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Wednesday, 06 September 2006 05:25

Now Bushies Equate Iraq Critics With Confederate/Slavery Sympathizers. How About Vietnam Protesters?

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First the Bush Administration compares Iraq War critics to Nazi appeasers and sympathizers of communism and fascism. Now Condoleezza Rice is comparing their opponents to those who were against not only the Civil War, but even emancipation.

"I'm sure that there were people who said, 'why don't we get out of this now, take a peace with the South, but leave the South with slaves,'" Rice told Essence Magazine, which has a large African-American audience.

Deciding she had not gone far enough, she also likened critics to "people who thought the Declaration of Independence was a mistake."

While the Civil War analogy obviously merits little response, let's consider a few: The South presented a clear, immediate threat to America and fired the first shot. Preserving the Union, not emancipation, was initially the primary objective. Despite a few lackluster generals, America was led by one of our best Commanders in Chief, not the worst. And, of course, the White House did not make up a case to fight out of thin air to trick the people into supporting its political objectives.

As for the Declaration of Independence, well, it's hard to even get started on that one. Maybe Bush thinks he is related to George Washington since they share the same first name.

Either the Administration is accusing more than half the nation - and most of the world - of being racist Nazis, or they want us to see those who question their actions as roughly equivalent to anyone who has ever questioned virtually anything, regardless of how different the issues may be.

We are just waiting for Republicans to compare those against the Iraq War to what they are really most like: Vietnam War protesters.

As much as the Administration has fought Vietnam comparisons, its anti-war movement also focused on ending a foreign conflict that was both unnecessary and poorly executed as well. Though it was much more comprehensive after a few years than we are seeing today - along with many other differences - the Vietnam criticism analogy holds far more water than any that Republicans have made thus far.

If the day ever comes that the Bush Administration is capable of exercising that much logic, they might actually be able to agree that it would be a good idea to finally develop an exit strategy.

The White House must be getting pretty desperate for their new PR campaign to be this ridiculous and simpleminded, not to mention historically inaccurate.

The fundamental flaw in their reasoning is that, unlike in their examples, everyone is united over a common goal: reducing terrorism. The real debate is over how to achieve this goal, and it is obvious that Bush's way doesn't work. Instead of coming up with better ideas, he is simply using fear to make his followers continue to go along with the same failed policies.

We shudder to think what their next strategy will be once this doesn't work.