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Wednesday, 13 September 2006 05:18

Dem "Truth Squad" Introduces Bill to Fight GOP's Wasteful Contract Spending

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The Waste, Fraud, and Abuse "Truth Squad" introduced the "Clean Contracting Act of 2006" today. According to the group - a collection of progressive House Democrats fighting Republican corruption - the bill would end the abusive contracting practices that have been rampant under the Bush Administration and promote greater transparency and accountability.

When the group formed three weeks ago, it released a report finding that 19 Hurricane Katrina recovery contracts, collectively worth $8.75 billion, were awash in waste. In all, contracts worth $762 billion have been tied to significant mismanagement.

The way the Bush Administration has squandered taxpayer dollars is shameful,” said Rep. Henry A. Waxman. “Indifference, incompetence, and corruption have wasted billions of dollars. This bill represents a new direction that will protect taxpayers and restore accountability.”

The major areas covered by the bill are:

  • Promoting Competition in the Award of Contracts
  • Limiting the Use of Abuse-Prone Contracts
  • Preventing the Abuse of Contract Flexibilities
  • Increasing Contract Oversight
  • Preventing Unjustified Award Fees
  • Deterring Corruption in Contracting

Click here to read a fact sheet detailing the specifics of the legislation (pdf)