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Friday, 08 September 2006 07:58

Key Scenes of ABC's "The Path to 9/11" Shot in Canada, Including WTC Attack

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All the fuss over ABC's miniseries The Path to 9/11 has been over its factual inaccuracies blaming Bill Clinton for the terrorist attacks. But there is another big problem with the movie: most of the shooting was exported to Canada to save money, diverting millions of dollars from the American economy. The following is a picture of actors reenacting the collapse of the World Trade Center - in downtown Toronto:


Toronto WTC Reenactment

One seemingly innocuous review includes the following account:

"The fascinating footage of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sudan was actually shot in Morocco; most of the rest of the film was shot in Toronto, with some scenes shot in Washington and New York."

Sure enough, Canada.com was all too happy to report that "Toronto plays a role in 9/11 miniseries," and also mentioned that "Much of the miniseries was filmed in and around Toronto."

Yes, it turns out that the American Broadcast Company outsourced their portrayal of one the most tragic events in our history.

There is nothing wrong with getting realistic Middle Eastern footage from Morocco instead of the more dangerous countries depicted, and there is certainly nothing wrong with the great nation of Canada. But there is no excuse for not filming scenes of America in America, especially of the World Trade Center attack itself.

ABC is following the growing trend of "runaway production" in which U.S. movies are sent abroad for cheap. To get a bigger share of the vast amounts of money spent by movie studios on supplies, actors, hotels, catering, and other things, Canada has provided production tax subsidies since 1998. In the last five years, this exodus has siphoned away $23 billion from the American economy.

ABC's lack of patriotism is certainly interesting considering the obvious flag-waving, right-wing bias of their miniseries. While it's unclear just how little production took place domestically, it is certain that more of ABC's roughly $40 million budget could have been directed to the places and people most affected by the attacks portrayed in the movie.

Instead, ABC decided to exploit 9/11 for its own personal gain, just like the Bush Administration. The miniseries is a lie inside and out.

Click here, scroll down, and select "Path to 9/11" to watch a behind-the-scenes video showing the making of the reenactment in Toronto.