminish as soon as our one-party system ends, because the terrorists will no longer be useful to the Republicans as a tool to hold onto power.

To vote Democratic is to be brave and to strike a blow against terrorism: both from abroad and from the White House.