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Thursday, 07 September 2006 09:46

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 7, 2006

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Subject: Give ABC/Disney a Letter, Email or Call and Let Them Know What You Think of Them Getting Involved in Politics

Here's mine:

To Whom It May Concern, I've got to say how pleased I am to see Disneynews taking on 911. I hope the Republican National Committee at least appreciates all you're doing for them. I at least hope that you'll have tinkerbell sprinkle some stardust on their new docu-drama series "The Path to 911." This is just one more reason for me to feel assured that when I see that Iraqi mess on my television each night I know it just isn't Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld that's at fault but I also know that Mickey Mouse is guilty up to his eyeballs in what's going on in Iraq. I've just got to say I hope none of the higher ups at Disney/ABC lose any kids in Iraq. After all what fun would a class war like that be?

Gary from Mass.

P.S. That's why I do my best not to spend money at or on anything disney related. After all, "it's a small world after all."

[BuzzFlash Note: Link for ABC protest: http://thinkprogress.org/tellabc.]

Subject: Ignored by the lapdog media ...

This article is a bombshell in its revelation that Valerie Plame was in fact working on tracking Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and Iran for the Bush Administration immediately prior to having her cover blown by them. This fact strongly suggests that she had her cover blown, and her organization and work destroyed, not just to get back at her husband Joe Wilson but rather to cover up the fact that she would have been able to reveal this administration's fundamental lies, namely that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and this administration knew it. I daresay she also would have been able to reveal that Iran has no present capabilities for a nuclear bomb and was not working on acquiring nuclear weaponry. I think also that ultimately they were terrified she would be able to uncover the fact that it was this group of war criminals headed by Cheney that created the "Saddam was attempting to buy uranium from Niger" story themselves to justify the invasion. The investigation by Mr. Fitzgerald seems to have ended prematurely and an independent counsel is needed to uncover the full scope and extent of the lies and deceptions perpetrated on the American people which has resulted in so many tragic deaths and endless sorrow.

Latest PlameGate Bombshell: Valerie Plame Headed CIA Operational Inquiry Into Whether or Not Iraq Had Weapons of Mass Destruction When She Was Outed by the Bush Administration, Putting the Lives of Her Contacts and Her Assets as a CIA Operative in Peril. She Also, as Previously Reported, Was Helping to Assess Iran. The Bush Administration Betrayed America's National Security in Outing Plame. This Time, David Corn is Back on Track. 9/6 ("What Valerie Plame Really Did at the CIA" David Corn/The Nation)


Subject: Hubris

I think y'all are finally getting it, not quite but almost. One of the targets was surely Valerie Plame for not going along with the whole WMD in Iraq thing. But has anyone stopped to think about why if there were no WMD's in Iraq we didn't just plant them there? It would have been up to Valerie Plame's contacts to do so, what if they refused? Exposing her basically signed a death warrant for those contacts. Yes, I think you're right about Wilson being collateral damage, but in the same way, so was Plame. She may have lost her career, but it is a good guess that many of her contacts in the middle east lost their lives.

Latest PlameGate Bombshell: Valerie Plame Headed CIA Operational Inquiry Into Whether or Not Iraq Had Weapons of Mass Destruction When She Was Outed by the Bush Administration, Putting the Lives of Her Contacts and Her Assets as a CIA Operative in Peril. She Also, as Previously Reported, Was Helping to Assess Iran. The Bush Administration Betrayed America's National Security in Outing Plame. This Time, David Corn is Back on Track. 9/6

Charlotte, NC

Subject: Elections

Dear Buzz,

It appears to me that the integrity of elections is being attacked with a multiple level strategy. I'm sure that there are some facets of this process with which I am not familiar, but consider:

Tampering has occurred in the electronic voting machines. There has been much documentation with regard to this problem. The Diebold Corp. is a particularly unsavory member of the "business community" (more like a band of brigands) and is under investigation amidst accusations of insider trading and questionable accounting. Yet we are asked to believe that Diebold's filthy "ethics" would not be built into their products.

There have been a number of reports to the effect that paper votes have been "lost." One report from Ohio detailed that thousands of votes were found in a dumpster. And who could forget the famous "hanging chads?"

Republican operatives have also ensured that the harassment of voters is now a relatively commonplace event in recent elections. They challenge voters who are "undesirable" and dispense false information regarding the true location of the voter's proper polling place. Whenever possible, their operatives purge the lists of eligible voters as with the supposed "felons list" in Florida. And here I thought that being an African-American was considered only a misdemeanor in the eyes of the Greedy Old Plutocrats.

And it's not as though the corporate McMedias are going to report any irregularities at the polls, are they? After all, they spend most of any particular political campaign season dutifully using their Republing talking points and right-wing frames on any given issue. Media corporations spend big money every election cycle in an effort to elect the stooge that will pass the legislation that is favorable to the corporate media giants. They are businessmen, after all, and must conduct smart business strategy and make the decisions that will bring in the bucks - without getting emotional about things like "democracy."

I hope that I am merely a paranoid conspiracy theorist. I hope that everything turns out okay. But the whole thing smells like a great big, fat, corporate Republican rat. The Republicans need only to succeed partially with any one or two of these methods to get their desired result - especially in a close contest.

As for remedies, I have none in mind. But I dream about one possibility... It is election day, and millions of people have taken the day off. They take a vacation day and make it a "Day for Democracy." People cast their votes; but instead of going back home they gather by the thousands outside the grounds of their polling places. They gather in peaceful crowds of thousands, listening to the election returns on Air America with their portable radios.

What would happen if hundreds of thousands of people from all across America were waiting outside of the polls when it is announced that the Republicans won an incredible string of upsets all across the nation? What would happen if hundreds of thousands of angry indignant voters refused to report to work, resulting in the interruption of corporate profits - in a deliberate act of non-violent direct action? Would that get the attention of McMedia? Do you think that these political corporate stooges would take note?

I'm thinking about these things because I don't think that the voting works anymore, although I must continue to cast my ballot. And after all of the wiretapping, and "mission accomplished," and "patriot act," and Katrina, and tax cuts for the wealthy, and Halliburton, and "bring em on," and so on and so forth - my country is starved for truth and justice.

Peace and Unrest,

Mick Fowler
Glendale AZ

Subject: Bush endorses torture and he must be stopped

US President Bush today admitted today that the United States used secret prisons run by the CIA to torture prisoners, and Bush said that he was going to keep on doing it. Although Bush says the the United States does not torture, he also has his own definition of torture and claims that the Geneva conventions are vague.

Torturing people is just plain wrong. It's something that civilized people do not do. While Bush claims that America's use of torture has saved innocent lives, in reality the opposite is true. It has caused America to be the object of scorn in the international community by our friends and enemies alike. It has led to our people being kidnapped, tortured, and beheaded and it is used by terrorists to recruit new terrorists as they point to our president as an example of a leader gone mad.

The bottom line is that Bush is doing more harm than good and he has to be stopped in order to prevent further damage. He is leading America down an evil path that threatens the security of the civilized world. Americans are good people and we ask that the world not judge us by our insane leader. We ask that the people of the world join us to help remove Bush from power. Bush isn't just our problem. He is a danger to the planet and he must be stopped.

I'm Marc Perkel - And I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA

Subject: My Government Has Lost Its Mind and the Nov. Election

The year is 2006. Sec. Donald Rumsfeld had labeled me as a Nazi Sympathizer. Bush has informed me that I am Terrorist and un-American. Cheney thinks I'm Al Qaeda , based on my party affiliation.

And still today, I've learned, Rice has framed me as a person which is against not only the Declaration of Independence, but the Civil War and Emancipation as well. Even though I don't recall her asking me what my thoughts were regarding historical matters.

In the last month I have been informed by my own US Government that ....

I'm a fascist, I'm a commie, and a sympathizer of all that is evil in the world. I am confused. I am delusional and do not know the facts. And I have failed Bush's History Lessons each step of his way.

I have been told that I am solely responsible for placing my neighbor at risk and harm, as well as future generations to come, if they do come at all.

According to my Government, I am an enemy combatant which automatically ties me to terrorist cells, for which I'll be detained in a 4 x 4 cell. I am an evil doer, that is trying to take Americans' rights away. I am a threat to all "christian values" even though I'm a Catholic and my husband is Jewish. I've been told I do not support the troops, no matter how loud I shout I do. I am a disgrace to those that are safeguarding my freedoms as they fight over there and there and there and there and there. I am undermining the very principles this country was founded on and hereby defined as a traitor.

I am not worthy of an opinion. I am not allowed to dissent. I have no voice. I ought not vote Democratic, because that would place the entire Country at risk for Islamo-fascism factors that want to hurt the real true Americans. ...and if this is how they the US Government attempt to gain support, imagine what they do to those they have held in detention centers indefinitely?

For the record ...

I am a US citizen in the year 2006 stuck in the middle of an Election cycle where someone must win and someone must lose ... and that someone is not about to be me.

So, if I am guilty of anything, then I am proud to say I am only guilty for having a free mind and the ability to know when my Government is aware that their Party is Over and that they are the guilty ones and they know that once the elections are over, Let The Investigations Begin.

So Bring It On Big Boy, I am ready and you will hopefully in the end, be detained for Crimes that you have committed. For you are surely the Guilty ones, not me.

Jude Rouslin
Sarasota Florida

Subject: ABC -- Slave of the Bush Administration

So ends once and for all the myth of the liberal media. This canard has been trumpeted by Republican shills endlessly as cover for their corporate allies to give them as much unfair and unbalanced fawning coverage as the public can be force fed. This great lie has been conclusively laid bare by ABC's actions of producing an outrageously false eight hour long hatchet piece essentially blaming President Clinton for not aggressively pursuing bin Laden and thereby causing 9/11. This piece of excrement was written by a friend and good bud of Rush Limbaugh who, not surprisingly, is pushing it. That should show right there the true intent of the filmmakers in making it and ABC in releasing it. It contains so many willful falsehoods bashing Clinton and praising Bush it is nothing but a piece of pure political pornography worthy of an FCC fine ten times that given for Janet Jackson's breast.

This is a wretched but stark example of the modern day unholy alliance of corporate media and political power, each serving the needs of the other faithfully and slavishly. It is not secret that the Disney Corporation which owns ABC, is seeking favorable regulatory treatment for its media holdings, and has apparently chosen to achieve these aims by becoming a right wing organ of this administration. They have shown their undying fealty by aggressively pushing this execrable slander of President Clinton and laughable hagiography of Mr. Bush's woeful performance both before and during the events of September 11, 2001. Even though President Clinton made fighting terrorism a top priority of his administration, allocating unprecedented resources and personnel to the fight, having Al Gore make specific recommendations about improving airline safety and trying to warn people of the looming danger that we would face because of terrorism and bin Laden specifically the Republicans at the time, obsessed with finding some crime of the penis to charge him with, would stonewall him and deride every step he took as "wagging the dog" or trying to divert attention from their witch hunt.

Meanwhile the movie utterly ignores the criminally negligent way the Bush administration utterly ignored the threat of terrorism after they took office. They convened no working top level staff meeting on terrorism until the morning before September 11th, completely disregarded the repeated steadily escalating warnings of top counter terrorism adviser Richard Clarke and then when faced with a deafening crescendo of warnings immediately prior to 9.11, refused to interrupt Mr. Bush's brush cutting vacation to do anything to meet the gathering threat and even sought to cut funding for counter terrorism measures. Then, while America was under attack, Mr. Bush kept listening to children read him My Pet Goat, shook hands in the school for an additional fifteen minutes and skedaddled leaving Mr. Cheney in charge of the country in one of its most dire moments.

This movie deliberately overlooks those inconvenient truths in favor of the traditional Republican refrain of "Blame it all on Clinton!" What is even worse is that ABC is trying to push this to schools as an educational film even though it is nothing more than a wretched political screed masquerading as a docudrama. ABC should be boycotted and its mendacity highlighted for all to see, and any school that shows this piece of trash should be required to show the CBS miniseries the Reagans right along with it. You remember that one, the one that the right wing had their corporate allies kill because it was allegedly not "factual" and slanderous to the Reagans.




Subject: No Child Left Behind?

President Bush made much of the fact that he had endorsed Senator Kennedy's plan for 'No child left behind. After Bush got the media to hype the plan, he promptly failed to fund it.

However, he did fund the oil companies in his plan known as 'No oil company left behind'. We are now paying the price at the gas pumps for the cozy relationship between the Administration and the oil barons.

But in fairness to Bush how much do children contribute to the Republicans? Isn't that what it is all about?

Bob N.

Subject: ABC 911 'docudrama'

Can BuzzFlash get two campaigns going? 1) Get ABC to pull this full of lies 911 'docudrama', the same way the Reagan docudrama was pulled due to right wing viewer pressure.

2) Encourage everyone to rent "V for Vendetta" and watch that instead of/during the ABC 911 time slot (if we can't get it pulled).

Also: Lieberman MUST be defeated in CT.


A BuzzFlash Reader

[BuzzFlash Note: Sounds good to us. Here's a link for writing to ABC. "V" is also available from the BuzzFlash store.]

Subject: Islamo-Fascists


Islamo-fascists from the neocons, well it does sound better than the bad guys and evil doers. We annihilate the Taliban, we invade Iraq, and we have Israel retaliate against Hamas and Hezbollah and test ground-penetrating bombs on Lebanon to warn Iran to dig deeper holes. Are we encouraging traditional rival Sunni and Shia factions to unite so they stop the civil war in Iraq? If Dubya and his born again Christians aren’t on a Crusade it sure looks like one, those guys even pray “for Armageddon.” Too bad that bunch of incompetent, chicken hawk, neocons aren’t plain cons in some maximum security facility, instead of elected and appointed government officials.

Bush senior knew what would happen if he toppled Saddam, plus he fired slime ball Karl Rove, so what does Dubya do? He gets even, you fired my daddy, and you called my daddy names. He uses Rove’s Red State Blue State slime politics to get elected and uses his nazicons and lies to invade Iraq and spread democracy. Of course he hasn’t caught Osama, because he was in the “oil bidnez” with the Bin Laden family and royal families stick together, screw the peons.

So far his majesty Dubya hasn’t managed to screw us out of our social security, although he has screwed up the Medicare drug program, opened the borders to slave labor, tried to sell our ports to Arabs, ignored national disasters, and run the national debt into the great-great-great-grandchild territory. If the "appeasing, fag loving, anti-Christian, liberal democrats" somehow get elected despite the fixed voting machines he might get investigated for wiping his butt with the constitution.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Lieberman's Hypocrisy

Dear Buzz:

I nominate Lieberman for GOP Hypocrite of the week. He was VERY critical of General Wes Clark during the 2004 primaries, almost as if he had a mandate from the GOP to put Clark out of the running, so Rove could breathe easier about his plans to discredit the Democratic contender on national security and patriotism. After all, how was the GOP going to mock the war wounds of the most highly decorated veteran in the country, who volunteered for Viet Nam? The GOP had a plan. Maybe that was one of the reasons why Bush kissed Lieberman on the cheek, thanking him for all his help. If people remember, Lieberman's complaint was that Wes Clark was not a lifelong Democrat. Clark had been Independent for most of his life. Now we see that Lieberman is actively trying to crush Democrats. I knew his rhetoric was a ploy then, as it is now. He should get the hypocrite honor.


Subject: The Speech I Wish Bush Would Include in His Current Series

“In a few short weeks the war my administration brought to Iraq will have killed as many Americans as Osama Bin Laden did on 9/11. Combined American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan now exceed that number. By conservative estimates my war in Iraq has already killed at least 10 times, and perhaps as many as 50 times, the number of innocent civilians who died in the Twin Towers. I know this is ‘unsettling.’

As I have had to repeat recently, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Nevertheless, I have chosen Iraq to be the “central front” in my war on “terror.” Early in our invasion and occupation of Iraq, given the lack of promised WMD’s and any meaningful terrorist presence, this sounded to some like meaningless, even absurd, political rhetoric. But current conditions in Iraq make my characterization more apt with every passing day. Since we brought war to Iraq we have filled the country with weapons, violence and terror on a scale we could only dream of prior to our invasion. I can assure you that today Iraq does indeed harbor a rich variety of violent Islamic extremists, and it now does foster the spread of terrorist tactics around the globe.

As a result of my “Freedom Agenda” for Iraq, ordinary Iraqis now overwhelming want us to leave. But imagine an Iraq without an American presence. Without us, a Free Iraq, in its naïve political infancy, might choose a form of government other than the right one, the one that we have chosen for it. It might select leaders other than the ones that we now house in a fortified compound to protect them from their fellow countrymen. This fledgling ‘democracy,’ as I like to call it, must be protected from the Iraqi people who comprise the vast majority of the anti-occupation insurgents that our war has created. Only when this insurgency is finally ‘neutralized,’ can we safely leave. Which is why I say that as long as I am president, we will never leave Iraq. The American people must understand that with no occupation to resist, there can be no insurgency to neutralize. It’s that simple.

If America were to pull out of Iraq, the consequences would be absolutely predictable. With no American occupation of Iraq to hold up as an insult to Islam, Islamic extremism would loose its chief recruiting tool. With no foreign soldiers controlling the holy sites of Muslims worldwide, jihadism would loose its driving force. And where would the United States be then? The war we brought to Iraq, and the manner in which we have waged it, has focused the hatred of Muslim extremists around the world primarily on the Americans in Iraq. If we leave Iraq, and the enemies our policies and tactics have created can’t kill us there, they will follow us here: If they can fight us in the streets of Baghdad, they won’t have to fight us in the streets of Bloomington. So we must stay the course until victory is achieved. Freedom is on the march across the Middle East, and if in that march there is a suggestion of a goose-step, well, what are you going to do about it?”

Albert Clark

Subject: A letter to the Washington Post [forwarded]

To the Editor of the Washington Post

In his op-ed column "México: Democracy Under Threat" Enrique Krause gives a delightful short history of democracy in México. Oddly, however, he asserts that "[2006 presidential candidate] López Obrador isn't the heir of liberal democrats Benito Juárez and Francisco I. Madero, but of Porfirio Díaz and Victoriano Huerta, the coup leaders who smothered Mexico's two initial attempts at democracy." In fact, like Juárez and Madero, López Obrador has dedicated his life to improving the lot of lower income citizens, while Díaz and Huerta were military generals unswervingly friendly to big business. A notable omission in Dr. Krause’s history was populist Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas’ early lead in his 1988 bid for the Mexican presidency, which mysteriously vanished after a computer crash. In the 2004 U.S. Election, the exit polls showed Kerry leading nationally by nearly 3% all day long, but following a computer blackout they had him losing by about 3%. Dr. Krause wonders what Americans would have thought had Kerry claimed "massive fraud" and asked his followers to protest on the Mall in Washington. I wonder too.

David L. Griscom
San Carlos, Sonora, México

Subject: Mailbag 9/6/06 -- Gas Prices and an Upchuck Bag

Marc Perkel....just before Labor day, my husband remarked a dozen times..how much gas was coming down. And, I told him, that they have started keeping it down until the travelers come home, then zap 'em with a 30 cent hike, but not this time! Then it hit me. It is an election year and they are not going to raise prices until after....soooo it is down to an unbelievable 2.36 and falling here in St. Louis....funnnneeee...Just like Marc says., fill your tank the day before...because if and when they win....they are going to hit us with the biggest rise...and it will stay until 2008...I approve your message, too Marc.

As to the "Grab the upchuck bag story" it's times like this that I really wonder if anyone up there is looking out for our behinds? When I read something like that...I don't really like any of them. I was downright sick of them in the early days of Bush....it was disgusting to see them bowing at his feet...now they want us to just forget it and listen to them about the "Bad old war"and the many of them who have decided they should never have voted for that "Big Bad War!" See, when a high school graduate like me had that one all figured out on the first day, when the planes went into the trade center....how can they be so stupid??? I am not kidding...by the end of 2001, when the chatter started about Iraq...and other things...I already had lost not only friends but family, most people with any intelligence have either realized...or just keep their mouths shut. Some will never admit to anything...because that would mean they were wrong.

Shirley ... St. Louis