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Thursday, 06 July 2006 03:57

Just What Doesn't Chuck Schumer Understand About the Word "Democracy"?

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A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL In case you aren't reading BuzzFlash everyday, Joe Lieberman is in danger of losing the Democratic primary for Senate in Connecticut this summer. So how do the bigwigs at the entrenched Democratic Senate Club react to such a possibility? Well, starting with Charles Schumer (head of the Democratic Senate Re-election Campaign (DSCC)), they indicate that they might support Lieberman even if he loses the Democratic primary! Schumer is apparently sympathetic to the viewpoint that democracy doesn't decide candidates; he does. That's a strange viewpoint for the senator from New York who is leading an effort to elect senators who uphold the will of the people against a tyrannical regime. But the elite buddy system on Capitol Hill is a formidable force. Even for many Democratic senators, loyalty to a fellow senator apparently trumps democracy. Lieberman may still win the primary, but the battle over whether fellow Democratic senators will disregard the will of Democratic voters if he loses has already been raging on the Internet and elsewhere. So far, Hillary Clinton broke ranks and committed herself to supporting the winner of the Connecticut Democratic primary, even if Lieberman loses. Other senators, like Ken Salazar of Colorado, have said that democracy doesn't count and they will support Lieberman no matter what. (Lieberman has signaled he will run as an independent if he loses the primary.). The Democratic National Committee, headed by Howard Dean, has apparently indicated -- but not loudly -- that it will support the winner of the Democratic Party, whether it is Lieberman or his progressive anti-Iraq war opponent Ned Lamont. Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer -- who we remind you heads the Democratic Senate Re-election Campaign -- still won't commit to supporting the winner of the Democratic primary in Connecticut! So, please call Chuck Schumer or write him (e-mails don't count for much in Congressional offices) and remind him about the word democracy. He apparently has gotten a bit of Bushevism in him and thinks that he decides senate candidates, not the voters. Here is Schumer's contact information:
Schumer, Charles E.- (D - NY) 313 HART SENATE OFFICE BUILDING WASHINGTON DC 20510 (202) 224-6542
Tell Chuck that if he can't support the basic principle of democracy, he shouldn't be heading the Senate re-election campaign. Schumer’s contempt for democracy is worthy of our contempt. A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL Recruit 5 people to sign up for BuzzFlash alerts and help spread the truth: http://www.buzzflash.com