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Tuesday, 18 July 2006 05:16

BuzzFlash Mailbag July 18, 2006

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Subject: Don't Call It World War 3

Call it the Neocon Death-Rattle or Chimpy the Squirrel's Last War Dream...Create our own "reality" by stopping this madness and ridding our country of these parasites.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Stem Cells a Wedge Issue?

Congressional races can be a referendum on a president but when you're a Republican and your district's incumbent rep tells you "I voted for stem cell research and if you elect me I'll work to ensure congress will override the Bush veto," the matter is closed. Disappointed Republicans and most right-leaning Indies do not cross party lines to vote for the other guy. Dems will but R's stay home.

I'm not going to run through the dynamics a second time but few people really grasp what is entailed in converting a voter ideology to immediacy. The key to November is angry Democrats.

That's not to say there isn't a rupture coming between the far RR and the moderate R's. It will happen at some point. God knows Dems have been quietly pushing them into the Falwell arms for years, but we're not there yet.


Subject: Post-911 Option Trading

Dear BuzzFlash,

I appreciate the hot-link to the BigPicture's story on the post-911 option grants, which let the executives of major corporations cash in on their companies' low stock prices after the tragedy.

But would you please consider linking to a story about the pre-911 options trading? Evidently there was a significant spike in the number of put-options (which bet the stock price will go down) on both American and United in the days prior to the attack.

Moreover, much of this trading was done through a German bank whose former director is George Tenet. The bank itself is generally acknowledged to be a CIA front-company.

The US govt. promised an investigation, of course, but nothing came of it.

So, who made those trades? What were their links to US intelligence? And did they have access to inside knowledge about the attacks?

I understand that BuzzFlash, like most of the left, is hostile to the 911-truth movement. Yet consider the words of one of your featured authors, Hanah Arendt, on the banality of evil. All that is necessary for totalitarianism to take power is for ordinary people to go about their routines, to not question their complacent assumptions, and to not notice anything peculiar.

Please consider a link to the pre-911 options trading story, and let your readers make up their mind. If the story's bogus, they're more than smart enough to decide for themselves.

John Boly
Milwaukee, WI

[BuzzFlash Note: Here's Wikipedia's take.]

Subject: Ignorance

Yesterday morning my husband and I went to our weekly Saturday morning breakfast. On this particular day we sat with two of my husband's aquaintances. For some reason we began talking about Bush and his policies. I told them in no uncertain terms how I feel about this president. They went on to defend him and his Christian life. I asked them why we went to Iraq and was told that we went to make them Christians. I almost fell off my chair. I was then told that any man who can quote Genesis deserved their vote. UNfreakinbelievable!!! Don't even get me started on how they feel about gays and lesbians. I was glad to be able to talk to someone with a different opinion, but this is what this country has to deal with. HELP!

Annette Lopez
Globe, AZ

Subject: Piggish Baby Bush

Friday evening I watched The Daily Show that ran video clips of baby bush in Germany making his remarks about the roast pig. As usual, I felt a deep sense of shame that such an idiot was representing us. But even more than that, I was outraged by his first remark that he was looking forward to the feast of roast pig that evening. Here's a man from a super wealthy family who never had to miss a meal in his life unless he was too drunk (or perhaps stoned) to remember to eat, telling us how much he was looking forward to a feast. Yet he makes it harder and harder for poor people (including babies and children) to get enough to eat. (The latest example is Congressional Republicans refusing to raise the minimum wage by a paltry couple of dollars, but voting themselves a raise and baby bush raising the salaries of his staff.) After his last reference to the roast pig, there was a quick closeup of Angela Merkel's face where she looked as if she were thinking, "What a moron!" I thought, "And a piggish moron, at that!"

R. M. Johnson
New Jersey

Subject: Tony Snow

You know, I am sure none of us thought Tony Snow was a beaming light of intelligence...but, he has been around Bush too long...with the 'collateral damage to civilians and also human life'....he is fitting the mold to a tee! And, I notice, every time I have watched a news conference (and I use that word loosely)...when the questions start being repeated, and everyone knows he has refused to answer it previously, he can just up and leave...he picks up his so- called books and goes right out the door. And, of course like every other right winger being asked a simple question...he gets by with it!

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: Letter to the Editor - Israel Squandering Good Will

In 1947 the world community gave Israel to the Jewish community in sympathy for the holocaust. For the last 60 years Israel has been considered a good member of the civilized world for the most part who only went to war when it had to and after it had been attacked. But this new war is different and unjustified. A nation doesn't start a war over 2 hostages. If we started a war every time a few hostages were captured the entire planet would always be at war.

The people of the world like to stand with the country that is morally right. We want to support the "good guys" in any conflict. In this case however Israel is not the good guys and some of the people they are attacking are not the bad guys. Israel has shown an arrogance and an indifference towards the lives of civilians including its own citizens and have brought war to the world community, as if we need more of that. I used to think that a Jewish state was a good idea but now I realize that any time any nation falls under control of a religion that they become war like and irrational. Israel may win the battles but they are losing the support of the world and in the long run they might find themselves shunned and isolated. I believe that there is a price for an unjust war and I don't think Israel understands the true cost of their poor judgment.

I'm Marc Perkel - and I approved this message!

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA

Subject: "Saddam's Overthrow Has Made Us Safer"

Hi BuzzFlash,

So with Cowboy Bush in charge and Lieberman as his Hawk Supporter, let's see where we stand today.

Iraq is one big mess with more precious American blood is being lost every day and Iraqi Troop levels still a joke.

North Korea has a nutcase shooting off Missiles that can't reach Japan - yet - but it won't be too long before they hit Japan. Then watch the "fun" begin.

India is shooting off Nuclear Rockets, which didn't make Pakistan a happy camper.

Iran and Syria are aiding Lebanon with their attacks on Israel while Israel is shooting their own missiles back at Lebanon.

Lebanon can't tell the difference between a flag flown by Israel or Egypt, since Lebanon’s terrorists hit an Egyptian ship.

Oh, one more thing. Some "nobody" named Osama bin Laden is still an uncaptured terrorist.

Not Bad George!!

But why should I be worried about the World's chaos? After all, Joe Lieberman made the following comment back in 2004, when he was debating in the Democratic Primary, after they had captured Saddam Hussein:

LIEBERMAN: The overthrow and then capture of Saddam Hussein has made America safer and made the world safer." ...
LIEBERMAN: We had good faith differences on the war against Saddam. But I don't know how anybody could say that we're not safer with a homicidal maniac, a brutal dictator, an enemy of the US, a supporter of terrorism, a murderer of hundreds of thousands of his own people in prison instead of in power. To say that we haven't obliterated all terrorism with Saddam in prison is a little bit like saying somehow that we weren't safer after WWII after we defeated Hitler because Stalin and the communists were still in power.

Source: Democratic 2004 Presidential Primary Debate in Iowa Jan 4, 2004


Yes-sir-ree Joe. Getting Saddam behind bars really fixed all the World’s Problems and made the World soooo safe that we are currently witnessing the Whole World falling apart with no troops to take care of any of these other problems.

Welcome to WWIII, Joe! Way to go!

Tom Wieliczka
Windsor Locks, CT

Subject: Faint-hearted Democrats Cave Again

Democrats pulled an Internet ad that showed the flag-draped coffins of American Military Personnel killed in Iraq. Republicans and at least two Democrats demanded it be taken down on grounds the image was insensitive and not fit for a political commercial.

Democrats have a commercial that offends some delicate feelings? Then they pulled the ad so they wouldn’t upset the suddenly-oh-so-sensitive Republicans?

The idea that the party of Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly and the Swift Boat Vets could be offended by anything is preposterous. Sensitivities? Republicans?

Republicans, mostly war-mongering Chicken Hawks, are trying to convince voters that the Democrats don’t have the guts to protect the population.

So the Democrats, just to show the population how tough they are, pull the ad. Defend the country? You wimps can’t even defend your own ad!

The Republican Noise Machine churns out lies. That’s what Republicans do. But when the Republican Noise Machine says the Democrats are wimps, people have only to look at actions of those who decided to pull that ad.

Democrats fight in Iraq, are Police Officers and Firefighters. Liberals have never been afraid to go in harm's way. One party or the other has no monopoly on courage. The notion that a coward like Karl Rove can suggest that Democrats aren’t fighters is dishonest and nauseating.

So would someone please explain why the spineless Democrats in Washington are so afraid? Then explain why they deserve support? Because they aren’t Republicans? Doubtful that is gonna fly. Voters are extraordinarily angry with all politicians. Democrats and Republicans.

Unless and until they give people a reason to vote for them, it's gonna be another sad day for Democrats on Wednesday, November 8th, 2006.

(Electronic voting machines are a whole other topic. I put my faith in the likes of Robert Kennedy Jr. and Mike Papantonio since they and too few others seem to be fighting a lonely fight to protect the rights of citizens to have their vote count and be counted.)




Marjorie Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: Congressional Climate of Fear

What's more cowardly than chickenhawks? Democravens. How craven are they? They have no cause for alarm. (Sort of yellowbird Democrats, high up in banana Republican tree).

Vic Anderson
Eagle Lake/Florida
Subject: What a Truly Stupid Headline

Your headline critisizing Joe Lieberman for his comments on the Terri Schiavo debacle read "Another reason not to vote Joe: His stance on the Terri Schiavo case makes him look like he's on the verge of going pro-life."

Do you guys read the stuff on your own web page? How about all that good stuff on framing? We are all "pro-life"; we oppose war and poverty and capital punishment and indifference to AIDS and the like (and yes, some of us, while pro-choice are not comfortable with abortion).

More accurate to say Senator Lieberman is anti-choice or pro-waiting-till-the-baby-is-born-to-whack-it (ok, too long, no zing). Or just about anything else that allows us to define the argument.

Mike Grello
West Columbia, SC

Subject: Look who's been kidnapped! Hundreds of Palestinian 'suspects' have been kidnapped from their homes and will never stand trial

[Author] Arik Diamant is an IDF reservist and the head of the Courage to Refuse organization.


Subject: GOP Does Not Equal Nor Does It Trump God

You have probably seen and heard the lovely pearls of wisdom from Dumbya about the latest mid-east conflicts. Something to the effect that they should just “stop doing this sh**t.” I would say that dumbya is thinking this planet is not big enough for there to be this many “dictators.” And, once again, we see that dumbya can not and will not communicate in a professional, diplomatic way.

If only he would try listening to his platitudes and using them, but he is more interested in telling EVERYONE else what to do than doing the right thing himself. For him and his like, it is all about the money. Just once I wish someone would say, yes dumbya, he who dies with the most toys wins, but realize that in the end you still die. Just look at (if you can find him) Ken Lay.

I am seeing more and more violence on the news. Groups/countries bombing others and it just makes no sense to me. I am a common man, used to diversity and I embrace it generally. I don’t hate my neighbor because of their religion, or beliefs. I don’t hate someone just because their skin is lighter or darker than mine. I don’t hate someone because I believe they live in sin. I don’t subject others to my religion, nor do I expect them to judge me based on their beliefs. We are all citizens of this planet, and since I am a Christian (NOT BY THE STANDARDS OF THOSE THROWING STONES, JUDGMENTS AND BOMBS) I believe that ALL citizens of this planet deserve some respect, tolerance and understanding.

That being said, I simply do no understand why someone could invade another country (especially when my daddy and his business associates selected, recruited and installed him to power) simply to confiscate their oil and to enrich my family. What does it profit a man if by gaining the entire world and its treasures you sell your soul? Those that would sell their soul for profit are the very ones that cultivate fear, hatred and intolerance. Those are not Christian values, no matter which pastor you ask. If your pastor tells you those are Christian values, you need to seek a second opinion.

As a citizen of this planet, I don’t have to approve of my neighbors, but I must allow them to be. I expect no less from them in return.

A very wise man once said, “tend to the log in your eye before you worry about the splinter in your neighbor's eye.” and I believe that is so very true.

Speaking about logs in my eye -- I am troubled by the climate of fear, hatred and intolerance that this so-called administration is spreading. Daily they call to hate, fear and incite violence. Their hallmark for their so-called “Christian” values talks of denying Gays the very rights of every other American. The pursuit of happiness. Their deeds speak not of Christian values, but those of bigots and hypocrites. They dwell on the uneducated’s embrace of hate, fear and intolerance.

My friends, those that cultivate any idea other than understanding, compassion, empathy are not Christian, no matter how many bible verses they scream at you, or which flag they wave in your face. They simply are not Christian. Easy test, you can tell by their actions. An even easier test, if they tell you they are Christian, you can bet it is because you wouldn’t be able to tell it by their actions.

Now, would Jesus want to know what your bank account activity would be? Would Jesus listen in to your phone conversations? Would Jesus open your mail? Would Jesus actually invade your computer? Would Jesus LIE TO YOU ABOUT INVADING A COUNTRY THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11? Would Jesus have anything to hide and cover up about 9/11? And, would Jesus deny you the ability to voice your opinion? NO -- BUT A FASCIST WOULD.

Would Jesus tell you it is OK to kill others that you don’t agree with? Would Jesus tell you to abuse the poor for the benefit of the rich? Would Jesus cut taxes on the RICH, and give a “reach around” of $1000 to the poor? NO -- BUT A FASCIST WOULD.

Yet those that yell that they are Christian the loudest are those that show it least in deeds.

And sins being equal, does it make sense that a war based on lies which costs thousands upon thousands of lives is less upsetting than an affair that affected (not terminated) only 3 lives?

GOP does not equal nor does it trump GOD. And no matter how many votes they silence in the name of their “god,” it is not right, and it does not exempt them from accountability.

Have you noticed that more wars are fought over religion than any other reason? Have you noticed that religion was the reason for denying Gay rights, abortion decisions, evolution, stem cell research?

The last time I checked, Christians (not the faux-Christians) did NOT START WARS, did NOT ABANDON THE POOR AND DOWN TRODDEN. Nor did they excessively tax the poor and down trodden.

So, what are we waiting for, CHIMPEACH NOW! And if you are waiting for it to become a more popular idea…. And it is daily…. Remember that some in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s were waiting for someone to lead then too. The sad thing there is that it was way too late for most before sanity took hold.

Will you be a number of those that waited, or will you be one of the numbers that makes a difference? The choice is yours, but you have to choose the timing. Personally I don’t want to be one of those that spoke out and only has a headstone to show I was here, I choose to try to make a difference so that I will not be reduced to a monument. I would prefer that a monument be erected for free speech and democracy rather than in remembrance. Will you speak out, or simply be remembered?

KJ Lovell
Duncan, OK

Comment: It's not the "Yo Blair" and it's not the "cut that shit out." It's not even the rudely talking with a big wad of food crammed in his cheek that made the conversation so deplorable. It's the fact that these two sorry hacks come across about as impressively as a couple part-timers on their local town council. Blair was clearly trying to get Bush up off his fat dead ass, but, sad to say, it was clear from his remarks that I'd be more skilled at crisis management than our President is - that is truly scary.


Subject: Laughing at the Primitive Culture

Let's say that all this happened one century ago. "All this" meaning the war in Iraq, the rise of the religious right, the policies of the current administration, and the recent rash of natural disasters. So here we are reading about it in our history books today -- no, better yet, let's say the discovery channel makes a mini series about how the human race potentially came to the brink of destruction because a portion of the population in this country would rather protect their afterlife than protect their current life.

I imagine being pretty amused that we had come so close because of superstitious frights and beliefs, it would be funny to watch how the primitive culture of one hundred years ago had their heads so far up their god fearing asses that, the people who studied the weather and the earth all their lives would be ignored. Remember the witch trials? That's some silly sh** right there. Oooh, how about the flat earth theory? Yeah, we are pretty silly.

In a hundred years that's exactly what's going to happen, the population of earth will be watching the show about how the America of 2000-? got so caught up in the most mundane stupid crap and nearly caused our extinction. At least I hope somebody will be there to laugh.

Mark Pederson
Reno, NV

Subject: Bush Caught Swearing About Syria

I just read some crappy story on MSNBC that was but a blurb in the grand scheme of things but I had to laugh.

Bush was overheard saying the following to Tony Blair about the Mid-East crisis:

“See the irony is that what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this s--- and it’s over,” Bush told Blair as he chewed on a buttered roll.

Once again the court jester appears. Hey, ummm ... George. Just in case you--uh---weren't paying attention to the--ummm ... State of the world. I just thought that you might like to know that ... Well ... And I'm not being rude here but ... WHO exactly do you propose should "get Syria" to "get Hezbollah" to "stop doing this s**t "? I mean, call me "disconnected," but as "the decider" I'm sure you have an idea of how all the world's problems should be solved. Who shall we send? Kissinger? Whoops, that might be a mistake. How about Condi? Oh yeah ... That wouldn't go over too well with the politicians in Syria I suppose. How about Rummy? Oh wait ... Yeah ... He blew the Iraq scene. Cheney? No, no ... That won't do, either. So, Mr. Decider; whom shall we choose?

Oh wait, I know! Let's get Saddam. I hear he's not too busy right now. If anyone can get Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Israel to pay attention it would probably be him ... Oh wait I forgot. He's in jail being tried in a Kangaroo Court -- No George -- "Kangaroo Courts" are not from Australia and they have nothing to do with marsupials. (Look it up George. It's pronounced MAR-SOUP-EE-ALS ...) I know "nuclear" is hard enough for you to say ...

I heard another statement the other day that sounded kinda funny too ... Someone I was speaking with said: "What they need to do is get the US to get Israel to stop doing this s** and it's over."

His comment wasn't made made with dinner roll in hand however. It was instead made with a rolled up Newspaper headlined: "WWIII?!"

I only have one thing to say to Bush about this: "You sir, are a whore. A shameless, shameless whore."


Subject: Stem Cells

a) I'm a Type I diabetic whose pancreas no longer generates insulin at all.

b) I would *love* a cure to diabetes.

c) I would *not* like it to come at the cost of warehouses full of cloned human embryos generating the stem cells necessary to create the islet cells I need in order to kick start my pancreas into action again...or even to create the cells I need in order to correct the overactive immune system that attacked my islet cells as though they were invaders in the first place.

d) the problem with the Bush administration policy on stem cells -- much like the right wing's policy on abortion -- is that it chooses the rights of the unborn over the rights of the living.

e) the problem with the democrats' position on stem cells is that it sees stem cell research for what it is now -- a cottage industry -- and not for what it will be in less than a decade if it achieves its promise. Tthe world wide web is a perfect example of how fast an industry can expand when given nearly unlimited resources and few regulations. Given this example, warehouses full of embryos within the decade is not unlikely.

f) non-gov't subsidized, private and non-profit funded research is the *right* policy on this, and democrats lean against this at their own peril. Diabetics and AIDS and cancer patients (victims of the major killers) all have access to large non-profit organizations who fund research into genuine *cures*... it's been ages since the private sector or the government has considered a cure as a viable tool.

g) as democrats: encourage democratic solutions. Keep gov't funding out of stem cells, but allow private research. (Democrats no longer trust the government, after all.) Encourage greater involvment and giving to those institutions that commit to research that is outside of standard drug company channels -- in other words, organizations like the American Diabetes Association, and other groups that prefer cures to 'lifestyles.' Encourage groups like these to commit to a simple premise: we want to be out of business in 10 years, because we want the reason we exist to disappear. You want faith in 'the system' to come back? This is how it happens.

h) please. What you recommend is *not* a slam dunk. It's a giant underestimation of public opinion. As a diabetic in need of a cure, i need someone, somewhere, to handle this correctly.


A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: What You Do Comes Back To You!

Dear Buzz,

When Bush got caught with the microphone on using an expletive and personal-talk with others, I was thinking that I wonder if he knows now what it really feels like when someone else (us this time) hears his conversations? I had to chuckle. Now he thinks second thoughts about surveillance and wire-tapping? I highly doubt it, but maybe today the thought entered into that little brain of his. He got a little dose of his medicine today!

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Fall Elections

I am very glad Robert Kennedy et al. are bringing action suits against Deibold and other voting companies soon. If anyone can get the action going on this, they can. They are high-profile lawyers. BuzzFlash -- What can we all do to help this along? It is a major issue and we want to do what we can. I applaud their actions in working on this. It is something that could save the elections this fall.

Blowing the Whistle on Diebold -- RFK Jr. lives up to the family name 7/18

A BuzzFlash Reader

[BuzzFlash Note: Maybe other readers can provide links to action groups.]

Subject: Maybe The New York Times Is Starting To Get It

Wow. Perhaps The New York Times has realized that if you are going to be called liberal even when you are not, then perhaps it's time to stop spewing conservative lies and start actually reporting the news.

Big Dave
Queens, NY
Subject: Mailbag 7/17

To Genie...all we can do is hope. I don't really trust the electorate anymore...but, who knows? Thanks for your understanding. Who is telling the truth about the start up of the Israeli/Lebanon tizzy? Noam Chomsky says Israel abducted two Lebanese civilians...and I think Israel says the opposite...at least the right wingers I have asked do...Does anyone know the truth?

This afternoon, I got a forward from a friend, who knows very well that I cannot stand the name, Bush! This thing was about soldiers walking through a terminal and how wonderful to see every one stand and cheer...and how if we listen to the LIBERAL media...we would never know anyone supported the troops. I do not know how many times he used the word LIBERAL in a derogatory way. In my usual, nasty way...I answered. After just losing a friend to cancer, younger than me, I was out of patience! I gave the person who sent it to me, a piece of my mind...even though I cannot really spare it...and was nastier than I usually am...but, I looked at the list of people who had sent this forward...and I was disheartened...even though I know that outstate Missouri is very simple-minded now...even leaving out Greene county.

I wrote later...to the woman who had sent it to me, and apologized for being so confrontational. Have these people got a brain between them? Do they not know that Bush did not find WMD...or had no intention of finding Bin Laden? I asked them all that...and I asked the girl who sent it to me...to please send it on to all of them.

Here's hoping...some of them actually wonder enough to reply...none ever do.

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: Hawks of a Feather

The conflict in the Middle East grows deadlier as Hezbollah rockets rained on Israel, and Israeli tanks and bombers decimated Lebanon's infrastructure, killing hundreds -- mostly civilians. The United States has pumped up Israel's defense capabilities over decades, supplying billions of dollars worth of tanks, F-16 fighter jets, missiles and munitions.

Israel is claiming material support for Palestinian defense is coming from Syria and Iran. No one in the mainstream media is acknowledging that Israel's military capabilities have come from the U.S. It is journalistic taboo to criticize Israel's right-wing policies of indiscriminate killing of Palestinians, the terrorizing of Gaza and now Lebanon, or the wholesale slaughter of entire families. Misinformation is key to maintaining the depiction of Israel as a helpless, peace-loving country endlessly harassed by Arabs.

When Sharon wiped out the town of Jenin, all journalists were kept out of the area by the Israeli military while the cleanup went on. Witnesses saw bulldozers loading rubble containing the bodies of Palestinians unto disposal trucks.

The neocon hawks in Washington have their soul-mates in the Israeli prime minister and cabinet. The Bill Kristol talking points, namely that Hezbollah started it and that it is a proxy war for Iran, are being repeated as fact by every major news outlet. No mention is given of the civilian kidnappings of Palestinians that Israel has been doing for years.

How timely this conflict is for Republicans who have been bracing for a drumming in the upcoming November elections. Americans no longer believe the mainstream news outlets when they obediently transmit the latest government-induced terror scare.

A growing number of Americans are convinced that their government either facilitated or engineered the events of 9-11 to advance an authoritarian agenda. America owns Israel, and Israel will do as America says. Conversely, Israeli intelligence operatives may well have enough documentary evidence to expose the highest levels of U.S. government as complicit in 9-11. That exposure would obviously bring down the Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld regime in a matter of weeks, if not days. They will do anything Israel demands to keep that from happening.

This is not about anti-Semitism. Criticism of Washington is not about anti-Christianity. When the stated policy is killing, war and retribution, none can claim any relationship to spirituality.


Subject: US Charging Evacuees

I suppose if the Bushies had thought of this last summer, people being hauled off rooftops in New Orleans would have been asked for Visa or Mastercard.

US Charging Evacuees to Get Out of Lebanon

Mike Curtis
Greenbrier, Ark.

Subject: Feeling Helpless About the Way It Is?

If so, there are plenty of ways for one to obtain temporary relief, such as sex, sports, jumping up and down, screaming and cussing, getting drunk or high, watching a reality show, mowing the lawn, overeating and attending a rave. But if one is seeking permanent relief the only known way is to go all out to change the world.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: "Pro-life"

I honestly can't believe that one of your headline/links reads "Another reason not to vote Joe: His stance on the Terri Schiavo case makes him look like he's on the verge of going pro-life." And you are anti-life?

This is one of the tricks the Repugs use; tricking you into calling them what they call themselves. They are not pro-life any more than Donald Rumsfeld is, since the only lives they seem to take seriously are those that haven't been born yet, since they favor the death penalty, oppose welfare, and refuse to do anything that makes the quality of life of anyone who lives below the poverty level any better.

No more "pro-life" -- "anti-choice."

A BuzzFlash Reader

[BuzzFlash Note: Better? Another reason not to vote Joe: His stance on the Terri Schiavo case makes him look like he's on the verge of going anti-choice 7/17]

Subject: [Forwarded] Iran's luck -- President G.W. Bush & The Law of Unintended Consequences

Iran should be canonizing George Bush. Turns out he is the best friend they could possibly have. Just think:

He got rid of their implacable enemy Saddam Hussein whom they could not defeat in nine years of war;

He opened the way for a theocratic state of Shiias in Iraq, with Iranian imams and mullahs filling the gaps and supporting Sadr and his ilk and ensuring intolerence for Sunnis;

He opened the door for Iranian terrorists to join the Shiia militias and disbanded the Iraqi army which might have been an effective instrument for the containment of the militias and the mounting civil war;

He weakened the US so that there is no way for US to threaten military action to take out the Iranian nuclear program or to bring US or international pressure to bear;

He created the political and economic environment where the run-up of oil prices became not only possible, but inevitable...affording Iran the money to support Hezbollah and Hamas and encourage their intensified rocket attacks on Israel and the kidnapping of their soldiers. It seems to have escaped attention that by eliciting a brutal response to the action upon Lebanon, the Syrian agenda is served by a weakened Lebanon more likely to be subject to takeover by Hezbollah;

and, he gave them the opportunity and reason to intervene in the Arab Israeli conflict, following up on Ahmadinajad's call for jihad and the destruction of Israel and the means to follow his words with action;

He gave Iran the opportunity when he insisted on an immediate response to the incentives package he sponsored with the EU to thumb their nose at the US and the West making our threats essentially hollow;

He helped to ensure that the US would continue to increase dependence on imported oil when he refused to tighten and renew CAFE [fuel economy] standards and standards for appliance efficiency.

What more could you wish for from a "friend" who has no idea of the rule of unintended consequences?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Where Is Our Lopez Obrador??

I am watching what is happening in Mexico...and I have lived there half time for years... and I am saying to myself...where is OUR Lopez Obrador? It is time for us to STAND UP ( to make THEM stand down)...to the lies, to the government spies, to the giveaway of our natural resources to corporations, to being hijacked by the oil companies, to crooked elections with manipulated machines...to unjust treatment of practically anyone who isn't a rich Republican American ...


It is time for massive civil disobedience. Time to do more than just march...we need to block the streets, to shut down infrastructure...if enough of us did it, in concerted action...we could make a hell of a difference.

A BuzzFlash Reader
Subject: October Surprise?

Well, we all thought dumbya and co. would declare war on Iran, but it looks as though it will be another little country with little defense -- Lebanon. More smoke and mirrors.

I also love the fact that RETHUGlicans are taking up the stem cell issue in an effort to difuse the "wedge issue" come election time.

Meanwhile, RETHUGlicans are spreading the fear-for-votes method.

Why go to so much trouble when you can "fix" elections anyway?

Running scared rover?

KJ Lovell
Duncan, OK
Subject: The Politics of Meanness

It is difficult to understand so-called “Conservative” politics. I don’t see conservatism, I just see mean. A bone deep meanness.

It is never enough with conservatives that they have their values (ha) and ideologies. They must force their beliefs on everyone. The problem there is that no matter how you try you cannot turn liberals into conservatives.

Most liberals just aren’t mean. They like people to get ahead and get along. They can’t bring themselves to stand up and cheer for death and destruction. This is one part of liberal wimpiness I am gut-wrenchingly, tearing-up proud of. We are just better than they are.

In the all out bar room brawl to which American politics has descended, being nice can be a problem. Liberals don’t like delivering low blows. Lying about someone and destroying them just doesn’t fit in with “our” values.

Think of Conservatives as drunks and Liberals as potheads. Drunks tend to get mean and want to fight. Naturally alcohol is legal. Potheads tend to want to smell flowers, both real and artificial and look for the nearest bag of Cheetos when finished. Naturally there is a bar on every corner and the Feds are breaking down the doors of old folks with Glaucoma. Yup, that’s life in Conservative world.

We don’t have to become them to beat them. We do have to stand up for what we believe and be proud of “our” values. We have to tell the people the truth. Over and over… You can’t back down and you can’t give in.

Being a liberal doesn’t mean being a coward. You stand up and fight for what you believe in and then you fight just as hard for peace. Why would anyone want to be a Republican? They have a meanness that goes all the way to their souls. They don’t want a better world; they want their world. God help anyone who stands in their way or sees a different way.

Liberals stand for a good life for everyone, a clean and healthy planet and peace. Damn, no wonder they hate us so much. That’s against everything they believe in. And there isn’t any meanness.

Marjorie Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: The "pro-life" Label

I notice that often in your headlines you continue to use the term "pro-life" when describing the anti-abortion people. I think it might be important to consider that we don't allow the right wingers to continue to hijack the term "pro-life" because we all know they are nothing of the sort. The most recent article headline referred to Lieberman as on the verge of going "pro-life" but I would have rather seen you use the accurate term of "anti-abortion" or even more accurate than that in my opinion would be "anti-woman" or "anti-choice"

Allowing them to continue to hijack terms like this by using them ourselves is a mistake and I think Buzzflash can also be a front line in terminology.

In my opinion "pro-life" people would be those leading the charge for universal health care coverage, particularily for children, making sure people have food and shelter, caring for the environment, opposing war and the death penalty...you get my point.

The right wingers are really more of a "pro-death" group and its time to start taking away their hijacked labels.

Best Regards,


Jackie Tierney
Rutland, Iowa

Subject: Dead-End Straight Ahead

Israel's behavior towards its neighbors is to the war on terror what the use of fossil fuel is to global warming.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The Decider?


Nobody has mentioned THE MOST TELLING PART of Bush's remarks: "I think Condi's going over there." Not "I'm sending Condi," not even "I'm considering sending Condi." Clearly Bush is not "The Decider."


Subject: ‘False Stability’

Sunday, in an interview with George Stephanopoulos (ABC This Week), Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice created a new term to define the turmoil in the middle east. She called all the efforts made during the last 60 years to bring peace to the region “false stability.” How can you have a FALSE stability? Either it’s stable or it isn’t.

The dictionary defines false as “intentionally untrue.” It defines stability as firmly established, permanent, enduring. By buying into her new term, she has dismissed the Camp David accords as mere pretense at achieving a lasting peace in the middle east. And she swept away the last 60 years of negotiating peace in the middle east by dismissing all those efforts as having “traded security and stability” and a “set of policies that produced, helped, al Qaida and other extremist elements” for what she termed a “false stability.”

And she seems to blame these peace efforts for the horror that is Iraq. When confronted by Stephanopoulos with a clip of Cheney stating that “Regime change in Iraq would bring about a number of benefits to the region ... extremists in the region would have to rethink their strategy of jihad ...” she replied, “Well, first of all, those hostilities are not very well contained as we found out September 11.”

Ms Rice, we expect a more informed Secretary of State than you seem to be.

First, the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 was a Saudi citizen, Osama bin Laden. He may not have been on Rice’s horizon, but all the members of the intelligence arm of our government were quite aware of his band of terrorists. They had been operating out of Afghanistan for some time. In fact, Rice’s boss was given a report titled “al Qaida Determined to Strike Within the United States” just 37 days BEFORE al Qaida struck the World Trade Center for the second time and succeeded in attacking our military industrial complex for the first time.

Rice is the one who told us this, during her testimony before Congress. And she also told us that she and her boss did nothing about this information. Were they both relying on the safety net of “false stability” to protect them from responsibility when they ignored the information contained in that August 6, 2001 report?


Did George W. Bush go to war with Iraq based on this policy of “false stability” used to dismiss those 60 years of negotiation for peace? Most informed Americans knew that the middle east was a powder keg just waiting for someone to light the fuse. We had seen the taunting of Israel with rockets and explosions in market places, the escalating violence that led to reactions like the Six Day War. We lost citizens and soldiers to these suicide explosions over the years. How could Rice or her boss have missed the reality that visiting the Christian “Holy Land” was fraught with risks?

And the world welcomed the deescalation of violence with the uneasy truce between the Isaelis and the militant factions of the middle east. A policy of “false stability”? It was better than no stability at all.

And until George W. Bush invaded the most westernized middle eastern country, Iraq, we were limping along toward peace. The United States government had used Iraq to keep Iran in line for us during the 1980s. Saddam was an ok guy back when we gave him those weapons of mass destruction to assist in his war with Iran.

Fleeing terrorists did not often stop in Iraq, it was “too westernized” to be trusted as a secure hiding place. But with the destruction of Iraq, terrorists -- not new terrorists, but the ones who had always been there stirring the hornets' nest of the middle east, unleashed their fury upon conquered Iraq and the United States unchecked and seemingly unstoppable.

Secretary of State Rice is correct when she states that “policy changed” with the Bush administration. Unfortunately, she does not seem to realize that it did not change for the better. Four years of occupation has not mellowed or molded Iraq into our image, but has inflamed that jihad Cheney was convinced would have to be moderated.

And emboldened by the disarray and Bush’s inability to cope with the swarm of terrorist groups sweeping through Iraq, Hezbollah gave the elimination of Israel another try. Fortunately, Israel does not dabble at war. They have learned the lessons of survival well, and from the army forged from the “Greatest Generation.” The government of Israel is not about to put their fate in the incompetent hands of Bush. So, because of this new interpretation of old attempts to achieve peace between Israel and the nations of the middle east, we are so much closer to World War III and Israel may be prepared to fight it but We, the United States, are not.

Carol Hagner
Richland, MO

Subject: Headlines For NY Daily News Item with BuzzFlash Headline "... but Remember Israel Did Not Start This."


7/17 Mailbag - Ly Kessee, Alfred NY -- I could make so many comments, but I'll try and be concise although that's probably not possible. Right now I am busy trying find out if my cousins in Israel, who have always minded their own business, ARE STILL ALIVE (they live a few miles from the Lebanon border). So far, no luck.

You say: Many Americans don't realize that Israel is ILLEGALLY, occupying the West Bank. Many Americans don't realize that land is illegally being seized from Palestinians. Heck, I did not realize that until deep into the 1990's, way after the Oslo accords.

And to you I say: Many Americans forget (or it seems in your case, never knew) that in 1967 the West Bank was one of the areas that was used by Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon to attack Israel -- and destroy them once and for all -- they lost -- big time. Also mobilizing their armies were Iraq, Sudan, Algeria and Kuwait ready to back up the other 4 countries. Israel took that land in self defense. If the Arabs don't want land taken from them, perhaps they should have left Israel alone. But they can't, can they? Hamas' official position is that they want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. How does anyone negotiate with people who hold this position? Tell me that.

Also, can you answer these questions? Why wasn't any Arab country interested in that small strip of land called Israel until 1948? Never an iota of interest. Explain that. It's a little strange, isn't it? Why do they claim Jerusalem as their capital when most of them never stepped foot there until, once again, 1948? And why is it that the very people who now call themselves "Palestinians" had never referred to themselves that way until 1948? Probably because the majority of them never actually lived in what we now call Israel. Most of them lived in Jordan, Egypt, Syria, to name a few. These people had a homeland. They gave it up and cannot get back in. Why? Because not one single Arab country will allow the Palestinians to re-patriate into the Arab countries. Why? Because they are using the Palestinians as pawns - without the Palestinian issue, they have no issue - nothing to rile up the Jewish/American hatred. Why do these Arab countries do nothing to support the Palestinians? Can you answer that for me? Yet only Israel gets blamed for Palestinian troubles. Yes, of course Israel is to blame for a lot of it, but the Arab countries seem to get a free pass - it's OK that they treat their own people like trash. It's absolutely amazing to me that no one asks or is the least bit concerned why the Palestinians get no help from their own people.

I myself am for a 2-state solution. Give the Palestinians a state. Everyone deserves one. But remember this. If they become a sovereign state, then when they attack Israel (which they no doubt will), then Israel has every right to fight back in any way they choose without the whole damn world whining about how Israel is ILLEGALLY defending themselves.

I would have to agree with Len Viola (from the same mailbag ). Learn your history.

Barbara in NYC

Subject: Stop Taking "Religious" Potshots!

Some very independent thinking people are still Christians, Jews, Muslim. It would strengthen Independent Buzz Flash and Independent, Libertarian and Alternative Parties so much if we'd leave religion OUT of a connection to the Republicans, Bush, The Flag, The Troops, 9/11, etc. It actually pushes Christians, the US' predominant Religious choice, to become Republicans because of their Religious affiliations. It forces Independent, Demos & others to renounce The Flag, The Troops & patriotism, in general. This is not good for what we need. Independent thinking, doing Americans who can make a difference w/o criticizing religious affiliation. In the end, it will serve your purpose to a greater good.

Fair Oaks, CA

Subject: Dixie Politics 101

When current DNC Chairman Howard Dean was a presidential candidate in 2003 he said, "I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks." That was a huge tactical error. I am a Louisiana democrat who has lived among pickup trucks and Confederate flags all my life and take it from me there are no swing votes in Dixie.

Most of today's Southern republicans are working class fundamentalist "Christians" who claim to support smaller government, less spending and conservative social issues. Yet they willingly trade working class values like fair wages, job security, labor unions, health insurance, and pension plans for Republican values like outsourcing jobs, suppressing wages, tax cuts for millionaires, and corporate welfare. They willingly vote for Republican politicians who oppose raising the minimum wage for working Americans. They willingly support the Republican Party knowing the GOP has become the party of big government and big spending and they willingly support the Republican Party knowing the GOP's selfish greed driven political agenda makes a mockery of Jesus' Biblical teachings regarding the poor. They even support the Republican Party knowing that the GOP has not delivered on a single significant social issue important to the conservative base even after controlling all branches of the government for six years. So how could these southern 'œChristian,' smaller government, working class, conservative people be so stupid?

The answer is simple. Southern working class republicans aren't stupid. They're racists. That's why KKK leader David Duke is a republican and it's why most of today's Southern working class voters remain in the GOP. Essentially there are two kinds of voters in the South. There are racists and non racists. Most non racists vote Democrat and most racists vote Republican. The GOP always carries the South simply because there are more racists than non racists in the South. That's not simplistic thinking. It's a political fact. If racism didn't exist working class people in the South wouldn't even be republicans. They would be democrats.

What Howard Dean and the DNC should understand is that they can kiss off the South as long as the Democratic Party joins hands with blacks and minorities. That's unfortunate but it's true. When President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 he said, "I think we've just delivered the South to the Republican Party for the rest of my life, and yours."


President Johnson was right. In 1964 blacks became democrats and racist working class 'Dixiecrats' became republicans. They will deny the truth and scream "playing the race card" when their bigotry is unmasked but it was racism that turned Southern bigots on to the GOP in 1964 and it's racism that keeps them there today. And they aren't about to change. That's why instead of joining hands with progressives, pro labor democrats and minorities in the fight for the working class, these southern blue collar bigots joined hands with anti labor fat cat corporate elitists. Instead of thinking for themselves they let right-wing sociopaths like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter do their thinking. Instead of following the Bible they follow greedy politically motivated right-wing televangelists who use Jesus' name to rake in cash.

The Democratic Party shouldn't waste one second courting these misguided people. They will vote Republican even if it means the end of their own way of life. Why? Because they're "Dixiecrats" and bigotry has found a home in the GOP. If Howard Dean is smart he will advise Democratic politicians to use all their resources getting pro labor democrats, moderates, minorities, progressives, and non racists out to the polls on election day. And leave the 'Dixiecrats' alone.

Jerry Harkness
Shreveport, LA

Subject: Hey Democrats! Stop Conceding the Frames!!!!!

The general platform of the Democratic Party is a platform that coincides with the views and values of 70-75% of Americans. Democrats generally believe that the Constitution is sacrosanct, that government has no business interfering with people's personal lives, that foreign policy is predicated on non partisan policies designed to keep Americans safe and make the world more secure, and a domestic agenda that creates a pro middle class, opportunity society with strong investment in education, health care, and our infrastructure combined with a progressive tax code that provides opportunity for the middle class to mobilize upward.

Unfortunately, many Democrats go to Washington and soon learn that there is money to be made by appeasing the corporations and right-wing media that prints the propaganda that they call news. Some Democrats do it because they are corrupt sell outs while other Democrats unknowingly undermine their own values by saying what they think Tim Russert or Wolf Blitzer wants to here just so they can feel accepted and important.

A couple of recent examples come to mind. Recently, Senator Bayh said that the Democrats need to have an agenda that appeals to the middle class. While I don't doubt Senator Bayh's sincerity, he's missing the boat. For decades Democrats have had an agenda that is pro middle class. The problem is that some Democrats in Washington are afraid to bluntly state what that agenda is, knowing full well that the media will ostracize them and the corporations will cut off the funding. Unwittingly, Bayh plays into the false GOP stereotype that "Democrats just want to tax everybody and give your money to people (blacks and Hispanics) on welfare."

A couple of weeks ago Senator Obama, a well intentioned man, thought that he could score points by bashing the non religious playing into the false GOP stereotype that "Democrats want to outlaw religion and ban the bible." Senator Obama forgot one of the greatest tenets of religion, that there are many ways to climb a mountain but those who think that there is only way to climb the mountain will be the first ones to fall down. The debate is not between religious and non religious people, Senator Obama. The debate is between the Taliban Fundamentalists of the Radical Right and everybody else.

Nowhere is this pandering to the corporations and punditocracy more evident than on the issue of foreign policy. Never mind the fact that Democrats won two World Wars, implemented the key policies that led to the collapse of communism, saved the Balkans from genocide, eradicated missiles from Cuba's shores, and all but one member of Congress supported using the military to hunt down Osama Bin Laden. Does one really need to compare that record to Republican Presidents who put war profiteering ahead of American national security? Yet the Democrats will allow the media to portray them as weak and ineffectual and Republicans as strong and protecting despite all evidence to the contrary.

Democrats need to understand that all it takes to be a permanent supermajority for the next 50 years is to speak truth to power. For every four people in America, three basically agree with you on the major issues. However, no matter how many people would prefer your product, nobody is going to buy it if you package it poorly.

Big Dave from Queens

Subject: Obstructing Justice?

Holy smokes! I just finished reading the article from the NY Times:


In Testimony, Gonzales Says Bush Blocked Inquiry (NY Tmes)

I'm not a lawyer and I don't play one on TV, but does this mean what I think it does? The Justice Department was going to investigate the legality of the spying on Americans and Bush personally prevented it from happening? WHY? Was he concerned about its legality? My gut instinct tells me they are hiding a hell of a lot more than we've found about and it isn't pretty.

To quote Yogi Berra: "It's deja vu all over again." Remember when the Taliban offered to turn OBL over if they could see the evidence and he refused? Remember when he blocked an investigation into 9-11? How can we find the weaknesses in our national security if we don't find out WHY it happened in the first place?

Isn't this obstruction of justice? Why does Specter keep kissing Bush's ass? I thought the committees had the right to issue subpoenas? Why don't they subpoena every single stinkin' one of them and demand answers? Why they just ignore the rule of law? Can I ignore the rule of law the next time I disagree with a law?

I truly hope the ACLU latches on to this one. I know they've been busy for the last 5 years, but what's a few more lawsuits?

Lisa Johnson
Milwaukee, WI

Subject: Voting Fraud, What To Do on Election Day

Many people have many crazy ideas on how to counter the diebold and radical republican threat. Well here is exactly what I have been saying to them:

What the? TOO COMPLEX! TOO COMPLEX! Corrupt republicans rely on democrats and other opponents to come up with complex solutions. Why? Simple: most people in general do not understand complex solutions thus they think they are wrong. Radical republicans and conservatives have a way of simplifying everything in their favour. You want to stop them? Stop bi***ing, stop being confused, stop putting your heads between your knees start fighting everything radical republicans preach. Kennedy, Jr. is on the right track but I don't see him asking us for help, this is a good thing. Let him deal with Diebold let him stall them up with legal complexities, nevertheess, no matter what last name he carries you won't stop Diebold from hitting again like the last election.


So what do you do? How do you change stuff? It’s called focusing RAGE. Have you ever stood in a line for 13 hours? Most people have not done that, but for some strange reason it was very common among many democratic voters in the last election. HMMMMMM...what do the republicans feed off? Angry energy. ANGER AND RAGE. Here is my simple way of putting it: no one likes to stand in line for 13 hours to use one or two machines and then not get their vote counted. No one likes to go through that and then have all the mainstream media ignore it.

Take that rage, take that anger and turn it against the republicans.

Protest! boycott! scream! preach! Shut down every thing! Ignore what Fox says, ignore what CNN says, ignore what winning Republicans say. Stop being afraid of emotionial bullying! Start fighting, don't shut up, spread the word: When the next election comes and there is a fraud, there should be ignition of rage!

317,000 people lost their votes? That’s a lot of capable ADULTS able to rally together to shut down the country. Stop seeing things as, “Oh...oh...we’ll just...file some complaints and...hopefully the courts will listen to us.” PANSIES! Find a rally point, shut down everything around it! Peaceful protesting YES! Isolation, silence and no coverage, NO!

You get over 100,000 people screaming for a week, republican politicians start to wet their pants. You’re all insane. Honestly, it's really that simple. Find everyone who is pissed, get them together and start bringing down the walls of silence and emotional abuse. You think it can't be done? The reason you think that is because you have been made to believe that one person can not make a difference. Why can't one of you Americans be that one person who loses his or her mind on election day, buys a megaphone and walks up to the polls where people are standing in lines farther than the eye can see and say, “GUESS WHAT EVERY ONE? YOU’RE ALL USING 1 MACHINE. THE REPUBLICAN CENTRE DOWN THE ROAD HAS 16! WHOEVER IS PISSED, COME WITH ME NOW!”

You don't think it's possible? You don't know the rage of people. Not to be racist, but you also don't know the rage of African Americans when they're being suppressed by white Texans in business suites. It can be done.

Stop being bi***ed around by Republicans, it's not like they can go out and shoot you with ease, you live in the country of guns for god sakes.

Hacking, hidden programs, conspiracy -- that’s just too complex to start people off with. They can't conceive of that, but they can conceive of the fact that the bastards down the road have more than them.

Now...if this all sounds too much for you if this all sounds like too much time and too much effort ... for example you may be thinking, “Yeah...those dumb hippies in the 60’s tried this with Vietnam, it didn’t work.” Well if you think that then why are you reading this post? Why are you reading this article? Stop caring! Stop caring about your beautiful country. Just go about your daily lives and forget the fact that a bunch of rich oil-digger war-starting two-faced thugs are raping your beloved country from every angle possible while saying “You better like what we give you or you’ll be deemed a traitor.”